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    Server Help / Wanted to develop with Luna...
    « on: September 26, 2018, 10:44:02 AM »
    Thought I'd make a post as I've just downloaded Luna and tried to set it up...
    Eclipse is set up with Luna, compiles and runs fine...
    Tried 3 different clients and all of them got beaten down by the server.

    Anyways, onto the purpose of this post:
    I'd like to find a client and/or some guidance on what needs to be enabled in the client to make the server->client interaction work.

    A background on myself:
    Developed on Delta for years, so I know a lot about how to write awful code, however I started reaching limitations of the source as time went on, with collisions, pathfinding, line of sight, following, movement and various animation based tasks....
    The source is a mess, I admit. Though I made the best of it and have discovered exactly why it's looked down upon.

    That's why I'm here, to use something that's designed to be functional and comprehensible... As well as teach myself actual object oriented programming, as painful as that might be.
    However, looking over at Luna's code, my head's spinning and I'm not that amazing at scripting in... what's this language? ... Scala.

    So any assistance in setting up my Luna to function with a client, would be appreciated - thank you!

    Updated client links, as Dropbox appears to be unreliable for hosting things nowadays...

    Going to start updating shortly :)

    There's so many things I missed year ago when I was working on it :/ It made me rather sad... I have lots to do!

    Looking forward to meeting more of you lot in the game :)

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project - Return from Beyond
    « on: November 23, 2016, 08:01:07 AM »
    Aaahhh, feels good to be back :D Throwing this back online starting today; with more time and better health I shall finally be able to finish what I started all that time ago!
    Going live in the next 10-15 minutes :D

    Posted at 14:00 GMT

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project - Dark Souls of RSPS
    « on: October 28, 2015, 10:01:52 AM »
    Been forgetting to post updates here... sorry :D Server is still alive and kicking!
    Gonn' do some updatin' today! :D

    I was just looking at the ridiculousness of it all... and then I spotted: "Karamel" and my brain went "I'm done.". I think it's time for bed for me. XD 8:37 AM.

    General Questions / Re: Getting agitated
    « on: October 08, 2015, 07:16:04 AM »
    If you don't care about helping artists and just want legit free music, you can youtube-to-mp3 most stuff. It's not illegal to download, even if the legality of running the website is dubious.

    Otherwise this list seems fairly inclusive - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_online_music_stores

    I've used beatport but I doubt you'll find mcr on there?

    Thank you :)
    That list is very useful! Surely one of those will turn out to be good.

    General Questions / Getting agitated
    « on: October 08, 2015, 06:05:30 AM »
    So here I am, wanting to legitimately buy a song (My chemical romance - I'm not okay (I promise); in case your curiosity irks you)... And having gone through Amazon, Windows store and google in general for about 40 minutes or so... I've had enough... (I avoid itunes like the plague and Spotify isn't quite up my alley).

    I would just like to download a song... Just one.
    Amazon UK doesn't seem to have it
    Amazon.com doesn't like my address.
    Windows store had it nice, easily accessible... but then it just fails to do the purchase (my details are all entered nicely on the account stuffs). Well done MS.

    I guess I'm going to Amazon korea next...

    Should I pirate it? Or perhaps you people have a good, simple source for legitimately getting music without the fuss?
    I would appreciate suggestions before I go ahead and pirate it.

    General Server Discussion / Sharing Creativity
    « on: September 29, 2015, 02:03:44 PM »
    I've been curious for a while now... is creativity a skill? a talent? is it really that hard to come up with something new or interesting?
    If the above turns out to be a rare thing, well... I will spitball a few ideas here. Maybe others will join in too in the comments!
    So here goes:
    1. Missions - This is almost like slayer tasks. You're given a task to go there and kill that. THAT should preferably be difficult. Anyone with this same task, fighting the same thing as you should be rewarded for a successful kill. If you want to spice things up, scale up the monsters stats based on the amount of attackers present.

    2. Expeditions - This is something that I'm coding on my server right now; you speak to a fellow in town and he tells you about a currently available expedition (this can be randomized every 30 minutes or something).
    The expeditions can vary in the following fields:
    -Treasure (means there will be a loot chest or whatever),
    -Gathering (mine nodes/trees/herbs/farmables spawned),
    -Power (server context-specific thing, i.e. a temple for say, enchanting bones to get triple pray exp or whatever).

    3. Combat skills - Improve the already existing system; for example: Why shouldn't higher attack level have extra abilities that it yields? Like, say parrying an attack, or being able to cut incoming spells in half when wielding 2-handers... stuff like that. Or having high defence would allow for counter-attacking a creature.

