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RuneScape Classic Private Server

RSCEmulation is the biggest and most developed RuneScape Classic private server which launched on 24th August, 2009. We're the first and only RuneScape Classic private server to have every skill complete including Agility (and even the popular RS2 skill Runecrafting). We currently have 18 quests (all F2P quests including Dragon slayer) with more being developed.

If you're after a semi-replica RuneScape Classic private server that's reliable, stable, secure and most importantly still going to be here tomorrow then come and give us a shot. We're over a year old and have consistently seen thousands of players playing daily peaking at 532 players online simultaneously.

Statistics & Information
Launched: 24th August, 2009
Average Online: 230
Peak Online: 532
XP Rate: 5x for non-subscribers, 8x for subscribers (this increases when training in the wilderness)
Registered Players: 50,000
Average Online Daily: 3,300
Average Online Weekly: 8,500

Getting Started
1. Go to RSCEmulation's website and register a account[/url].
2. Go to the Character Management[/url] page and create a character[/url].
3. Go to the Play RSCEmulation[/url] page to download the client or load the webclient[/url].
4. Login to RSCEmulation using your character login credentials you created in step two.

If you have any trouble getting in-game feel free to either post a topic in our support section or join us in IRC[/url] for a live chat. Either way we will get you up and running as soon as possible. :)





New RSC style trading (no tacky ::OFFER commands):


We also now have a webclient[/url] for you to play on. Change the width in the URL if you want to change the client size.

You can either use RSCEmulation's IRC web client[/url] or connect through your own IRC client: //server -m -j #RSCEmulation

Our Ventrilo normally has 5-20 players online: (4520)

Please view RSCEmulation's YouTube channel[/url] for videos of RSCEmulation[/url].

About & FAQ[/url]

Character Management[/url]

pur3 d3f:
Omfg. this server is one of the best rsc servers out you guys got to join it owns like hell! it's got good staff too.

Nothing on rsce boyyy get up and join think u seen a drop party nah this drop party system is sick bro

lol k:
yay 3 threads!!!, jk idc :S rsce ftw,

yong min:

--- Quote from: ollie180 on October 07, 2009, 03:10:51 PM ---Amazing server and staff, all must try RSCE!

--- End quote ---


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