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Compiling Ausbot source

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Ausbot source was posted on the old autorune site and I have a lot of c++ experience using NetBeans so I figured I'd fire this up as a project to learn java with.  I'm just having a hell of a time with the includes/dependencies...  Has anyone been able to compile this?

In particular:
package org.rscdaemon.client.(something here)

There are other issues but I suspect top down is a good bet.  Alternatively a different rsc bot would be fine as ausbot doesn't seem to be favored.  I am open to suggestions.

I appreciate any advance, thanks!


I simply would not.


Pretty sure Ausbot was ran from a single thread and called methods written in the mudclient. Should probably just pick up an open source client and write it yourself.


That's the obvious solution but the purpose was to learn how it worked.  Can't really do that without trial and error and I don't know of other well-known bots with their source available.  Thanks for your suggestion, Rodgerwilco.

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