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    Downloads / Rune-Evo 4
    « on: January 30, 2015, 02:31:10 PM »

    Rune Evo 4
    by King Fox (Fox2007)

    Been a long while since i had a release, so i took my current source (Foxtrot) and stripped out all the hard stuff i had been working on for a long time to bring this back down to a decent level. This does indeed contain some of the crap RE3 had. I am still in the progress of rewriting how alot of stuff is handled as I begin to learn new stuff.

    If you're looking for a decent server with room to add your own content, then this would be a good choice as a lot of critical bugs have been patched that most servers dont even realize exist. There's more fixed than what's listed below, but thats all i could think of at this time.

    If you need help with any part of this, please do not blow me up on skype on in pm's. Make use of the help section because that's what it's there for. People usually reply quickly to requests so make use of it please c: Also, To make yourself owner before that gets spammed please read below:

    • Go into Settings.java location in package com.foxtrot
    • There will be an array at the top with my name in it, just edit the name there
    • Save Settings.java, reload server and login and your rights (should) be set to where it needs to be

    On a side note, I've removed the cache and bin folder so you'll need to find a 718/742 cache for this and basically any matrix client, and also need to recompile the source (an ide is highly recommended, might as well get to know it if you're gonna be programming at all)

    What i removed (completely):
    • Gravestones
    • 60 floor Dungeoneering
    • Ring of Kinship
    • Castle Wars
    • MySQL system (was an "ok" system)
    • Player Owned Shops
    • Grand Exchange
    • Troll Invasion
    • Party Room
    • Bat files for Editors (use an ide)
    • Cache and bin folders
    • Duel Arena (which it never had in the first place, meh)
    • + More, cant remember.

    What it still has/What's New:
    • All matrix features (i think)
    • Clan Chat
    • Construction
    • Farming
    • All other skills (minus Dungeoneering)
    • A start to multi-world support
    • WAY better organization
    • WAY Better stability
    • Fixed trading self dupe
    • Fixed money pouch to bank dupe
    • Fixed price checker dupe
    • Fixed Jad Wave-Skipping by using Nomad to null PA's
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to attack players across the wildy ditch
    • Fixed memory leak in construction
    • Fixed bug in construction that would cause server to crash by spamming join
    • Fixed PAFT(sp?) in construction
    • Fixed JS5 exploit
    • Removed alot of unused or empty class files (was quite a bit, its like that in original matrix)
    • Improved Shops (with item stats)
    • Full Squeal of Fortune
    • Working Notes with all options (add, edit, delete, change color, etc.)
    • Custom packet to send a tray notification to client (must have client with it!)
    • Toolbelt with alot of the skills making use of it
    • IP Based loyalty point system (shop prices need edited, token prices also)

    Download (Source Only): Download Foxtrot.Release.zip @ UppIT
    Find your own cache/client, runeevo3 cache and client should work okiedokie

    (click to show/hide)

    Myself? Matrix? meh

    Server Tutorials / [Any] Client Launcher/Updater
    « on: February 24, 2014, 12:10:22 AM »
    First, no I did not choose to livestream the jar file, this would consume a lot of bandwidth on large servers and some people use shitty hosting with limited bandwidth. This was also just something I made in my spare time to learn something about swing, so please no hate ;_;

    You could also use this to get rid of the shitty checking in most 317 clients where you have to change a number and all that other shit. This will compare dates to the file stored online, and if It's newer it will prompt you for the download. Works only for clients, not the cache.
    (click to show/hide)

    First, you need to make a new folder, call it whatever you like. Then inside, you need to make this structure:

    • Main Folder
      -- bin/ (output folder)
      -- src/
      ---- Launcher.java
      ---- Splash.java
    Code: Java
    1. importjavax.swing.*;
    2.  /**
    3.   * @author King Fox
    4.   */
    5. publicclass Launcher {
    7.     publicstaticvoid main(String[] args){
    8.         final Splash s =new Splash();
    9.          s.setVisible(true);
    10.          SwingUtilities.invokeLater(newRunnable(){
    11.              publicvoid run()  {
    12.                   s.setVisible(true);
    13.              }
    14.          });
    15.     }
    17. }

