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    Author Topic: XoBot v2.0 ~ RSPS Bot (SoulPlay)  (Read 6653 times)

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    XoBot v2.0 ~ RSPS Bot (SoulPlay)
    « on: August 20, 2017, 06:38:05 AM »
    Hello fellow members of XoBot, I would like to welcome you all on behave of the staff team.
    For a while now, we've been working to release a stable bot in order to establish our community and bring our fellow botters a whole new world of botting.

    At this time, our main server is going to be SoulPlay. However, in the very near future (few weeks after the release) we're gonna be adding a new server and then another until we've covered all of the popular servers.
    If you have a suggestion for our next server, feel free to post here.

    The bot is currently at the last stages of it's development and should be expected to be released right after we're done with testing.

    Beta Testers
    We're looking for a handful of users who are willing to help us ensure our functionality of the bot, if you're willing to apply please reply to this topic.

    XoBot uses the server's packet to perform certain actions and interactions. Packets manipulation*makes our bot extremely stable and nearly flawless.

    Along with our bot release, we're going to release and SDN which will help you add and manage your scripts with ease.

    *A barrows script that kills all brothers, loots, banks & repeats.


    XoBot Staff Team
    Runescape Gambling


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    Re: XoBot v2.0 ~ RSPS Bot (SoulPlay)
    « Reply #1 on: December 15, 2020, 03:29:29 AM »
    Finding Your Soul Mate Online May Be Harder Than the adult dating sites Suggest

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    But lucky for you women are not that vapid

    So I used to believe this. I believed that allowing myself to be a slave to physical attraction was a character flaw, That every time I paid attention to an attractive woman and rejected an unattractive woman that I was a shallow, Vapid woman. It turns out it doesn work basically. Be honest on your own. everthing else is just being reckless with another human being emotions. Even if you could objectively say that you were physically plain, the best longterm option is to compensate by being better at the other things that form attraction.

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    in reality, There are a number of issues: The emphasis is primarily based on looks and sex appeal. People can take an awfully good looking photo you are more confident online. You can be a person other than who you're really. With a damn good photo and the mask of the on-line world, you may be a dream come true. solid, Loving romance are based on attachment, Bonding and openness. That can reduce trust in the platform and perhaps increase the occurrence of the factors above.


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