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    Server Help / Wanted to develop with Luna...
    « on: September 26, 2018, 10:44:02 AM »
    Thought I'd make a post as I've just downloaded Luna and tried to set it up...
    Eclipse is set up with Luna, compiles and runs fine...
    Tried 3 different clients and all of them got beaten down by the server.

    Anyways, onto the purpose of this post:
    I'd like to find a client and/or some guidance on what needs to be enabled in the client to make the server->client interaction work.

    A background on myself:
    Developed on Delta for years, so I know a lot about how to write awful code, however I started reaching limitations of the source as time went on, with collisions, pathfinding, line of sight, following, movement and various animation based tasks....
    The source is a mess, I admit. Though I made the best of it and have discovered exactly why it's looked down upon.

    That's why I'm here, to use something that's designed to be functional and comprehensible... As well as teach myself actual object oriented programming, as painful as that might be.
    However, looking over at Luna's code, my head's spinning and I'm not that amazing at scripting in... what's this language? ... Scala.

    So any assistance in setting up my Luna to function with a client, would be appreciated - thank you!

    General Questions / Getting agitated
    « on: October 08, 2015, 06:05:30 AM »
    So here I am, wanting to legitimately buy a song (My chemical romance - I'm not okay (I promise); in case your curiosity irks you)... And having gone through Amazon, Windows store and google in general for about 40 minutes or so... I've had enough... (I avoid itunes like the plague and Spotify isn't quite up my alley).

    I would just like to download a song... Just one.
    Amazon UK doesn't seem to have it
    Amazon.com doesn't like my address.
    Windows store had it nice, easily accessible... but then it just fails to do the purchase (my details are all entered nicely on the account stuffs). Well done MS.

    I guess I'm going to Amazon korea next...

    Should I pirate it? Or perhaps you people have a good, simple source for legitimately getting music without the fuss?
    I would appreciate suggestions before I go ahead and pirate it.

    General Server Discussion / Sharing Creativity
    « on: September 29, 2015, 02:03:44 PM »
    I've been curious for a while now... is creativity a skill? a talent? is it really that hard to come up with something new or interesting?
    If the above turns out to be a rare thing, well... I will spitball a few ideas here. Maybe others will join in too in the comments!
    So here goes:
    1. Missions - This is almost like slayer tasks. You're given a task to go there and kill that. THAT should preferably be difficult. Anyone with this same task, fighting the same thing as you should be rewarded for a successful kill. If you want to spice things up, scale up the monsters stats based on the amount of attackers present.

    2. Expeditions - This is something that I'm coding on my server right now; you speak to a fellow in town and he tells you about a currently available expedition (this can be randomized every 30 minutes or something).
    The expeditions can vary in the following fields:
    -Treasure (means there will be a loot chest or whatever),
    -Gathering (mine nodes/trees/herbs/farmables spawned),
    -Power (server context-specific thing, i.e. a temple for say, enchanting bones to get triple pray exp or whatever).

    3. Combat skills - Improve the already existing system; for example: Why shouldn't higher attack level have extra abilities that it yields? Like, say parrying an attack, or being able to cut incoming spells in half when wielding 2-handers... stuff like that. Or having high defence would allow for counter-attacking a creature.

    4. Monster AI - Besides just making a thing hit hard and have a lot of health, why don't you make the monster do something cool? Why not make the monster summon a thing that kidnaps one of your teammates and takes them to a different dimension where they have to suffer until you cut the main boss' head off?
    Why not make a monster eat someone and suck the life out of them until you break its teeth and pull your friend out? Why not make a monster run away when it's weak?

    5. 20++ skills - that number is really high; so why is it that you cannot come up with anything creative in all of those areas? What is so exciting about woodcutting on RS that you cannot give it a better purpose other than clicking on a tree every couple of seconds? Why not make firemaking useful? Why not make the prayer a combat skill? Why not make agility a factor in combat?

    6. The world - RS has an amazing world, full of objects and things that are seemingly useless; why don't you create some lore and get the entire world involved? Why not let people cut flowers with a knife? Why not let people gather mushrooms from the ground? Why not let people cut branches, bushes or Ferns?

    7. Here, let me give you a REAL idea:
    Magic books (held in shield-slot) - Why not add a special effect to each book? For example you could have a book that adds a freeze-effect to your water/air/earth spells; or you could have a book that drains the opponents magic level, restoring your life. Or why not have a book that makes you build up magic essence, eventually reaching 5 charges and letting you choose an effect (be it, healing or increased damage or perhaps a big magical shield)?

