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    • SantaHoHo: you wont regret when u join really nice server
      December 10, 2019, 06:35:18 PM
    • SantaHoHo: need staff :)
      December 10, 2019, 06:35:08 PM
    • SantaHoHo: divinescape.eu5.org
      December 10, 2019, 06:35:00 PM
    • SantaHoHo:[link]
      December 10, 2019, 06:34:39 PM
    • Moneyking800: Yanille is back! We’re in beta looking for new players. We are small around 5-10 players on at anytime atm looking for active testers to build off of! Yanille-os.com
      December 10, 2019, 06:14:45 PM
    • drubrkletern: be honest with me boss
      December 06, 2019, 01:31:52 AM
    • drubrkletern: now is it really that unique
      December 06, 2019, 01:31:47 AM
    • SuperNativeZ: COME PLAY THE MOST UNIQUE CUSTOM RSPS #1 [link][link][link]
      December 05, 2019, 09:22:55 PM
    • SuperNativeZ: FASTEST GROWING #1 UNIQUE CUSTOM RSPS [link][link][link]
      December 05, 2019, 09:22:42 PM
    • ragnoroker: New Server - Unique - Awesome Community - Start your adventure - 60+ online : [link]
      December 05, 2019, 02:48:39 PM
    • ragnoroker: New Server - Unique - Awesome Community - Start your adventure - 40+ online : [link]
      December 05, 2019, 02:48:31 PM
    • Cole1497: you click any of these links? those boner pills theyre selling are wicked
      December 04, 2019, 05:58:03 PM
    • Cole1497: oh shit vain whats crackin
      December 04, 2019, 05:57:49 PM
      December 04, 2019, 06:30:27 AM
    • Vain_: where the boys at
      December 01, 2019, 03:20:36 PM
    • black evil111: They should close this down, mostly the downloads section. The mods dont know how to do their jobs worth shit and its no excuse like "we have real life stuff going on" everyones replacable. Speaking of replacable, fix download links! Before I go to rune-server.
      December 01, 2019, 01:50:26 PM
    • ragnoroker: New Server - Unique - Awesome Community - Start your adventure - 40+ online : [link]
      November 28, 2019, 12:41:24 PM
    • ragnoroker: New Server - Unique - Awesome Community - Start your adventure - 40+ online : [link]
      November 28, 2019, 12:40:42 PM
    • 1strangler77: how do i post pictures on a post
      November 24, 2019, 05:16:18 PM
    • ragnoroker: New Server - Unique - Awesome Community - Start your adventure - 40+ online : [link]
      November 23, 2019, 08:23:51 PM

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    - Updates to Cosmetics Overrides System :-
    - Added keepsake items to the system you can keepsake an item by using the key on the item you want to keepsake.
    - Added keepsake keys to the Donator Point Shop 2
    - Added a search option so you don't have to go through whole load of pages
    - added 3 new commands:
    - ;;togglesearchoption if its on it will ask you if you want to search through cosmetics or view cosmetics normally when you click on the slot you want to edit.
    - ;;savecurrentcostume or ;;savecurrentcosmetic Saves your current costumes/hidden slots so you can load it later.
    - ;;reclaimkeepsake reclaim keep saked items back if you have kept sake an item.
    - fixed some problems with points shops (spam not enought message & will tell you correct price) and made it that u cant sell back items for now.


    Meant to post this last night and update, however I fell asleep watching the presidential debate which furthers my loss of faith in our country. Anyways here we go:

    - A new game point reward (20k) is now available, check out ::gpr for the new ::forceagro.
    - Fixed a few issues with flasks decanter.
    - T90 shields "provoke" option will now make any monster switch his target to you and will keep attacking you for atleast 10seconds unless someone else provoke it from you(Vorago has an exception for this he will keep attacking you for 30seconds if you provoke him unless someone else provoke him from you).
    - Fixed a problem with motherlode maw where it will always say "you need to wait 24 hours" now you will be able to claim rewards daily for 10 motherlode shards.
    - Bank drops has now been adjusted for the different kind of banks, ::sendtobank etc. is fixed.
    - Elder trees can now be chopped and fletched.
    - Elder and blisterwood can now be used in bonfires.
    - Added firemaking to dungeoneering, useful for cooking fish.
    - Increased the amount of ranged ammunition in the divine donator store.
    - Patched up a few of the dungeoneering boss combat scripts.
    - Added stats to elder shortbow and shieldbow.