    4. Monster AI - Besides just making a thing hit hard and have a lot of health, why don't you make the monster do something cool? Why not make the monster summon a thing that kidnaps one of your teammates and takes them to a different dimension where they have to suffer until you cut the main boss' head off?
    Why not make a monster eat someone and suck the life out of them until you break its teeth and pull your friend out? Why not make a monster run away when it's weak?

    5. 20++ skills - that number is really high; so why is it that you cannot come up with anything creative in all of those areas? What is so exciting about woodcutting on RS that you cannot give it a better purpose other than clicking on a tree every couple of seconds? Why not make firemaking useful? Why not make the prayer a combat skill? Why not make agility a factor in combat?

    6. The world - RS has an amazing world, full of objects and things that are seemingly useless; why don't you create some lore and get the entire world involved? Why not let people cut flowers with a knife? Why not let people gather mushrooms from the ground? Why not let people cut branches, bushes or Ferns?

    7. Here, let me give you a REAL idea:
    Magic books (held in shield-slot) - Why not add a special effect to each book? For example you could have a book that adds a freeze-effect to your water/air/earth spells; or you could have a book that drains the opponents magic level, restoring your life. Or why not have a book that makes you build up magic essence, eventually reaching 5 charges and letting you choose an effect (be it, healing or increased damage or perhaps a big magical shield)?

    There are absolutely no limits to what you can do... I know it's possible to create everything I just said, you know why? Because I did :)
    So I'm sure you can too! So get out there, create something awesome and creative. Be the creator you (didn't) want to be!

    I'll probably scribble down more ideas if people don't hate me for posting this haha.

    Have a glorious evening/morning!

    Debates / Re: Mopar closes, then what?
    « on: September 28, 2015, 10:27:43 AM »
    On a side note, the forums outside of the advertisement/project section would probably be a lot more active and populated with interesting threads; however from my perspective: I am scared of posting anything on here.
    If someone posts a guide or a tutorial that's (in their view, brilliant) not 'optimal'; they might get mauled by the community.
    Doesn't even have to be a guide, sometimes it can just be a post about... I dunno, cats. I've been here a long time (not sure whether to feel happy or sad about it), coming in and going out every few months; each time the once-active sections have slowed (probably to do with the decline of RS/RSPS in general).

    Anyways, the main point of my post was: It is scary to post anything because other community members might attack with pitchforks and torches.

    With that attitude I wouldn't even start.

    I understand your points as to why you're starting this, to bring fresh ideas to the community and what not, but in the end it's all just going to be the same and then every server will end up having the exact same content, like they do now.

    However, best of luck, just an opinion.

    I don't think so, honestly - The idea is good. GitHub-type systems offer branches, where if you have a great idea (or example endless TzHaar Hunger Games); one can create a branch and release it.
    I feel the base should be able to serve a 'modular' approach (i.e. class file of a certain branch of sui generis - "sui generis: Gladiators Arena" can be self-contained, allowing the end user to just 'plug' the class file into the source and voila.

    I am fully supportive of the idea, I just wonder how many people in the RSPS community actually WOULD contribute, rather than pull & host.

    Server Help / Re: [Delta]Player names
    « on: September 26, 2015, 02:54:59 PM »
    Interesting, well you know where to look; you just need to basically make it show you everything that the server receives at the run() point; and then apply your logic as to how the code goes and where each part of the received data is used.
     I'm not sure how to trim the first/two characters of a string; if that remains a consistent problem. But I'm sure there are ways.

    General Server Discussion / Understanding: Why not Delta?
    « on: September 26, 2015, 01:43:25 PM »
    I've been on this forum for a while (hah, a few years; blimey). And since the birth of proper OOP within the RSPS community, Deltascape bases have been shunned as the worst thing in existence; but it seems to me that nobody ever explains why. People just get told "Ew, Delta; I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole held by someone's dead hamster in a contained vacuum chamber inside a bunker in another country on a different continent.".

    So as someone who's created two (pretty cool, albeit lacking in some respects) servers using this source; I can safely say I've learned its ins and outs.

