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Title: Pre-194 login protocol
Post by: Ambokile on November 06, 2014, 06:22:46 PM
This is the login protocol for the pre-194 client.

s = server
c = client
e.g. "s -> c" = "server to client"

Direction        Type               Purpose                                     Notes
s -> c1 * longServer session keyCan be generated with new SecureRandom().nextLong();
c -> s1 * byteConnection type16 for a normal connection, 18 for a reconnection
c -> s1 * byteLogin block size
c -> s7 * intCRC valuesThe 7 CRC checksums from the client
c -> s1 * byteRemaining block sizeContains the remaining size of the login block. This minus 21 will give you the size of the username and password.
c -> s1 * byteMagic numberThis should be 10, just like in 317
c -> s1 * longClient session keyUsed for encryption
c -> s1 * longServer session keyUsed for encryption
c -> s1 * intDummyA dummy value - it will always be 0
c -> s1 * stringUsernameThe connecting username
c -> s1 * stringPasswordThe connecting password
s -> c1 * byteReponse codeThe response code, see below

ID                Response                                   
1Wait 2000ms and attempt login again.
2Successful login. Initialise the client.
3"Invalid username or password."
4"Your account has been disabled. Please check your message-centre for details."
5"Your account is already logged in. Please try again in 60 secs..."
6"RuneScape has been updated! Please reload this page."
7"This world is full. Please use a different world."
8"Unable to connect. Login server offline."
9"Login limit exceeded. Too many connections from your address."
10"Unable to connect. Bad session ID."
11"Unable to connect. Login server rejected session."
12"You need a members account to beta-test. Please subscribe, or play RS1 instead"
13"Could not complete login. Please try using a different world."
14"The server is being updated. Please wait 1 minute and try again."