    - Fixed problems with loading regions such as dungeons.
    - Death room related bugs have been patched.
    - Most of the recent server nulls have been completely patched.

    - Added in a new region system, rewrote dynamic regions and loading.
    - Fixed a ton of memory leaks with region loading.
    - Regions are now marked as active and non active if players are in them, npc's and such won't spawn in non active areas.
    - Inactive dynamic regions are destroyed properly, avoiding running out of memory.
    - Issues with npc's dissappearing and not showing for certain players is fixed.
    - Added better handling for npcs, objects, items, etc. loaded by regions.
    - Donator panel should now close correctly.
    - Teleport Crystal should now display the correct text.
    - Cleaning up more code to introduce better systems.

    - Missing npc spawns from previous updates have returned.
    - Modified the exiled kalphite queen (kq) and it should be working more flawlessly.
    - Gnome village stairs have been resolved.
    - Combat potions are now useable.
    - Comabt mix's heal has been adjusted to heal 300 instead of 200.
    - Gabooty can now be found in tai village.

    Here you go pals!

    - Jungle trees and bushes can now be slashed with a weapon.
    - Studded leather can now be made with steel studs.
    - Sickle moulds can now be found in the crafting store.
    - Seal of Approval emote should be functional.
    - More code has been transfered over to java 8 standards.
    - Fixed and updated prices on the donator perk store.
    - Added passive effect to strykebow.
    - Strykebow will store how much damage the player has taken since starting combat (damage is calculated before prayer effects change damage).
    - After 5 (non zero hits) the players next attack will fire an extra arrow that will deal 40% of the damage that was absorbed by the bow.
    - The more attacks a player takes the less damage is absorbed by the bow.
    - Leaving combat or unequiping the bow will reset the passive effect.
    - Added in a couple of fixes for the xp well.

    Fell asleep before I could post yesterday after a long bike ride. Got a lot done again thanks to the help of our development team. Got a huge update for donators tomorrow in which they have some new things to spend tokens on, hope you enjoy it! Also purchased us an ad today so hopefully we can see some new players :)

    - Cannonball moulds can now be found and retrieved in the smithing store.
    - The level 55 wilderness obelisk is now working and can teleport to all locations.
    - More XP gpr now works with the assassins xp.
    - Problems with inventory and bank drops have been fixed.
    - Biscuits no longer consume whole stack.
    - Mining essence should be fixed.
    - Fixed Crandor rope to correctly lead to the correct location.
    - Bill blakey npc now properly restores rest energy.
    - Cleaned up the shops file, reduced 300 lines of code.
    - Players can now buy multiple quanitities from the point/token stores.
    - The balancing log found on karamja can now be walked across.
    - All clue scroll emote challenges are working.
    - Gaius is now spawned in burthrope and can be interacted with.
    - Players can now enter the bottom of karamja via cutting through the jungle trees.
    - The swamp snails can now be found scattered across morytania.
    - All types of shells can now be crafted into the proper snail helm.
    - Shortcuts, bridges, and leaps in morytania have all been added.
    - Port tyras can now be accessed via charter ships.
    - Updated dialogues and interfaces with the charter ships, more accessibility.
    - Ganodermic armor stats and a few ranged gear have been updated.

    Another busy busy day, hard work from the development team. Glad to see a lot of returning faces today! Tomorrow I'm going to go on a hike so I won't be as active but I will still get some things done.

    - Iron man donators can now use the ::bank and ::cbank command.
    - Removed fight cave and fight pit requirements from jad pet for the time being.
    - Fixed enchanting with onyx necklace to make berserker necklace.
    - Reduced the amount of time for the giant mole to respawn.
    - Added the odd old man near the dig site for a clue scroll puzzle.
    - Fixed up a few things with our old death system.
    - The staff can now teleport a player with them to the staff zone using ::sz (player).
    - The bank drops gpr has returned, ::bankdrops.
    - Ecto tokens have been added to the queen black dragon loots.
    - Fixed rune mysteries quest line, the quest npc can be found in wzards tower.
    - Various spelling fixes and grammar changes.
    - Updated skilling bases and controllers to use Java 8 standards.

