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    • iddsyou: great RSPS! [link]  Join us on Discord! [link]  Download: [link]
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    • iddsyou: great RSPS! [link]  Join us on Discord! [link]  Download: [link]
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    • iddsyou: great RSPS! [link]  Join us on Discord! [link]  Download: [link]
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    Hi, Whenever I Try To Push The Register Button On The Homepage I Get This Error:

    Please Help!!!

    dont press the register button = problem fixed....

    Should definitely try this out. Very stable server base with plenty of stuff to do :)

    Downloads / Re: Jagex Cache Cleaner V1.0
    « on: February 01, 2015, 02:14:18 AM »
    "(@"c:\Users\" + USERNAME + @"\jagexcache");"
    So this is windows only?

    And seriously. What is the point of this? You can just go delete the files yourself...
    I get you're learning, but this is a useless tool.. if you can call it a tool.

    yea it's windows only, but seriously you can just delete the files yourself =.=
    Would be better to have it so u can choose to delete the settings so u can redo auto-setup or just cache files and not settings, idk just throwin out some ideas ;D

    Downloads / Re: Rune-Evo 4
    « on: January 30, 2015, 11:00:35 PM »
    48 views and 1 reply, typical mopar >.>

    Downloads / Rune-Evo 4
    « on: January 30, 2015, 02:31:10 PM »

    Rune Evo 4
    by King Fox (Fox2007)

    Been a long while since i had a release, so i took my current source (Foxtrot) and stripped out all the hard stuff i had been working on for a long time to bring this back down to a decent level. This does indeed contain some of the crap RE3 had. I am still in the progress of rewriting how alot of stuff is handled as I begin to learn new stuff.

    If you're looking for a decent server with room to add your own content, then this would be a good choice as a lot of critical bugs have been patched that most servers dont even realize exist. There's more fixed than what's listed below, but thats all i could think of at this time.

    If you need help with any part of this, please do not blow me up on skype on in pm's. Make use of the help section because that's what it's there for. People usually reply quickly to requests so make use of it please c: Also, To make yourself owner before that gets spammed please read below:

    • Go into Settings.java location in package com.foxtrot
    • There will be an array at the top with my name in it, just edit the name there
    • Save Settings.java, reload server and login and your rights (should) be set to where it needs to be

    On a side note, I've removed the cache and bin folder so you'll need to find a 718/742 cache for this and basically any matrix client, and also need to recompile the source (an ide is highly recommended, might as well get to know it if you're gonna be programming at all)

    What i removed (completely):
    • Gravestones
    • 60 floor Dungeoneering
    • Ring of Kinship
    • Castle Wars
    • MySQL system (was an "ok" system)
    • Player Owned Shops
    • Grand Exchange
    • Troll Invasion
    • Party Room
    • Bat files for Editors (use an ide)
    • Cache and bin folders
    • Duel Arena (which it never had in the first place, meh)
    • + More, cant remember.

    What it still has/What's New:
    • All matrix features (i think)
    • Clan Chat
    • Construction
    • Farming
    • All other skills (minus Dungeoneering)
    • A start to multi-world support
    • WAY better organization
    • WAY Better stability
    • Fixed trading self dupe
    • Fixed money pouch to bank dupe
    • Fixed price checker dupe
    • Fixed Jad Wave-Skipping by using Nomad to null PA's
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to attack players across the wildy ditch
    • Fixed memory leak in construction
    • Fixed bug in construction that would cause server to crash by spamming join
    • Fixed PAFT(sp?) in construction
    • Fixed JS5 exploit
    • Removed alot of unused or empty class files (was quite a bit, its like that in original matrix)
    • Improved Shops (with item stats)
    • Full Squeal of Fortune
    • Working Notes with all options (add, edit, delete, change color, etc.)
    • Custom packet to send a tray notification to client (must have client with it!)
    • Toolbelt with alot of the skills making use of it
    • IP Based loyalty point system (shop prices need edited, token prices also)

    Download (Source Only): Download Foxtrot.Release.zip @ UppIT
    Find your own cache/client, runeevo3 cache and client should work okiedokie

    (click to show/hide)

    Myself? Matrix? meh

    Exo-PK the Best server alive.....
    trash :L


    Abit harsh, but king fox wouldn't do that, his a great guy and helps the community alot!
    You never truly know a person better than they know themselves. He could have an alternate motive you didn't know about. While this threat is a false positive, he could still have hidden a real virus in it without us knowing. I mean, by now it'd have been discovered (you'd think) but yeah.
    Not saying he did, I'm saying it was/is possible.

    Brotha that goes for anyone on this forum or any forum that supports releasing open-source software for that matter =.=

    Lol, How about not spiking the client with a trojan horse?
    Java CVE/Class loader...
    Really man, think ppl wouldn't find out about that.../:
    It's so ridiculous.