    Code: Java
    1. importjavax.swing.*;
    4. importjava.awt.*;
    5. importjava.io.*;
    6. importjavax.swing.*;
    7. importjava.io.*;
    8. importjava.net.*;
    10. @SuppressWarnings("serial")
    11. publicclass Splash extendsJFrame{
    13. // START EDIT
    14.    privatestaticString downloadUrl =";; // the download url
    15.   private static String fileName = "SomeJar.jar"; // the name you wish to save it as
    16.   private static String serverName = "Foxtrot"; // the server name
    17.   private static String backgroundImageUrl = ";;// url to a background image
    18.    privatestaticString saveDirectory =System.getProperty("user.home")+"/Desktop/";// the location where you wish to store the Jar
    19. // END EDIT
    21.    publicstaticURL url;
    22.    privateJLabel imglabel;
    23.    privateImageIcon img;
    24.    privatestaticJProgressBar pbar;
    25.    Thread t =null;
    27.    public Splash(){
    28.       super("Splash");
    30.       File file =newFile(saveDirectory + fileName);
    32.       try{
    33.          url =newURL(downloadUrl);
    34.       }catch(MalformedURLException e){
    35.          e.printStackTrace();
    36.       }
    38.       setSize(543, 391);
    39.       setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE);
    40.       setLocationRelativeTo(null);
    41.       setUndecorated(true);
    43.       try{
    44.          img =newImageIcon(newURL(backgroundImageUrl));
    45.       }catch(MalformedURLException e1){
    46.          e1.printStackTrace();
    47.       }
    49.       imglabel =newJLabel(img);
    50.       add(imglabel);
    51.       setLayout(null);
    52.       pbar =newJProgressBar();
    53.       pbar.setMinimum(0);
    54.       pbar.setMaximum(100);
    55.       pbar.setStringPainted(true);
    56.       pbar.setForeground(Color.LIGHT_GRAY);
    57.       imglabel.setBounds(0, 0, 543, 391);
    58.       add(pbar);
    59.       pbar.setPreferredSize(newDimension(310, 30));
    60.       pbar.setBounds(70, 320, 404, 20);
    63.       try{
    64.          if(file.exists()){
    65.             URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
    66.             connection.connect();
    67.             long time = connection.getLastModified();
    68.             if(time > file.lastModified()){
    69.                if(!startDialogue()){
    70.                   startApplication();
    71.                   return;
    72.                }
    73.             }else{
    74.                setVisible(true);
    75.                Thread.sleep(3000);
    76.                startApplication();
    77.                return;
    78.             }
    79.          }
    80.       }catch(Exception e){
    81.          e.printStackTrace();
    82.       }
    84.       Thread t =newThread(){
    86.          publicvoid run(){
    87.             OutputStream dest =null;
    88.             URLConnection download;
    89.             InputStream readFileToDownload =null;
    90.             try{
    91.                dest =newBufferedOutputStream(newFileOutputStream(saveDirectory + fileName));
    92.                download = url.openConnection();
    93.                readFileToDownload = download.getInputStream();
    94.                byte[] data =newbyte[1024];
    95.                int numRead;
    96.                long numWritten =0;
    97.                int length = download.getContentLength();
    98.                while((numRead = readFileToDownload.read(data))!=-1){
    99.                   dest.write(data, 0, numRead);
    100.                   numWritten += numRead;
    101.                   int percent =(int)(((double)numWritten /(double)length)* 100D);
    102.                   pbar.setValue(percent);
    103.                   pbar.setString(""+(percent <99?"Downloading "+serverName+" - "+percent+"%":"Complete")+"");
    104.                }
    105.             }catch(Exception exception){
    106.                exception.printStackTrace();
    107.             }finally{
    108.                try{
    109.                   if(readFileToDownload !=null)
    110.                      readFileToDownload.close();
    111.                   if(dest !=null)
    112.                      dest.close();
    113.                   Thread.sleep(1000L);
    114.                   startApplication();
    115.                }catch(IOException|InterruptedException ioe){
    117.                }
    118.             }
    119.          }
    120.       };
    121.       t.start();
    122.    }
    124.    publicboolean startDialogue(){
    125.       setVisible(true);
    126.       int selection =JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null, "An update is available. Do you wish to download?", "Update Available", JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION, JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE);
    127.       return selection ==JOptionPane.OK_OPTION;
    128.    }
    131.    /**
    132.    * Launches the downloaded Jar file and closes the progress bar
    133.    */
    134.    publicstaticvoid startApplication(){
    135.       try{
    136.          Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java -jar "+(saveDirectory + fileName)+"");
    137.          Thread.sleep(1000L);
    138.          System.exit(0);
    139.       }catch(IOException|InterruptedException e){
    140.          e.printStackTrace();
    141.       }
    142.    }
    144. }