    There are absolutely no limits to what you can do... I know it's possible to create everything I just said, you know why? Because I did :)
    So I'm sure you can too! So get out there, create something awesome and creative. Be the creator you (didn't) want to be!

    I'll probably scribble down more ideas if people don't hate me for posting this haha.

    Have a glorious evening/morning!

    General Server Discussion / Understanding: Why not Delta?
    « on: September 26, 2015, 01:43:25 PM »
    I've been on this forum for a while (hah, a few years; blimey). And since the birth of proper OOP within the RSPS community, Deltascape bases have been shunned as the worst thing in existence; but it seems to me that nobody ever explains why. People just get told "Ew, Delta; I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole held by someone's dead hamster in a contained vacuum chamber inside a bunker in another country on a different continent.".

    So as someone who's created two (pretty cool, albeit lacking in some respects) servers using this source; I can safely say I've learned its ins and outs.

    So here goes: These are the reasons you SHOULDN'T use Deltascape as a base!
    • Deltascape is NOT Object Oriented Programming; the code methods used within this source should be called "FilthScribbles" or whatever; because it genuinely is - just blocks of junk.
    • Deltascape runs all of the players off a single thread - IN SEQUENCE (of 500ms cycles), what does this mean? - It means that if you click, you may have to wait up to half a second for your 'turn' to have your command processed; not only that - if there's A LOT of players online - you will have to wait even longer.
    • Deltascape has no in-built collision checks of any kind. It basically relies on the client to do the work; and between the start-and the-end of your characters walk path, the source doesn't know where this character is. This also means no player-following, which also means PvP will be more frustrating than enjoyable.
    • Deltascape has a lot of unused or flat-out flawed code; namely - the legendary refreshSkills() which floods the client with packets on EVERY SINGLE ATTACK.
    • Deltascape npcHandler is a mess, there's a lot of rewriting to be done, should you want to use this source for a proper PvM server.
    • Two-clicks: will be required for most of the interactions; this is because process() cannot invoke an action in the client, that's simply not how it works. So if you click on an agility obstacle, the character will walk there and stop; because the server cannot initiate the action; the same thing applies other things as well.
    • Deltascape has a very fat client.java; splitting it would be an inconvenience because as mentioned before: the server does not employ Object Oriented Programming.

    There are of course more reasons than this, but I feel this should be sufficient... If you are looking to start a server in order to learn something about Java (doesn't matter what reasons you have for it, don't let anyone tell you to NOT do it, just do what you like) - then avoid Delta, anything you learn from that source will damage your future ability both in Java and even the use of other sources.

    If you wonder what a good base might be: Try Hyperion or Asteria; those are good. They're pretty blank and not filled with strange things.

    Just don't do what I did (my addiction to Delta started with Cheezscape back in dem early days) and once my current server is finished content-wise; I'll be pushing myself to learn how to use Asteria to re-create the same thing, just better.


    P.S. If anyone ever asks you why Delta is bad, just show them this.

    Titanite Project

    Hello, and welcome to Titanite Project :) This project was based on Deltascape, it is an awful source with terrible flaws and issues. However; it being what I'm used to, I've battled against its issues as much as I could and what you should experience here is not the source... rather - the content. I've re-worked most of the common RS mechanics into something new, I've made whole new systems for you to experience.
    So I hope, you will enjoy what I have created, rather than the base I've created it upon.

    Have a great day :)

    Server Nicknames:
    Dark Souls of RSPS...
    A sadistic fantasy
    Wall punching simulator
    Fuzzy's wet dream
    Not even RSPS anymore

    Ironman Mode
    Modular Crossbows
    Crossbow Brace interface for checking/modifying your Crossbow
    5 Crossbow Attachments (Scope, Heavy Barrel, Coating clip, Speedloader, Blast Shield)

    14 Tiers of uniquely laid out armor sets

    13 different and useful armor skills

    Monster Ecologies

    A completely new way of obtaining items

    Quest-rank system

    Brand new set of potions

    A way to obtain food like you've never seen

    ::titanite AI that can answer basic questions!

