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Title: Getting started?
Post by: ArcticAngel527 on September 28, 2016, 12:21:14 PM
Hey guys, a lot of new people joining the server lately which means a lot of people asking about money. It's one of the most questions asked by newcomers. So I compiled a small guide for the beginners to get started.

     This is the most common question and obviously the most important; you can't fully experience or enjoy the game without some gp in your pocket. There are a lot of different ways to make the big bucks, starting off small, however, I recommend the thieving tables located at the edgeville bank. This is a quick way to make money and it will introduce you to the way levelling works in the game. Of course there are numerous other lucrative skilling options, thieving is the easiest and quickest way to make some starter cash.

     "Skilling is for girls!" Woah now big guy, if that's how you feel there are other ways! Slayer is a functioning skill that immerses the player into the combat role. I recommend using the training teleport tab to begin your training as well as just a bit of thieving to afford some basic gear. After that you can head back to the edgeville bank home area. Once there head over to the shops building near the wilderness ditch. Just outside is the NPC NIEVE. She is your slayer master, speak with her to get assigned a monster and off you go!! Slayer is a great way to make money by picking up rune and Dragon drops. You also have a chance to get a clue scroll drop which offers the rare chance of getting highly expensive rewards.

     Hey there cowboy! Try your hand at PKing ( Player Killing) for those who are seriously new to the game. Some say this is the ultimate test of power and skill. PKing is a dangerous way to make money but the thrill is like none other. Gather the best gear, train the right skills, and reap the rewards. Killing other players can leave you with some serious PK Point Tickets which can either be sold directly or exchanged for serious gear. Of course there's the reward of other players' gear as well. Just be careful you don't lose your precious items. Under the spell book there is a teleport selection that can take you to the PK hotspots and start killing!

     If you don't like PKing and slayer is too slow and pays too little try out some of the bosses Moparscape has to offer. These range in difficulty and gear required and payout but all bosses drop the occassional rare and pricey item. From Dragon hatchet to serpentine visages, from dagganoth bones to God sword shards, bossing can be very lucrative with some decent gear and good practice. Be careful though, some bosses are out in the wilderness and the risk of PKers is very real. Just because you are not there to PK yourself does not mean you are safe. You have been warned.

Of course there are so many ways to make money on the server with so many various skills. However, getting too much into each skill and how it can make you money, this would just become a skill guide! I'll leave that for a later post or another person to take care of. If there is anything I have missed or just plain got wrong, please feel free to post the correction and I will edit ASAP. I hope this is found helpful to all the newcomers! Enjoy the server.