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    • jennipher11: try out dodian.net
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    Introductions / Hi Guys
    « on: March 13, 2018, 06:14:07 AM »
    What the fudge did you do

    Just feel like this is something that most RSPS overlook, even tho it can really contribute to the quality of the game.

    For an economy to work you need to look at and address so many aspects, I've listed some of them below;

    When introducing a new item into the game there are a multitude of things to consider as a single item can completely ruin your economy.
    1. How are you going to introduce said item?
    Jagex have used minigames/events to introduce items into the past, and have more recently (last few years) started using quests.

    2. What kind of value do you want the item to have?
    This one here is tricky, as it requires some thought. You will need to understand how your economy is currently sitting. What kind of price is item x sitting as, as item y (item being introduced) is an upgrade on that.
    How many will we introduce into the game, will the item degrade -if so how long will it last. The amount of an item in the game as well as the demand for it is what really determines an items value, but they aren't the only factors. If i had a whip - 200k in the game and there are 10,000 of them there, and I introduce a premium whip of which there are 10,000 then I would be forcing the price of regular whips down.

    As you can see economics is a headache that no one has really grasped just yet (in the current rsps world anyway), so all discussion is really encouraged. Any ideas/something that I have left out?

    Downloads / RuneFX - Version Two
    « on: December 28, 2010, 07:58:15 PM »
    Goodbye 317, time for 474's.
    I am moving onto hyperion.

    About Runefx
    What is it?
    Runefx is something I started quite awhile ago, and I have been working on it in between my other developments (Runefx Pk, WestKeep). I have finally decided to give this my full attention. This will be my development that hopefully shows my full potential as a programmer. With this development, I hope to put some original ideas into an otherwise bland download section. (I will not be releasing this until I am hosting version 3, but I will definitely be releasing at a later date)

    What will it be?
    Runefx is currently a 317 loading higher revision graphics. My goal is to make it so that it loads both 377-474 graphics (what will be called low definition) and 508-634 graphics (high definition)
    It will hopefully show people that project insanity is not all bad, and can be used to make a trust worthy, stable server.

    What are it's goals?
    Runefx has two main goals, to offer an option for those wanting to use PI, but something that is content packed, as well as stable. I will hopefully be re-writing the server core (at a later date, as I am currently not experienced enough to do this). The other goal is to show the full extent of my programming ability.

    Who is developing?
    The current development team consists of:
    Me - Lead world 1 developer

    A few others.
    More to come on the Worlds in the future.

    Player owned shops
    Full summoning
    Barrage orbs
    Re-worked combat
    Bones on altar
    Fully server sided player clipping
    Player following reworked
    90% server sided NPC clipping
    98% new runescape hitmarks

    I'll decide whether or not to release client.

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