    Scrap List - Check what you've obtained thus far

    Monster Scrap system - Save your bank for the important things
    3 Arrow Coatings (Tranquil, Parasite, Spellcracker)
    Highly unique monster AI
    Highly active combat, involving observation, attack-style switching and weapon swapping
    Every fight/quest/slayer is duo/trio/quattro/uhh... whatever is five, six, seven and eight and nine XD!
    Raise your hunter-rank to show your experience
    Brand new way to use magic for combat
    Bow-type weapons can counterattack
    Highly useful Quest interface, serving as your information-point and toolbox
    Creatures and enemies that become increasingly more mechanically difficult!
    Negative player status effects: Interrupted, Cursed, Burning, Frozen, Pinned, Bleeding and more (would be spoilers)
    Negative creature status effects: Sleeping, Burning, Frozen (and more, spoilers again)
    TrueKill monster-scrap sharing system; team anything and everything; you all will be rewarded
    Highly helpful and passionate community
    Rock-solid difficulty from start-to-end (of current content)
    Two difficulties - Normal and Legendary!
    Legendary Difficulty doubles exp gain and yields better loot, but is much harder.
    Normal Difficulty - lets you start out without getting pounded into the dirt
    Highly active and knowledgeable owner
    Bank sorting button (although I should patch this, its a bit... uhh old)
    Creatures have resistances and vulnerabilities
    Creatures can be Armored, Resistant, Magical, Draconic or flat out painful
    Climate system for high tier quests
    Cold/Heat resistances for when fighting creatures with a particular element
    TrueDefense system - Every point of armor counts towards lowering the damage you take
    Take on instanced quest creatures such as Crystallus, Basilisk or King Black Dragon alone or together!
    Discover the true magics of Titanite: Action-class magic, Existence-class magic or World-class magic!
    Break the server with stupid-powerful magics

    And most of all - play it all for free and just have fun; in something new and truly creative.

    A random review
    Someone actually reviewed the server[/url] so if you're curious, take a peek.

    P.S. My main inspiration for this server was a mix between Log Horizon (anime) and Monster Hunter (handheld/console Hack&Slash), this is very much reflected within the server. Please do let me know what you think about the whole thing in the comments :)

    Recent updates: (24/11/16)
    1. Woodcutting added (yields scraps used in potions/arrow coatings)
    2. Adjusted crafting ingredients for many of the potions and coatings to include WC in their production.

    *Media coming very soon, just need to find free time to capture :D*
    I've been working for a while on a PvM only server; it was alright but it made me realize that eventually all PvM boiled down to just hitting the other thing and healing when it hits back.
    This concept is boring to me, thus I got bored of that kind of PvM (despite there being other tactics involved, obviously).

    Thus I began project: Titanite, using the source that my PvM server uses, I started scribbling up an AI system.

    What I've achieved:
    Intelligence-controlled AI behavior.

    Our creature will be created (done at the time of spawning) with flags placed upon it:
    Intelligence = 90;
    "G-class" (this is just a difficulty system within the content of the server; ranging from unranked which is normal to high, all the way to X-class)

    What comes out of the above?
    A Metal Dragon (such as mith, rune, steel or iron dragon) which is armored against ranged attacks, resistant to magic and has its health/damage multiplier based on its rank (G-class being 2nd rank, rank 3 is as high as it goes, X-class).
    Because of its 90 intelligence (a typical creature would get 10 intelligence), all of the AI modules are enabled.

    What happens during the battle?
    The creature will block attacks, take opportunities to swing heavily at the player when they sense weakness, they will abuse weaknesses (such as low elemental resistances, or pierced armor), they will counter-attack, pin down and even run away when weak...
    Not only that, if the creature is consistently placed under status ailments (burning/frozen); it will anger much faster and enrage, dealing very quick and heavy attacks in rapid succession, until it runs out of stamina.

    And when the monster is weak, well... it disappears with a poof... and then, thanks to the ecology I've written into the content, you'll be able to hunt it down to its nest (unless you haven't done your research prior to undertaking this hunt); where it will be sleeping, vulnerable to the first attack that hits it (x4 damage). When sleeping monsters regenerate quickly, thus you have to be fast to find the creature.

    And that... is more like it!

    *Media coming uber soon! I promise!*

    Server Help / Quickest framework for Item On Item
    « on: June 10, 2015, 11:57:57 PM »
    I've been trying to get my head around how one could easily create an ItemOnItem method that's quick to code and check...
    Here's what I've tried:
    A two-dimensional array:
    Code: [Select]
    combinations[item][item] = shortbowThe above was kind of neat, but also takes up a lot of heap space and just in general is bad practice methinks...

    A set of booleans that check the IDs in the good old fashion:
    Code: [Select]
    boolean comboTest(int id1, int id1) {
    if (id1.equals(1511) && id2.equals(1755) || id2.equals(1511) && id1.equals(1755))
    return true;
    return false;
    but again, the above code seems needlessly long... it would be the perfect option if I'd know how to shrink it and not have to input all numbers twice.

