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    • Shady Aftermath: Skyfire317, The Only Server With Warding,Divination,Archaeology, AFK Auto Upgrade [link]
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    • Shady Aftermath: Skyfire317, The Only Server With Warding,Divination,Archaeology, AFK Auto Upgrade [link]
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    • ragnoroker: Brand new server! Less than 1 week old! Nightmare/Raids 1/2/Hydra/Pk Modes/Exp modes/ Unique  Join today - [link]
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    • ragnoroker: RuneGuild has just been released! 1 Hour old, Come join the fun - [link]
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    • ragnoroker: RuneGuild has just been released! 1 Hour old, Come join the fun - [link]
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    Admin privileges can be acquired by creating a new user with the following credentials:

    username: root
    password: devkit

    Commands can be found here: https://github.com/sean-niemann/RSC-Single-Player/blob/master/src/org/nemotech/rsc/plugins/commands/Admin.java

    Having alot of fun with this thanks.

    Is there a way to check what number is what item for spawning?
    And how do I complete quests? I'm only able to partially complete them with the command.

    I might aswell point some minor issues/bugs I found;

    -When killing a Red/Black Dragon or Fire Giant I noticed the game bugs out and the npc does not die.
    Also unable to hit anything after that, have to force client reset to resolve.
    -Stat changing woodcut ID is called "woodcutting" instead of the interface name "woodcut"
    -Cannot sell anything in the general shops (this may be intended?)

    Great to hear. If I understand your question correctly, you can use the command ::find to find an entity id in-game (ex: ::find item bucket or ::find npc gnome). Alternatively, you can go here: http://jamili.da3rx.com/rsc/items.html. To complete quests have the last argument be -1 (ex: ::quest 7 -1).

    Also, yes fire giants are bugged due to an improper item on their drop tables. You should be able to sell things via the general store if they are tradable.

    I believe if you use Java 9+ the scaling issue on Windows should be fixed. Let me know if it still persists after that

    Admin privileges can be acquired by creating a new user with the following credentials:

    username: root
    password: devkit

    Commands can be found here: https://github.com/sean-niemann/RSC-Single-Player/blob/master/src/org/nemotech/rsc/plugins/commands/Admin.java

    RSC Single Player is now open source software by popular demand:


    Good stuff Zach. Firstly, Go is actually a great language (though i do find myself using C/C++ nearly every project). Also: I'll just leave you this quote that I like regarding your recent acquisition of TOML:

    If you are writing code for other code to read, use YAML. If you are writing code that writes code for other code to read, use JSON. Finally, if you are writing code that transcompiles code into code that other code will read, rethink your life choices. - TA

    I'm glad that this project is developing nicely. Good work

    Trash Can / Re: [Release] RSC Single Player v2.3
    « on: September 05, 2019, 07:09:54 PM »
    The project has been revived. I love you all.

    RSC Server Development / Discussion / Re: iOS RSC Objective-C Port
    « on: March 18, 2019, 01:13:30 AM »
    Messaged you on discord.

    Yes I am alive. I've been more than busy with work and university, thus the development of 2.4 (which is mostly done) has temporarily been paused due to a large amount of factors; most of which pertain to the aforementioned. The project is not abandoned by any means. That being said, thank you all for your continued patience. I will update this thread when I am able to resume the project.

    - Zoso

    Trash Can / Re: [Release] RSC Single Player v2.3
    « on: November 11, 2018, 03:58:03 PM »
    Great work mate! This project is amazing although i find myself having to get really jacked up in order to enjoy single player rs lol

    Hey zoso, I am having literally an impossible time trying to make an unfired bowl for Dragon Slayer.
    Every time I bring soft clay to a potters wheel, It tells me that nothing happens, I actually went to every Potters wheel and even got 40 crafting to try it at the guild and no Luck... Please Please tell me if you had this problem at all man and tell me if I am doing anything wrong because I grinded 33 qp for Dragon Slayer and cant continue any more, Thanks Man!

    Thanks for reporting this. This issue, alongside a few other reported bugs, are currently being worked on. I will update the link with the new version as soon as possible.

    I had sent you an email a few days ago with my previous bug reports, and some more i've found. i'm not sure where the best place to report bugs to you is, as ive been playing this a lot and am constantly finding little bugs.

