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Title: Updates: Up to May 15th 2018
Post by: HippoLord on May 15, 2018, 08:29:19 PM
The following updates have been made to the moparscape server:

- New items in the donator stores, vote store, pkp store, bounty store, and achievement store (March 3rd)
- Skillcape hoods added to skillcape store (April 11th)
- Noted secondary items for herblore added to Bob Barter's Herblore store (April 11th)
- PKP and Vote stores updated (April 11th)
- Donor store item sellback value reduced from 70% to 40% (April 16th)
- More additions and slight price changes to Bounty hunter store (April 23rd)
- Customizable presets for equipment slots and inventory added (May 13th)
- Drop rates from select bosses increased (May 13th)

Many thanks to Amcora for implementing many of these changes as well as the rest of the staff team for their suggestions.