    Two switches (one in order, the other in reverse, i.e. tool is now the item we're switching, and target is found within), through which we go until we hit the goldmine and then return.
    Code: [Select]
    switch (target) {
    case 1511:
    if (tool.equals(1755)) {
    do business;
    if (tool.equals(whatever the knife ID was) {
    do better business;

    Development Teams / Looking for Content-somethings...
    « on: May 24, 2015, 10:00:30 PM »
    Sorry, very difficult to describe what I mean in a short title:

    What is this?!
    Your role would involve basically playing through/testing a progression path through the server, giving feedback mainly on elements of:
    How things interact with each other and how they inter-link together
    Any un-even aspects/spikes/walls in progression
    How well story is imbued into the actions of the character/things interacted with
    And possibly together brainstorming new mechanics and such.

    And possibly some simple playtesting when new mechanics are implemented.
    Would prefer someone who's available between the hours of 14:00 and 21:00 GMT.

    What is the server:
    From Dust to Dragons 3, PvM only server. I am the only coder/developer/creator/host of it and the source I use is so heavily modified that I decided to name it: Katana. I know it like the back of my hand and fixes can be performed before you even finished describing them.

    About myself:
    I usually update certain aspects of the server; usually the content I create is drafted up and finished off/adjusted through rapid iteration. Sometimes, however... either due to tiredness or some other factor I'll start doing some rapid iteration on mechanics that were perfectly functional... Usually with the attempt to optimize them... Yes. Good.

    There will be a bit of repetition involved, you have to be honest with your criticisms and so on and so forth.

    - You can message me on this here forums or by some other means you find within my profile.

    Development Teams / From Dust to Dragons 2
    « on: December 09, 2014, 10:44:14 PM »
    I'll just call this project - "Dragonhide"

    It will be a server based on Hyperion (thanks to Scully for helping me start out :)), I will probably be the only coder of it (unless I hit a particularily tricky problem)... since I'd like to learn this framework and learn the things it has and things I can manipulate to my liking.

    The client will be a resize-capable 317 with 474 cache, hopefully in a webclient format (optional download).

    What will the server be about?
    As was the original FDTD, it will be about slow progression, exploration, secrets, bosses, skills, combining, mysteries and of course player interaction.

    I know where I want to go with this project because I had a server with this very concept before (coded on a horrific, albeit highly patched/hacked version of Delta), since then I've learned the weaknesses of crappy programming and have (finally) decided to dedicate myself to using a new (good) base for my work.

    Anyway, there's plenty of work I need to do... even just to get the basics in place.

    So why the post?

    Well, there will be a time where all the basics will be done... and all that I will require is populating the world with NPCs, Quests, Objects and other such funky things...
    I am not sure about the reward for those who help, I guess it will depend on what the server becomes at the time.

    Current status:
    [content]Items - 0% - Items are obtainable, go into the right slots and are divided into types; no equipment stats exist as of yet.
    [content]Objects - 0% - No objects have been scripted/hard-coded as of yet.
    [system]Item On Item - 90% - Every possible outcome for a combination has been handled, mechanics simply need declaring into the statements.
    Item Use - 30% - Items are usable, however there's no framework in place for easy implementation of items yet.
    Fishing - 50% - Fishing code is there, however spots (NPC) haven't been implemented yet.
    Woodcutting - 70% - Trees can be cut infinitely, animation only plays once, there's no randomized delay/cutting time, objects do not get replaced yet.
    Combat - 0% - No work done yet.
    PvP - 0% - No work/planning done yet.
    Boss Encounters - 0% - No system in place for implementation.
    [system]Other mechanics - 6% - Many are half-done or not done at all, there's still lots of work to do. *Update: Added healing and stat buffing

    Overall completion: 17%

    About myself:
    I will be working on this server basically on a daily basis, the workload ahead of me is huge and I do a lot of learning as I get on with things. If it comes to a point where I feel the code is just too much, I may start using git-hub for a better development process and get some extra hands on board.

    Who am I looking for?
    I am looking for people with good imaginations, excitement for exploration (if you watch Log Horizon, think something in the direction of that) and some drive to get things done.
    I am not a bad programmer, I type quickly, I create content quickly and 95% of it functions as intended (if not, I do a hotfix within milliseconds :D.). I'm not the kind of guy who runs a PI with 30 people online, donations at every corner and then ask on this forum about how to fix 100 errors in a compiler. :P The server will most likely be donation-free; online 24 hours a minute (that's right, we're messing with space-time continuum here) and I will support anyone and everyone who plays on it.