    - Removed random event.
    - Fixed ending of Vorago fight.
    - Fixed ending of Rise of the Six minigame.
    - When sheathing weapons with retro looks it will now show the retro model instead of the new look.

    - Location interface can now be toggled on and off with ::location.
    - Rock crabs in the low level training area are no longer aggressive.
    - Wilderness level now displays when you are in the wilderness.
    - Players can now view the combat level range they can attack in the wilderness.

    - If a friends chat is filled with iron men only, they can now use lootshare.
    - Fixed a dupe with the coal bag.
    - Re-adjusted some magic spells that were incorrect.
    - Started work on a new dynamic region system for the server.
    - Properly handles map creation and destruction, preventing some memory leaks we were getting.
    - System should be done soon, also is gonna be a huge help with dungeoneering.

    - You can now make godsword blades and godswords.
    - Added divination level and xp to information tab.
    - Updated animations for:
    black demons
    lesser demons
    greater demons
    giant rat

    - Player count bonus xp will now be based on number of unique player ips.
    - Spawned Cam the Camel in Al Kharid
    - Legendary Pet execute ability will now work on npcs that have damage caps.
    - ::enragetime to check how much time is left until your araxxi enrage resets.
    - Fixed Celestial Dragon animations.
    - Fixed gargoyle animations.
    - Fixed abyssal demon animations.

    - Pet Vampyrism ability added.
    - Lasts for an hour and heals you for 20%-50% of the damage you deal (depends on donator level)
    - After the hour is up there is an hour cool down.
    - you can no longer use the ::divination command to get out of the death room
    - All of your farming patches will be reset when you prestige.
    - Remote farm interface will now correctly show empty patches and patches that are healthy and growing.
    - You can use the Remote Farm spell to cure any diseased patches.

    Here are some general fixes, big and exciting things will come this weekend :)

    - Patched a few non working objects in the wilderness (gates, etc.)
    - Temporarily removed the wizard's tower clue item.
    - Added the elemental shield to the melee equipment store.
    - Patched a multitude of bugs regarding the falconry activity.
    - Fury sharks now heal more damage, the second most ingame.
    - Eating fury sharks now gives the 60 second ability to protect one extra item in the wilderness.
    - Legendary pets now have an execute ability (1 hour cool down).
    - In order to activate this ability, use the ::execute command.
    - Once you deal enough damage to a npc you can have your pet instantly kill it off.
    - Damage percentage is based off of donator levels, highest rank being 50% lowest being 20%.


    Farmscape was a joke. I've been doing so many fixes recently I thought I would throw this in. Don't worry dungeoneering should be around very soon. I've been having a rough few days recently because of hard news I've come across so I had to take a break of bug fixes since I haven't been feeling too great. Content I enjoy, so I spent the day on that instead.

    - Spins from vote rewards are now given into the system and not as an item.
    - Started on a system for the wilderness warbands distraction and diversion.
    - Added all three locations for the warbands (low, med, high).
    - Timers are now in effect for the warband event periods.
    - Dialogues have been written (pretty similar) to the warbands npcs.
    - Camps can be properly sabotaged and attacked.
    - Wrote combat scripts for the generals, reinforcements, etc.
    - Added a new completionist cape requirement for completing warbands.


    Felt this was a necessary after being suggested for t90 shields for a while and the fact that we have introduced new challenging and heavy hitting bosses. Also got a good number of things done. Unfortunately our website has been down today for technical reasons but it is now resolved. Also there is a client update that is necessary that will potentially fix a lot of issues. Please update your client in order to play.

    - Noxious items and all of the dyed items now have stats.
    - Added a command to access my livestream ::stream.
    - Improved the combat script of the exiled kalphite queen.
    - Added the provoke ability to the barrows t90 shields.
    - Corrected a few of the threshold boss pet drops.
    - Full sets of guthan now have the healing effect.
    - Added a check for vote rewards to prevent losing rewards due to not enough space.
    - Herbs can now be cleaned and turned into potions in dungeoneering.
    - Started major work on the dungeoneering bosses.
    - Increased the rate of the legio boss pet drop.
    - Started work on another amazing update by jason.