    So here goes: These are the reasons you SHOULDN'T use Deltascape as a base!
    • Deltascape is NOT Object Oriented Programming; the code methods used within this source should be called "FilthScribbles" or whatever; because it genuinely is - just blocks of junk.
    • Deltascape runs all of the players off a single thread - IN SEQUENCE (of 500ms cycles), what does this mean? - It means that if you click, you may have to wait up to half a second for your 'turn' to have your command processed; not only that - if there's A LOT of players online - you will have to wait even longer.
    • Deltascape has no in-built collision checks of any kind. It basically relies on the client to do the work; and between the start-and the-end of your characters walk path, the source doesn't know where this character is. This also means no player-following, which also means PvP will be more frustrating than enjoyable.
    • Deltascape has a lot of unused or flat-out flawed code; namely - the legendary refreshSkills() which floods the client with packets on EVERY SINGLE ATTACK.
    • Deltascape npcHandler is a mess, there's a lot of rewriting to be done, should you want to use this source for a proper PvM server.
    • Two-clicks: will be required for most of the interactions; this is because process() cannot invoke an action in the client, that's simply not how it works. So if you click on an agility obstacle, the character will walk there and stop; because the server cannot initiate the action; the same thing applies other things as well.
    • Deltascape has a very fat client.java; splitting it would be an inconvenience because as mentioned before: the server does not employ Object Oriented Programming.

    There are of course more reasons than this, but I feel this should be sufficient... If you are looking to start a server in order to learn something about Java (doesn't matter what reasons you have for it, don't let anyone tell you to NOT do it, just do what you like) - then avoid Delta, anything you learn from that source will damage your future ability both in Java and even the use of other sources.

    If you wonder what a good base might be: Try Hyperion or Asteria; those are good. They're pretty blank and not filled with strange things.

    Just don't do what I did (my addiction to Delta started with Cheezscape back in dem early days) and once my current server is finished content-wise; I'll be pushing myself to learn how to use Asteria to re-create the same thing, just better.


    P.S. If anyone ever asks you why Delta is bad, just show them this.

    Server Help / Re: [Delta]Player names
    « on: September 26, 2015, 10:35:58 AM »
    Noo you don't add it! i put it there for you to search up and find :3
    Sorry! I should've said that.

    Just do something like; find one of these in your client.java

    then put a:

    Code: [Select]
    misc.println("The server received: " + uberJunk + ", " + junk + ", " + playerName + ".");
    And once you find the block below, stick the printline somewhere
    Code: [Select]
            clientSessionKey = inStream.readQWord();
             serverSessionKey = inStream.readQWord();
             int uberJunk = inStream.readDWord();
             int junk = inStream.readDWord();
             playerName = inStream.readString();
             int expectedUid = 6667;
    //here is a good place for the printline...
             if (junk == expectedUid) {
                officialClient = true;

    Server Help / Re: [Delta]Player names
    « on: September 26, 2015, 01:53:32 AM »
    Unless there's a packet mismatch, it would appear that the client may be sending it (It's not saving the username in the client as that, but when it's sent to the Server it appends the special characters).

    Can we see method84 in the client?
    This is a delta thing, actually :)
    With enforcing a UID of a certain length (lets say; I enforce a uid 6667 on my server); the server will now snip 4 characters off of the players name (if the client isn't given the memo on the UID side of things).
    I believe what's happening here is we're seeing some junk data (I think of it as the crumplezone; space for UID length) from the UID packet, which somehow ends up being a part of the name.
    Delta is also pesky in regards to UIDs; there are two places where this has to be adjusted; one is in the login block and the other is in the server.ini.
    As such, the owner should do printlines of the packets sent (because UID calculation comes in multiple packets, hang on let me fetch...)

    *seconds later*
             clientSessionKey = inStream.readQWord();
             serverSessionKey = inStream.readQWord();
             int uberJunk = inStream.readDWord();
             int junk = inStream.readDWord();
             playerName = inStream.readString();
             int expectedUid = 6667;
             if (junk == expectedUid) {
                officialClient = true;
    this above, one should printline all of the data received and see what it is that the server is snipping incorrectly, then adjust the expected lengths.

    Server Help / Re: [Delta]Player names
    « on: September 23, 2015, 12:30:14 PM »
    From what I can tell, the login block is okay; what client are you using in conjunction with your Delta?

    It seems your client is appending a character before the name (anti-leech perhaps?); rather than looking for that e, look through every situation on the client where the player name is used.

       if(playerEquipment[playerShield] == 12000) //Make the divine spirit shield sap 20% damage
       //hitDiff = "+ hitDiff +" * 0.8; //<-- is where the problem lies, I need received damage to be multiplied by .8
       sM("Your divine spirit shield saps 20 percent of the damage recieved");
       stillgfx(84, EnemyY, EnemyX);

    Code: [Select]
       if(playerEquipment[playerShield] == 12000) //Make the divine spirit shield sap 20% damage
       hitDiff = (int) (hitDiff * 0.8); //(int) (whatever is in these brackets gets turned into an int)
       sM("Your divine spirit shield saps 20 percent of the damage recieved");
       stillgfx(84, EnemyY, EnemyX);

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project - Dark Souls of RSPS
    « on: September 17, 2015, 11:10:48 AM »
    I don't know what to make of this. Props to you for taking your own direction and implementing your own ideas, however you need to remember you are emulating Runescape.