    Suggested you do this with an IDE such as Eclipse.
    Hopefully someone finds use for it ^-^ Splash.java contains all the information you need to edit.

    Rune-Evo v3

    Screenshots Album: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s99u9pwtksfcp4h/B5_aHT92rB

    Basically tired of people using Rune-Evo v1 and v2 which has very few things added compared to the original matrix release, which both contain alot of bugs and a couple of dupes. Rune-Evo v3 has no more known dupes (including dropping, and BoB dupes). Server has a new cache featuring a shitload of 753 items and interfaces (goes up to 1406?) including Drygores, Kalphite Armour, Sheathed items, and off-hand items. I collaborated with Justin Hopler and a few other select people to make this a high revision server that retains is stability and playability. Enjoy!

    Download Rune-Evo v3.zip (784.4 MB)

    Foxtrot 718 Client.zip (5.8MB):

    Server download includes the nice and shiny 753 cache. Any 718 client will work without edits. Enjoy.

    Had to for this release, didnt want nubs changing name and running it as-is claiming they did it all
    • Changed a certain skilling item to be worth max cash (not hard to find)
    • Removed all the item bonuses' text files (easy to replace, get them from another server if you have to xD)
    Server Features:
    • Cosmetic Overrides
      - Some need to be unlocked by doing Zombies below
    • Zombies Onslaught Minigame
      - Endless waves of zombies
      - Max of 50 zombies on field at once
      - in multi area :3
    • Custom Dungeoneering System
      - Three different areas for different difficulties
      - Based on dungeoneering level
    • Tyluurs Dungeoneering System
      Two different floors
      - Includes bosses
      - Lobby system and multi-player
    • 753 items and interfaces
      - Drygores, Kalphite Armour, Sheathed, and Off-Hands added
      - Sheathing is not yet possible and off-hands dont work, but they're there
    • Boss Contracts, to influence more bossing (works really well)
      - Contracts offer large rewards for killing the contract
      - only need to kill boss once to complete contract
    • All Skills Working
    • Now has Flawless switching (a shitload faster than matrix's)
      - to make this fast, you only needed to remove the garbage cache system -.-
    • High/Low Alching + Enchanting
      - High alch produces more profit than low
      - Enchant jewelry
    • Automated double exp weekends
      - Friday thru Sunday, every weekend.
      - based on your system time
    • Right click view stats option
      - Mods and admins see "Moderate" option on all players above this
    • Custom Title Handler
      - Most titles have requirements that need to be met to unlock
      - Once requirement is met, they're automatically unlocked
    • Added Dwarven Rock Cakes for DH rushers
      - Need to add this in to a shop. Cant currently obtain them anywhere
    • Difficulty Selections
      - Choose difficulty on login for the first time
      - Can not go to a harder difficulty until you prestige
      - After prestiging, can only go harder if you havent gained any exp
      - Can go to an easier difficulty at any time
      - Harder difficulties increase drop rates, but lower the exp rate
      - Easier difficulties decrease drop rates, but higher the exp rate
    • Custom Prestige System
      - Bounty hunter skulls to show your prestige level
      - Prestige shop with Clay weapons, Battle-Mage, trickster, and more
      - 6 prestige levels in total
    • Skilling Rewards
      - Each skill action you gain 1 skill point
      - Skill Point shop to get exp boosting items
    • PvP System
      - Pk Points per kill
      - Killstreaks
      - Leaderboards in-game
      - PkP Shop
      - Server is PvM based, but PvP is great also :P
    • Loyalty Points
      - Awarded 250 points every 30 minutes
      - Custom titles for loyal members
      - Auras (standard matrix feature)
    • Squeal of Fortune
      - Correct background images, not all messed up
      - Awarded 2 spins every 24 hours
      - Works perfect, no known bugs except one where one item doesn't appear on SoF
    • StopForumSpam Integration
      - stops players from logging in with a blacklisten IP address
      - good for stopping players trying to proxy to get in after ip banned
    • Still has standard matrix features untouched (mostly)
      - Fight Caves, 63 waves
      - Fight Kiln, 32 waves?
      - Full Nex
      - Queen/King Black Dragon
      - Kalphite Queen
      - Crucible
      - Much More...
    • No more SQL loading
      - NPC spawns are loaded via text (data/npcs/CustomSpawns.txt)
      - Objects are loaded via text (data/map/CustomObjects.txt)