    Are you fudgeing idiot? Most 718 clients have this, if you actually search thru the class that says has the virus, you'd fudgeing know its a false-positive. fudgeing retarded, are u autistic?

    lol this shit client has 9,000 downloads almost. pliz move on from this :C

    I figured out how to stop the lag. You need to make the client a .jar file, it doesn't lag if it's all packaged up. Just download Eclipse, directory = the folder with Server and Client, create a new Java Project (client name), make sure it loads up right, right click, click Export..., Java > Runnable .JAR File > Loader (for main class) > Library Handling: Package (NOT Extract). Save it to wherever. IMPORTANT: If it says it finished with errors, delete the .jar and redo. If it says it finished with warnings, you're fine. Warnings = OK; Errors = Delete + Redo.

    lol not true, if it finishes with errors that means theres errors in the code, in which cause you need to fix.....   >.>
    Btw, disabling scenery shadows improves performance by ALOT.

    One question please answer! how and where i can make admin myshelf? in playersaves its crap and i diddnt find it please help

    Please read through the other posts. i know its mentioned in here multiple times....

    more than just multiple times...been said like a million times XD

    Server Tutorials / [Any] Client Launcher/Updater
    « on: February 24, 2014, 12:10:22 AM »
    First, no I did not choose to livestream the jar file, this would consume a lot of bandwidth on large servers and some people use shitty hosting with limited bandwidth. This was also just something I made in my spare time to learn something about swing, so please no hate ;_;

    You could also use this to get rid of the shitty checking in most 317 clients where you have to change a number and all that other shit. This will compare dates to the file stored online, and if It's newer it will prompt you for the download. Works only for clients, not the cache.
    (click to show/hide)

    First, you need to make a new folder, call it whatever you like. Then inside, you need to make this structure:

    • Main Folder
      -- bin/ (output folder)
      -- src/
      ---- Launcher.java
      ---- Splash.java
    Code: Java
    1. importjavax.swing.*;
    2.  /**
    3.   * @author King Fox
    4.   */
    5. publicclass Launcher {
    7.     publicstaticvoid main(String[] args){
    8.         final Splash s =new Splash();
    9.          s.setVisible(true);
    10.          SwingUtilities.invokeLater(newRunnable(){
    11.              publicvoid run()  {
    12.                   s.setVisible(true);
    13.              }
    14.          });
    15.     }
    17. }

    Code: Java
    1. importjavax.swing.*;
    4. importjava.awt.*;
    5. importjava.io.*;
    6. importjavax.swing.*;
    7. importjava.io.*;
    8. importjava.net.*;
    10. @SuppressWarnings("serial")
    11. publicclass Splash extendsJFrame{
    13. // START EDIT
    14.    privatestaticString downloadUrl =";; // the download url
    15.   private static String fileName = "SomeJar.jar"; // the name you wish to save it as
    16.   private static String serverName = "Foxtrot"; // the server name
    17.   private static String backgroundImageUrl = ";;// url to a background image
    18.    privatestaticString saveDirectory =System.getProperty("user.home")+"/Desktop/";// the location where you wish to store the Jar
    19. // END EDIT
    21.    publicstaticURL url;
    22.    privateJLabel imglabel;
    23.    privateImageIcon img;
    24.    privatestaticJProgressBar pbar;
    25.    Thread t =null;
    27.    public Splash(){
    28.       super("Splash");
    30.       File file =newFile(saveDirectory + fileName);
    32.       try{
    33.          url =newURL(downloadUrl);
    34.       }catch(MalformedURLException e){
    35.          e.printStackTrace();
    36.       }
    38.       setSize(543, 391);
    39.       setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE);
    40.       setLocationRelativeTo(null);
    41.       setUndecorated(true);
    43.       try{
    44.          img =newImageIcon(newURL(backgroundImageUrl));
    45.       }catch(MalformedURLException e1){
    46.          e1.printStackTrace();
    47.       }
    49.       imglabel =newJLabel(img);
    50.       add(imglabel);
    51.       setLayout(null);
    52.       pbar =newJProgressBar();
    53.       pbar.setMinimum(0);
    54.       pbar.setMaximum(100);
    55.       pbar.setStringPainted(true);
    56.       pbar.setForeground(Color.LIGHT_GRAY);
    57.       imglabel.setBounds(0, 0, 543, 391);
    58.       add(pbar);
    59.       pbar.setPreferredSize(newDimension(310, 30));
    60.       pbar.setBounds(70, 320, 404, 20);
    63.       try{
    64.          if(file.exists()){
    65.             URLConnection connection = url.openConnection();
    66.             connection.connect();
    67.             long time = connection.getLastModified();
    68.             if(time > file.lastModified()){
    69.                if(!startDialogue()){
    70.                   startApplication();
    71.                   return;
    72.                }
    73.             }else{
    74.                setVisible(true);
    75.                Thread.sleep(3000);
    76.                startApplication();
    77.                return;
    78.             }
    79.          }
    80.       }catch(Exception e){
    81.          e.printStackTrace();
    82.       }
    84.       Thread t =newThread(){
    86.          publicvoid run(){
    87.             OutputStream dest =null;
    88.             URLConnection download;
    89.             InputStream readFileToDownload =null;
    90.             try{
    91.                dest =newBufferedOutputStream(newFileOutputStream(saveDirectory + fileName));
    92.                download = url.openConnection();
    93.                readFileToDownload = download.getInputStream();
    94.                byte[] data =newbyte[1024];
    95.                int numRead;
    96.                long numWritten =0;
    97.                int length = download.getContentLength();
    98.                while((numRead = readFileToDownload.read(data))!=-1){
    99.                   dest.write(data, 0, numRead);
    100.                   numWritten += numRead;
    101.                   int percent =(int)(((double)numWritten /(double)length)* 100D);
    102.                   pbar.setValue(percent);
    103.                   pbar.setString(""+(percent <99?"Downloading "+serverName+" - "+percent+"%":"Complete")+"");
    104.                }
    105.             }catch(Exception exception){
    106.                exception.printStackTrace();
    107.             }finally{
    108.                try{
    109.                   if(readFileToDownload !=null)
    110.                      readFileToDownload.close();
    111.                   if(dest !=null)
    112.                      dest.close();
    113.                   Thread.sleep(1000L);
    114.                   startApplication();
    115.                }catch(IOException|InterruptedException ioe){
    117.                }
    118.             }
    119.          }
    120.       };
    121.       t.start();
    122.    }
    124.    publicboolean startDialogue(){
    125.       setVisible(true);
    126.       int selection =JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null, "An update is available. Do you wish to download?", "Update Available", JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION, JOptionPane.INFORMATION_MESSAGE);
    127.       return selection ==JOptionPane.OK_OPTION;
    128.    }
    131.    /**
    132.    * Launches the downloaded Jar file and closes the progress bar
    133.    */
    134.    publicstaticvoid startApplication(){
    135.       try{
    136.          Runtime.getRuntime().exec("java -jar "+(saveDirectory + fileName)+"");
    137.          Thread.sleep(1000L);
    138.          System.exit(0);
    139.       }catch(IOException|InterruptedException e){
    140.          e.printStackTrace();
    141.       }
    142.    }
    144. }