    I feel as if I was to play something like this on a rsps I would need to re-learn everything as your content seems like entire skills have been created to some extent. Whether or not putting the time in to learn this content is actually worth it given the reliability of private servers these days, I don't know.

    How does your combat hold up with all these 13 different types of armour? Either your combat is balanced, or it's completely destroyed. I'll give it a shot when it's released, good stuff so far.

    p.s - Perhaps hiring someone who can make better interfaces, or someone who could design them better may push your creativity/content to the next level as you won't be restricted to the old shitty Runescape interfaces.
    I like you.
    This is true; there's a lot to re-learn or un-learn (mostly from RSPS standards, rather than RS), however I tried to keep the core skills of RS (FM, WC e.t.c.) the same;- or similar at least.
    An example would be firemaking: You still light logs with a tinderbox, however in this case the effects of such actions might be completely different!

    The server is there for having fun, either solo or with friends. It provides sufficient challenge to feel rewarding and it keeps you occupied well-enough to not even consider/think-about standard RS/RSPS things (XP, or levels).
    The above is feedback from someone who joined; after having played for about an hour or so.
    As for otherwise-reliability - the server will be online for a long time. I know this because I know myself; for reference, have a look at my old servers go-live date - From Dust to Dragons 3 (99% on toplist).
    All of that online time, 0 donations. I don't need/won't need any money to keep this going. It is my hobby; and hobbies are an expense I'm happy with.

    Armor skills (13 types, 14 tiers of gear)
    Armor skills are balanced, they all have dynamics of their own and they provide aid in some aspect of play. There is no vampiric armor that steals life or armor that makes half the server explode. They're light things like not being toasted by dragonfire or not getting paralyzed by the basilisk... The armor skills are minor additions to the bigger picture.

    I'm somewhat happy with what I've made, they do their job and I honestly don't need anything else. I can also re-purpose them if need be, which is nice.

    Future Plans
    Finishing G-rank quests (only up to Back in Black are functional at the moment)
    Adding Expeditions (free-hunting mode thing... its gonna be cool, I promise)
    Adding X-class quests (the real deal)
    -Possible extra content that I come up with later on-
    Adding S-class quests (the ultimate, all bells and whistles spinning; pushing the engine to what it can do)

    And from there, well; time will tell.

    But I assure you; there's direction, and a long-lasting strong mind behind all this.

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project - Dark Souls of RSPS
    « on: September 17, 2015, 09:00:04 AM »
    Updated the Original Post with a better feature list! :) Hopefully it will be ... uhh... nicer to read now.

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project - Dark Souls of RSPS
    « on: September 16, 2015, 05:19:12 PM »
    Another Update:

    -Blast Shield attachment
    -Speedloader attachment

    Help menu
    -Skill guide added - explains all of the skills that armor can yield

    -Creation tab has been improved, now selecting an item to create; you will get a description of that items purpose.

    Scrap List
    -This has finally been implemented (I was so lazy :/) and you can now view the scraps you've gathered.

    Fixed an issue with ecologies saving/loading from a different number.
    Fixed an issue where the players screen-setting was saved in the same line as Mythic Ecologies.
    Fixed an issue with player re-connections.

    Server Advertisements / Re: Titanite Project
    « on: September 16, 2015, 12:49:44 PM »
    Today's update:
    Fixed conditional resets when taking/abandoning/failing quests
    Fixed creature instancing issues
    Fixed a King Black Dragon mechanic (cannot spoil)
    Fixed a multiple-death situation when the player is on fire
    Fixed staves (lacking damage)
    Removed MSB special attack bar
    Buffed Dragon Bitter food to be very useful now
    Extended Green Dragon's instancing range
    Added gold rewards to G-class quests
    Added a soft-delay to consumption of specialty potions (Dragonblood/magic blood and the like) to prevent 'sick'-triggering when double clicked
    Reduced Dagannoth Kings intelligence to prevent them from retreating to outside their battle area boundaries.
    Spawned some more rats in Varrock

    Added Scrap List (finally)
    Added a difficulty indicator to main quest tab
    Fixed a few typos here and there
    Fixed Biting Cold skill (didn't freeze enemies before because the condition required it to get above 10 for activation, but the stacker itself was limited to 10 or below).
    Fixed Dharoks Greataxe animations (walk/stand/attack)
    Fixed a mis-declared animation in one of dragon-type creature attacks

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