    I figured i'd just resend the relevent info from my email here (as well as some new bugs i had just found)

    1.Anvils are really really flaky. When operating the anvils by the west varrock bank, they very often just closed the smithing menu entirely when picking options.

    2. a recurring bug ive encountered, is when two or more of a same item are stacked ontop of each other on the floor, picking one up will make all of them dissapear, while only picking one up. most noticable when mining while your inventory is full.

    3. Clicking on Karamja ship in port sarim behaved as if i had approached a draynor maynor tree, and took damage. however it still sent me to karamja just fine.
    4. Pirate's treasure quest seemed to have ended prematurely at some point? When i had arrived at the falador park to dig up the treasure behind the bench, I opened my inventory to use the spade, and noticed I already had the ring and emerald you normally obtain from completing the quest. As well as the extra quest point, and the entry in quest log being green already.

    5.  It is possible to walk through walls, if an enemy is right beside you on the other side of the wall. attempting to attack them will have you walk right through the wall in order to fight them.

    6.  Much like the fighting enemies through walls glitch, it is also possible to pick up items from the other side of a wall as long as they are right beside you.

    7. The shield of arrav quest is broken when joining the phoenix gang(have not tried black arm gang). Once you defeat Jonny the Beard, and bring the scroll to the man at hideout's entrance, he will give you the key as normal. However, you cannot enter the hideout. Trying to walk through the door will simply trigger the man's dialogue, even though you've completed his
    part of the quest. The only way I was able to get in was to clip through the wall using the enemy glitch i mentioned earlier. However, attempting to leave will cause the same problem. My solution was to die by the door, and quickly come back and abuse the pick up items through wall glitch to get my stuff back, including the half of the shield of arav.
    Since there was no obvious way to obtain the other half of the shield without having a second player to give it to you, I had abused the same glitches as earlier to break into the black arm gang's building, and escape with their half of the shield in order to successfully complete the quest.

    My last question is: is there any plans to open source this? having the option to modify game features at will would be really nice. but if not, i understand why.

    Hi there, I appreciate the feedback and all these reports! I am currently working on fixing these issues and will update the binaries soon. If you have experienced any other bugs in the meantime, please email them to me. (I had been extremely busy with work and was unable to check these emails, however it is still the best place to report them)

    In regards to your last question:
    The project is still closed source. I had plans on uploading the source to my GitHub page, however I have decided that it will remain closed for the meantime. I will possibly release the source code and create a repository at a later date.

    The U.I slider is a great idea Zoso!

    Haven't played it yet but it's looking nice!

    Thanks, and yes I think it would be a great addition to the game.

    Any plans on making it compatible so you can play in a local server with multiple windows so you can interact with yourself in game?

    The way the game is currently designed doesn't support that at all.

    Very good job on the release and fix!

    I have a few questions about this version if that's fine;

    1. Is it possible for us to alter the xp rate to our liking? (Eg. 1x, etc.)

    2. How are we going to proceed with quests like Shield of Arrav and Hero Quest that requires participation of 2 players?

    3. The menu(including chat options and the wordings below) is sized a bit too above(and below) the screen to the extent that chat options cannot be seen in order to be clicked. Can it be sorted out?

    A link on what I'm referring to: https://imgur.com/a/xGiuXAC

    Thanks so much for your effort and time taken to undertake this project! Really appreciate it.

    1. Currently, no it's not possible to alter the experience rate modifier, but if the community wants that feature I make it editable (or maybe use a UI Slider upon registration that has a range from 1x - 16x, or something)

    2. I will modify those quests so that they are able to be completed without the help from another player (great question, didn't think about that) Also, I believe there's a few other instances of that, such as distracting a few quest NPC's to use certain objects, which would also be changed.

    3. So apparently this is an issue only for Windows, and I'll try to find a fix for it in the next release. One way that may help in the meantime is to change how your JVM handles DPI settings for Java applications. This should make it so that the screen isn't super small, and also may reveal more of the UI buttons. Here's a link to how to do that: https://pivotce.com/2017/12/11/fix-java-applications-for-high-dpi-display/ It may not help, but on my machine it did help a little bit. Again, I'll do my best to fix that in the next binary release (just the JAR file).

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Works great thanks for the fast update! I noticed the menu options and chat bar being below or above as posted above ^  the only other kinda bug I have is that my head and body is invisible lol and only my legs show. I haven't gotten any gear yet but I imagine the gear will show up! I kinda like being half invisible.