    To make yourself owner:

    Code: [Select]
    public static final String[] OWNERS = { "king_fox" };

    change 'king_fox' to your name, in lowercase, with underscores for spaces, then go ingame and type this command ::setrights 2 yourname

    To Enabled StopForumSpam Integration:

    Code: [Select]
    public static boolean enableSfs = false;

    change false to true, and done.

    To change the server name globally:

    Code: [Select]
    public static final String SERVER_NAME = "Foxtrot 718";{

    change whats in the quotes, compile, restart.

    Well that's it folks, hopefully i covered enough to stop the spam threads and replies "how do i make myself owner" and stuff like that. If not, post your issues and im sure someone might help out ^-^)



    Posted this on Rune-Server myself. My username is King Fox.

    Alright, made this myself, figured i would release. The style isn't the best, but i like it and it shows what i need it to.

    Again, this is very basic and configured for my server. If you want it to work how you want it, then you will need to do some modifications. I have exp set as a string so i could go over Integer.MAX_VALUE (2,147,483,647). This tutorial will assume you know how to create a table and such.

    Database Structure:

    Code: [Select]
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `highscores` (
      `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
      `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'user',
      `rights` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      `overall` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      `totalxp` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'totalxp',
      `prestige` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      `combatlvl` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

    Files: - removed -

    Everything you need to edit is in config.php. This script cannot be injected or tampered with (tested several times, and reviewed it many times). I write this from scratch, so i had to look it over carefully. Ofc, knowing my luck, i probably missed something. But im pretty sure it's safe ^_^

    First thing you need to do, is create the database using the sql provided above. Once created, you will need to modify the config.php in the zip folder provided above. Most of the settings can easily be changed from that.

    Code: [Select]

    $USER "DB_USER";
    $PASS "DB_PASS";
    $DATABASE "Database";
    $TABLE "highscores";

    $website_url "_site.com/";
    $name "SERVER_NAME";
    $maxCount 100;
    $minTotalLevel 400;
    $con mysql_connect($HOST$USER$PASS);


    Once edited, just upload to your forum or website directory, and everything should be set. Incase you need the server methods, here they are below. Will most likely need to be modified to work with your server depending on what SQL system you have implemented.

