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MoparScape Java to PHP encryption function?


It seems the java encryption and the php encryption functions though the same name create different strings. does anyone have the php code to make them match again? i had it at one point but seem to have lost it. it was just a little snippet of php code that would make the password box on the website's input match up correctly with the hash saved in the players jSON file.

the problem may have been in the unpacking/packing of the byte array stored in the json file which tainted the strings to be compared

One user moved player data into a Redis database instead of using a flat file database.

This was my fork of it:

I've stuck with MySQL databases for player storage out of simplicity.

The Moparscape Classic source encrypts passwords and then encrypts them a second time from what I recall. It drove me nuts and the Scala add-in code was excessive so I abandoned the source and returned to the DarkQuest base that I have been using for years.


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