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mod please close/delete topic


--- Quote from: Miles` on March 04, 2012, 04:18:23 PM ---Neither servers will be administered. Kryptix & his mod's are very bad at supporting it's players on RSCE why would it change with a different server? I know of a lot of things that went on behind the scenes of RSCE and I honestly can't be bothered to try RSCDaemon out just because I know the same shit will go on. I most likely will register and attempt to play MoparClassic if it ever comes out, but nothing will happen there. It's been almost a year since the idea of it was introduced and still nothing. I doubt any of the admin's or mods will be online to help any players, they all have a bad record of starting something and stopping when shit gets too rough. Can everyone just face the fact that RSC is gone, in all aspects. RSCAngel was the best private server out there and due to skiddies, it's gone.
--- End quote ---
The way I'm designing the new system it will make power abuse from moderators impossible. Don't just think a 'new server' means what it usually means (someone using an old source code with a bit of new content and new staff), the whole system is being reworked as it was flawed since Reines' RSCD. No one will have power in-game, it's not needed and moderators don't need any power souch as teleporting, alerting players, summoning (etc) as manual bot checks are no more. The only thing moderators will do is reply to support/appeal/report tickets and being able to ban/mute players directly from a ticket. The player will need to be reported multiple times before a moderator has any power in punishing a player. Zilent and I will be the only administrators and we have nothing but the best intentions for the game and any kind of abuse would be stupidity. We want a fresh slate and have said time and time again no grudges or bad feelings will be passed over to RSCDaemon.

Your comment stems from me not manually resetting your password for you the other day. We both know that full well and personally I see that as good administration because I'm sticking to my word and not being bias. A year ago I posted that I would no longer be manually resetting passwords or recovering accounts and the only way to recover an account is via your recovery questions. The reasons behind this are simple, you've been hacked before and all your details were made public, what's stopping that from happening again and your account being stolen from them providing your e-mails, IP's, names, etc. You're quite computer literate so imagine how many other players this has also happened to. I don't have the patience or desire to manually verify every single person that forgets their password which is why I'd sooner draw the line completely. I can't keep up with all the drama in the scene and nor do I want to. I have seen hundreds (if not thousands) of players having their accounts compromised because someone guessed their e-mail secret question and recovered their account(s) via e-mail which is why that system was removed completely.

As I've said many times, the community is just full of people that hold grudges and dislike you if you don't do everything they want you to do. It's very hard to remain liked when you have to tell people 'NO' which is why RSCDaemon's system should help towards that from the very start. Everything (and I mean everything) will be handled via tickets in a fair and organised way with no bias decisions and actions only taken when crystal clear evidence is available. I can't see why anyone would disagree with a system handled like this.

--- Quote ---Session Start: Thu Mar 01 22:07:36 2012
Session Ident: Miles1
[22:07] Session Ident: Miles1 (Rizon, Kryptix) ([email protected])
[22:07] <Miles1> Yo...
00[22:07] <Kryptix> hey
[22:08] <Miles1> Help me out for a minute please.. It's really not my fault. My old account, same IP as me, etc, I didn't paly when recoveries were put into place , i didnt' play from then till last week and I don't know the pw to one of my accounts
00[22:08] <Kryptix> not happening
[22:08] <Miles1> -.-
[22:08] <Miles1> Kinda shitty tbh
00[22:08] <Kryptix> i have no way of changing passwords
00[22:09] <Kryptix> never made a system for it
[22:09] <Miles1> emails?
[22:09] <Miles1> i know the email on the account..
[22:09] <Miles1> but i don't own it anymore, as you recall mine was hacked by that one kid who posted all my info on forums
00[22:09] <Kryptix> that doesn't change anything, i have no way of changing passwords
[22:09] <Miles1> you could change the email and i could recover it from there?
00[22:10] <Kryptix> you can't recover via e-mail
00[22:10] <Kryptix> recovery only
[22:10] <Miles1> Wtf -.-
00[22:10] <Kryptix> because people were hacking e-mails
[22:11] <Miles1> That's a ridiculous system tbh, for anyone except Mods or people who just started playing within the past few months.
00[22:11] <Kryptix> okay
00[22:11] <Kryptix> a much better system is to allow people to recover via e-mail, and people get hacked on RSCE and causes them to quit because they've been phish'd with a fake msn logging in shit
Session Close: Thu Mar 01 22:14:13 2012
--- End quote ---

My comments don't just stem from what was mentioned at all. Everyone knows RSCE was corrupt from day one. I could list numerous things and a few paypal transaction records if you wish..


--- Quote from: Miles` on March 04, 2012, 08:48:57 PM ---My comments don't just stem from what was mentioned at all. Everyone knows RSCE was corrupt from day one. I could list numerous things and a few paypal transaction records if you wish..

--- End quote ---
And I've said numerous times that I've made mistakes during RSCEmulation which is why we're starting fresh to demonstrate this. If you don't want to give up a grudge and give it a go then so be it, I can't twist your arm into playing but I'm more than confident that most people will give it a go.

I agree RSCEmulation was corrupt, it makes me sick thinking that after all the hard work that has been put into the project it's still possible for staff to abuse their powers but without completely redoing how the game is managed it's not an easy task to overcome. People don't like change which is why a fresh start is needed. I've wanted to remove the Master Fisher for literally years but since it was there from day one (not my choice) people can't handle the change of it being removed.

You lot might all think these kind of problems only occur on RSCEmulation but that's rubbish, Zilent and I have to proxy every time we visit Mopar because if we don't our IP's are given to whoever and we start to undergo attacks. If that can happen then why can't players IP's be released too? I'm not saying this is unique to Mopar either, it's been happening for years on RSC private servers and we've taken this all on board. This is exactly why we're going through such a radical change because we want the fairest possible game play for the players. There's no point in making these changes to RSCEmulation because enough people have already gained an advantage.

Starting a new server isn't going to just refresh your name and make everyone automatically trust you.
The only reason I will probably not play RSCD is because the lagg of English speaking mods, the lack of maturity mods have, and just the simple fact if you do 1 thing wrong outside the game, IE on Mopar forums, there goes your account.


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