    Code: [Select]
        public static void updateHighscores(Player player, String username) {
            try {
                ResultSet rs = DatabasePool.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM highscores WHERE name='"+username+"'");
                    if (rs.next()) rs.deleteRow(); // delete row to insert new one ^_^
                    rs.updateString("name", username);
                    rs.updateInt("overall", player.getSkills().getTotalLevel(player));
                    rs.updateInt("rights", player.getRights());
                    rs.updateString("totalxp", ""+player.getSkills().getTotalXp(player)+"");
                    rs.updateInt("prestige", player.getPrestigeLevel());
                    rs.updateInt("combatLvl", player.getSkills().getCombatLevelWithSummoning());
                    System.out.println("[Highscores] Updated "+player.getDisplayName()+"");
            } catch (SQLException ex) {

    That to update the highscores, now here the methods to go over Integer.MAX_VALUE and get player's levels based on XP. If we just grab their levels directly, it will include any bonuses, throwing them off. This will go in Skills.java (com.rs.game.player.content)

    Code: [Select]
        public int getTotalLevel(Player player) {
            int totallevel = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i <= 24; i++) {
                totallevel += player.getSkills().getLevelForXp(i);
            return totallevel;

        public String getTotalXp(Player player) {
            double totalxp = 0;
            for (double xp : player.getSkills().getXp()) {
                totalxp += xp;
            NumberFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("#######");
            return ""+formatter.format(totalxp)+"";

    And that's basically all there is to it XD not much work was put into this, except trying to make the script itself, which was hard for me because i didn't know how to display the table. If you're server uses rights to determine which rank a player is (including donor) then this will work perfect.


    I will be posting another script for item database, looks almost just like itemdb.biz XD

    Rune-Evolution 742
    Matrix 718 Loading 742. Edited by Fox2007 (aka king fox)

    If you come on my server asking for help with this server, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY, SO DONT BOTHER!

    Alright so my main idea with this release was to provide people with a fully working server and client (including cache) that can be easily modified and ran. I'm currently using this as my own and hosting on my vps. There is absolutely no anti-leech of any kind in the server or client. If the client doesn't work, then i suggest downloading an unmodified Matrix 718 client. They're not that hard to find :3 Anyway, on with a list of features and some screenshots:
    • Fully working Fight Caves (All 63 waves)
    • Fully working Fight Kiln
    • Full Nex and Nomad with cut-scenes
    • Unique custom made home
    • Fully automated DoubleXP Weekends
    • Great Economy
    • Full Squeal of Fortune!
    • Rewritten price loading using Enum
    • All pets working
    • Full summoning (except scrolls)
    • Most skills fully working
    • Easy to modify client using a Settings.java
    • Crucible also fully working!
    • All GodWars bosses!
    • Full QBD and KBD
    • No lag or memory leaks. No dupes.
    • Even Grand Exchange! (has to be re-enabled)
    • All Aura's Working with Wings and stuff
    Rune-Evo.zip (540.4 MB)

    Download Client: http://uppit.com/6xon2bclvylb/718_Client.zip
    Virus Scan:


    Downloads / [RELEASE - 4/12/09] Foxscape Client v5.0!!!!!!!!!!
    « on: June 30, 2008, 08:10:31 PM »
    Foxscape Client v5.0
    made by Fox2007

    The reason why i made it v5.0 is because i did quite a few drastic changes. One being is that this aint even the same client base and isnt remotely close to previous versions. Below i have listed a few updates:

    • Downloaded Bluurrs Client....
    • Switched out the cache with mine
    • Dumped my old Item8.java and renamed it...took a while...
    • Removed the headicons, server still requires it
    • Client no longer runs on a GUI
    • Decided not to move the cache into an external folder

    That's pretty much all i updated, but attached are some screen shots of what the client now looks like. The headicon ints are no longer needed. So that means, this client works with any server!

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