    Hmm, that's quite odd. I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing that bug yet. What operating system (and version) are you using? Also, could you you email me a picture of that? [email protected]

    I've noticed that the ui bug mentioned in the previous two posts only happens with windows, as when i tried this on my macbook, it looked fine there.
    I also encountered a strange bug.
    At one point, I had fought the imp in front of the lumbridge castle, and died. I went back and picked up all my items, and went to sell a lot of the junk I had. I then went to fight the imp again, and after killing it I picked up the bread it dropped. However, after picking up the bread, it had reverted my entire inventory back to how it was before i had died in the first place. I couldn't get it to happen again, though.

    I've also been thoroughly enjoying the music feature. However, from what I can see, the music will always turn off once the track stops playing. Which requires you to go turn it back on again.
    It would be nice to be able to have it automatically switch to a new track once the current track finishes playing. Unless there's a way to do this, and im not noticing it.

    Otherwise, I've been really lookin forward to this release, and am now really enjoying it. Good work on this, and thank you for the release :)

    Yes, it seems like it's only a Windows problem. I briefly addressed the issue above in this post to another user.

    In regards to the bug you encountered, it has to do with the code with the shop interface (hence why it happened after you sold items to the shop). Thanks for reporting this.

    Also, glad you are enjoying the music feature. I can maybe add the ability to select specific tracks and an in-game setting that allows the music to loop to the next song.

    Just curious, does anyone remember how RSC handled this? When you move the camera through a 2-story building?

    Not a big deal, just found it funny.

    Ha. Yes this has always been an issue with the engine whenever you look inside of a building while your character is outside (usually can only be done with weird camera angles on 3 story buildings).

    The issue has been resolved.

    RSC Single Player is now released. Thank you for your patience everyone.


    I am currently working on finding the cause of an uncommon, but dire problem regarding my landscape sector loading routine. This bug has been recently pointed out by one of my alpha testers, and is susceptible to player save file corruption, and needs to be fixed. The issue is that its very hard to recreate the problem, due to its rarity, so debugging has become a challenge. Despite all this, I am confident that I will find a fix, its just a matter of time. I simply do not feel comfortable releasing the binaries of 2.1 until this has been resolved. Thus, a delay on the release date will be administered, until the problem is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding, and I will keep the community updated.

    - Zoso_

    Hello guys,

    Expect a release in the next few days (hopefully this weekend, if not early next week). Stay tuned!

    How can I make a bigger window? Does this release support this feature?

    The current release (1.1) does not support that, and is almost 3 years old. I've been working on this project heavily over the past year, and have added everything RSC had to offer. Think of it as a single player version of the vanilla RSC that is about to be shutdown in about 2 months, including all content and all 50 quests (thanks to Moody, Davve, and many others) and enabling me to finish the remaining 17 quests, resulting in a fully functional RSC replica that includes nearly every aspect of the original game,  as a downloadable game with no server to rely on. This is what version 2.1 entails. Release date is estimated for mid august. Stay tuned, I'll upload the binaries once I finish polishing it up, and will also make it open source. And yes, the current build has a resizable window (the only non-vanilla RSC feature).

    RSC Server Development / Discussion / Re: [Beta] RSC Single Player
    « on: March 14, 2018, 01:45:18 PM »
    I love what you've done here, as I'm a massive fan of classic. However, your server has a major problem. Try buying an item from a store, log out and then log back in, then check your inventory. It disappears, but then when you try to buy another, you all of a sudden have two. There is also an issue where if you sell these items back to the store, the money does not appear until you log out and then log back in. What a shame, because this server is exactly what I've been wanting for years.

    What are you talking about? There is no server. At all. Its a client that handles itself. And shops have been fixed since October 2017, I just haven't updated the download link.

    Is this an actual port, or is it some sort of obj-c wrapper for the Java code?

    It's an acual port.. Also, aren't you banned on here t_x?

    RSC Server Development / Discussion / Re: RSCTools Map Editor
    « on: September 08, 2017, 01:47:11 PM »
    xEnt's making an HTML5 one that may be of use. https://github.com/xEnt22/RSC-Landscape-Editor-HTML5

    What exactly did you do? Use a WebView to display the RSC from a website or something?

    No i ported it to Objective-C as the title says. It runs natively on the device.

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