    Suggested you do this with an IDE such as Eclipse.
    Hopefully someone finds use for it ^-^ Splash.java contains all the information you need to edit.

    It was removed from rune-server and being investigated for being a virus:
    More specifically:
    And on page 15 is was closed by a staffer.

    which is complete and utter bullshit because it contains NO virus. If some people actually bother reading that thread, it was complete bullshit, I even posted the class that supposingly has said virus. Wish people would stop hating trying to get my shit taken down -_-

    The class  lass52_Sub2_Sub1_Sub1 is just for drawing graphics and i have no fking clue why it's flagging as a virus. I've looked over that code a thousand times. Just ignore it, it's a false positive.

    cause u change it in the wrong place ;3

    Server Tutorials / Re: Keeping your server secure
    « on: February 02, 2014, 09:29:56 PM »
    This information is actually very helpful. I've seen not too many servers with any kind of validation whatsoever (even up to 718 and higher) and you can use cheatengine to do just about anything. Hopefully the newbs and pros will read this and benefit from it. Thanks for the contribution

    Downloads / Re: Phoenix
    « on: January 31, 2014, 10:13:26 AM »
    looks sexy. nice framework vix

    ^ lol. Change the command xD

    i run this fine without lag. Take ur shit computer, sell it, and go buy another one. Repeat if necessary until problem is fixed.
    Still lags? Stop trying to run it in full high detail....

    Ok, i know i just tried to get the answer from some other person that was trying to help but it did not work, so here it is... i am trying to make myself owner i go into "Rune-Evo v3 > SRC > com > rs > Settings.java in there i change this line-    public static final String[] OWNERS = { "Fox_Trot" }; to this line -    public static final String[] OWNERS = { "Seth" }; i compile my server files then start the server i go in-game with the username "Seth" (remember i changed the owner to the username "Seth" i type the command everyone is telling me to do  ( ::setrights 2 Seth ) Nothing happens at all in my console it just comes up saying i tried to do a command. someone please help!

    Seth, you have to put your name in lowercase letters in the parethases.

    Now guys, one HUGE problem I found is that if you are staff member a.k.a there is 1 owner, and 2 admins, and we for some odd reason cant attack each other (not in ClanWars, PvP, Wilderness, ect.). When I demote one of them, I could all of a sudden attack. Any fix to this? My friends are getting annoyed that we cannot attack eachother for some reason and we are all admins. Help me please.

    In other terms, this server is excellent. I already messed with some of the items, and places. Only flaw is that non-staff combat thing, but other than that, I hope there will HOPEFULLY be a Rune-Evo Version 4 with Runescape 3 Graphics and Evolution of Combat to its very best.

    Staff not being able to attack or be attacked is no bug. That's completely intentional so staff done go around Pking people and make people quit the server.

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