    I sat down today with some of the longterm players and realized a recurring problem we had. While the server was meant to be a more challenging type of server, some aspects were just unrealistically hard. We have gone months dry without any 'rare' drops from a bunch of bosses, and a ton of the necessary drops were just way to impossible. I decided I would go through every boss and monster with worthy drops and adjust the rates so that they are achievable to get an economy flowing. Hope this goes well :^)

    - The ingame suggestions system has been revamped up and now saves results.
    - Updated the voting pages to the site's theme.
    - Players can now claim vote rewards twice a day if they voted on the 24 hour sites.
    - Double vote reward events have returned to the server.
    - Buffed the drop rates for the following: Celestial Dragons, Vorago, Araxxor, Araxxi, Kalphite King, Kalphite Queen, Queen Black Dragon, King Black Dragon, Legios, Coporal Beast, Nex, General Graardor, Kril, Commander Zilyana, Kree Arra, Sunfreet, Leenui, Wildy Wyrm, Blink, Yk'lagor, Merrcenary Mage, and Bork.
    - You can now search the fountain for the Ernest the Chicken Quest.
    - Added right click options to the house portals for quick access of options.
    - You can enter any house regardless of location at home (prifddinas).
    - Doubled the time that water is consumed in the desert.
    - Mithril seeds can now be planted since people wanted them I guess.
    - Players who plant these seeds may also pick them up to receive the flower items.
    - Removed the double spawns from the saradomin room in gwd.
    - The tokz ket dill now requires a pickaxe in fight kiln to be hit.
    - Spawned elder wisps at the elder divination location.
    - Spawned in uglur nar.
    - You can now open the gates at gu'tanoth and camelot castle.
    - The runecrafting store now sells both rune and pure essence.


    First post since I am back, excited! Okay so I wanted to complete our from scratch voting system. We figured it was about time we have our own voting system so we can customize it. Of course this took a while but now it is complete and we can add onto it in the future. Here are some fixes you guys wanted as well, I have a list of the "priority" bugs I will be working on the next few days. Stay in tuned!

    Also I will not be online tomorrow, Jason will handle the updates. I will be gone till Thursday afternoon because I am going to spend tonight and tomorrow night with my special someone from college since she has the day off tomorrow. Anyways I'm excited to be back, here we go:

    - Wrote a database handler, connections should be made and destroyed efficiently now.
    - Removed all of our unnecessary databases that were just using a lot of network capacity.
    - Finished writing our from scratch vote system, you can now claim votes.
    - Started to implement an error handling system, assigns error numbers for strange cases to players so that they can easily report issues.
    - Fixed up a few hiccups on the website pages.
    - Purchased premium for us on all of our voting websites.
    - Updated our host name so that it no longer expires, re download/update the client if you can't connect.
    - Patched a few problems with path finding that were personally bugging me.
    - Cleaned up a lot of unnecessary code I found in the cores, might speed up the server.
    - New vote system allows you to vote twice a day even if you voted on the 24 hour website.
    - Added the stepping stones from barbarian assault to the light house, must click on the rock you want to jump ONTO.
    - The world event for double dungeoneering tokens and exp is now in effect.
    - Players no longer get stuck in the wilderness agility course pipes.
    - Adjusted the exp rates for gnome agility course, accounts for completed laps now.

    Sorry that I've been so busy still. However since I aced my chem test today I spent a lot of time on updates yesterday. So here are some cool stuff, ,expect more stuff this week (after my final exam of the quarter tomorrow night).

    - Divination now resets to 1 upon the first prestige.
    - Wearing a full slayer helmet now gives a 12.5% max hit potential bonus to slayer tasks.
    - The magic shop now stocks 5,000 runes instead of 1,000.
    - Grand exchange has fully returned and can now be accessed again.
    - The grand exchange is player based, please keep that in mind.
    - Website feeds and databases for all the grand exchange offers are back up.
    - Links to the page are as the following: www.elveron.org/exchange.php

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