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--- Quote from: Davidi2 on November 06, 2014, 03:58:48 PM ---You're misinterpreting what arbitrary means in this case -- it is not an exclusive defining trait of a hash. The code I gave you is a valid hash of fixed input length, but it is still a hash that can be used like any other hash in java. Arbitrary input length means you can define anything you like as the input, whether that be a fixed input or a variable one. To put it in perspective, you could also define a fixed length input and output that DOES have data loss (for example a string hashing algorithm that requires exactly 13 characters or something). The two are not mutually exclusive.

--- End quote ---
I concede. My gripe is that a hash usually implies that it is just a unique identifier for data rather than the data itself and as such to prevent confusion we should refer to the word packing seen here as simply an encoding.


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