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Title: Wanted to develop with Luna...
Post by: fuzzout on September 26, 2018, 10:44:02 AM
Thought I'd make a post as I've just downloaded Luna and tried to set it up...
Eclipse is set up with Luna, compiles and runs fine...
Tried 3 different clients and all of them got beaten down by the server.

Anyways, onto the purpose of this post:
I'd like to find a client and/or some guidance on what needs to be enabled in the client to make the server->client interaction work.

A background on myself:
Developed on Delta for years, so I know a lot about how to write awful code, however I started reaching limitations of the source as time went on, with collisions, pathfinding, line of sight, following, movement and various animation based tasks....
The source is a mess, I admit. Though I made the best of it and have discovered exactly why it's looked down upon.

That's why I'm here, to use something that's designed to be functional and comprehensible... As well as teach myself actual object oriented programming, as painful as that might be.
However, looking over at Luna's code, my head's spinning and I'm not that amazing at scripting in... what's this language? ... Scala.

So any assistance in setting up my Luna to function with a client, would be appreciated - thank you!