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One Click RSC (EasyRSC)

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EasyRSC v1.1:

Size: 21.7MB
Download Here

Changes in 1.1:

--- Code: ---Removed needing an extra peice of text/argument after certain commands
Added a stand-alone distributed client (one that's small and does not require anything but java)
Fixed private message to work in message history.
Fixed compile client/server batch file to work with the integrated ant.
Fixed people registering account, won't crash server using other characters in username.
Lowered magic being multiplied much higher than other skills.
Fixed mage bug fire/earth wave not working.
Removed client text "Create Account" on a Button.
Cleaned some unnessesary files up, lightly refactored server-side code.
Added chest thieving (full thieving is now added)
Stopped accounts being created with less than 3 characters for username/passwords
Fixed trying to duel a player when you are in a duel (causing the duel settings to reset)
--- End code ---


  *No SQL/Login Server, made easy with text parsing.
  *No registration page (users can download the client, and will auto register with any account name that     does not already exist)
  *Easy to use User Interface included, with some nice features for administrating a server.
  *Included apache ant, client and server set up as easy as possible.

The only thing you WILL need is Java installed, and your environmental variables set up correctly

This will be the last release of this, i will not develop anymore later versions for the public (at least not for free), as ill be working on my own server and using this.

I will not help you get this running, it's practically a 1 click program

Ranks: (can modify in the .cfg file's under rank=)

0 = normal
1 = nothing yet.
2 = pmod
3 = mod
4 = admin
5 = muted
6 = banned

DO NOT DELETE THE FILE INSIDE THE PLAYERS FOLDER CALLED TEMPLATE. When someone creates an account, the server copies this file, and renames it to their new account name, inside here stores all the data a person gets when they are created, modify it only to change what they start off with etc.

Allright, i see your mod now:)
Congratulations :P,
good luck on the project, ill stick with mine.

That would be cool, the frame will draw unnecessary memory though.

Gratz on the mod!

sounds good.
but i would suggest a server and website exactly like rsc orginal that would be a challange.




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