    I am available on skype 24 hours a day and if you'd like to chitter chatter, you can comment here or just PM me or something...

    (it is at this point that I fear this post may get deleted because I may have broken a rule somewhere... Please warn me before deleting this :) I'll edit it within seconds).

    Server Advertisements / FDTD - Now with PK!
    « on: February 10, 2014, 01:14:21 AM »

    I've always had a lively imagination... I often listen to music or play games and find myself fantasizing about something I could put into a game; and just around that single thought, usually a whole world builds up; this affects me so much that often I miss the very game I'm playing at that moment.
    I started with RSPS in 2007 (holy cow, I feel weird thinking this); over the years I've somehow learned how to code and... I think this is my prime. I'm able to create anything...

    And so I present to you: From Dust to Dragons... A very miniature creation of a complex, rich and deep game I dream might one day exist...
    This server is my art; I've poured my mind and soul into it... I've worked on it for months, entire days at a time... patching almost every day.
    This here, is the creation of my imagination (within the constraints of RS engine).
    You will not need money, votes, friends in high places or anything of the sort to play this...
    All you will need is time, open mind and that little spark that makes you want to explore something new, within a familiar world.

    I truly hope you enjoy the server and I hope to see you in-game one day.

    • All Skills have been re-made to be more interesting, useful, varied and exciting.
    • Bring supplies to cities for gold.
    • Participate in a city restoration.
    • Attack speed stat.
    • Counter-attack mechanic based on your defence level.
    • Restore the wilderness gateways to get around quicker.
    • Find out what the mysterious Abyssal relics are...
    • Find out what happens when you activate the temple east of Varrock.
    • Find what lurks within Karamja Volcano and Taverley...
    • Find the mystery behind why teleport spells don't work (this is tied to the Dragonslayer subclass).
    • Rewarding and interesting world to explore.
    • Rewarding gameplay, yields sense of achievement and progress.
    • Powerful weapons to discover and create.
    • Mysteries, stories and items to find hidden in the world.
    • Become one of the 8 subclasses to dramatically improve your playtime and support your playstyle.
    • Find yourself playing the role of your subclass, just by accident.
    • Meet the dedicated community members who will go out of their way to help you start out.
    • Fight one or any amount of the custom-written 15 bosses.
    • Discover the utility of various shields and armor in certain situations.
    • Become a part of the item-for-item economy, where gold holds nearly no value.
    • Speak to a developer who can truly make your ideas become reality.
    • Discover foods that you've never used in an RSPS before.
    • Find yourself doing strange things like cutting mushrooms in a field for some ink or gathering honey to make your cider mature faster...
    • Find yourself being proud of your Mithril armor, as you just point and laugh at the city guards puny attacks.
    • Enjoy a defense system as you've always wanted it to work in a game.

    The TRUE list
    (click to show/hide)

    This story begins, as many stories do - with a land. This land is called The Kingdom of Power, this name was placed upon it by its very own inhabitants; from their naive opinion that their kingdom cannot be taken over or otherwise disturbed.
    Ages ago, before dragons were re-discovered there was an apocalyptic event... a mad scientist created a device to harvest elements of the land and create runes. These days we find these runes to be normal things, however back in that time; the machine harvested so much energy the world began shattering and unleashing demons from the very depths of the world itself. It is then, when a strange event occurred... Out of nowhere people began appearing and attacking these demons with powers before unseen by the people of the land. By the time the demons were eradicated, the heroes were gone as well... Nobody knew who these heroes were or where they came from... The only thing people knew is that they need to defend themselves.

    The biggest minds of the world came together to create a plan... The plan that would become their very own undoing. They started a mission of elemental harvesting... They harvested elemental energies and placed them into Tiaras; this most of the time required torture or even death of captured elementals.
    With time, many of these tiaras were lost or destroyed, however seven of the tiaras remained. These tiaras were sent to the corners of the kingdom and deemed upon those worthy (albeit not necessarily good-spirited) to keep them. Together, the seven tiaras hold the world in balance... In theory, anyway.

    And that is where my story ends... and yours begins... You have been granted a vessel of life, an adventurer although you're but mere dust in this world... Use this vessel to grow powerful, smarter, faster... Then take up arms with those beside you and destroy this kingdom, people of the land and the beasts that guard their secrets... and prevail... They do not deserve peace; they have torn the world apart, imprisoned innocent creatures and tortured the elements for millennia... After all - You are the 8th element... Defiance.

    Show. Them. No. Mercy.


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