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Poker ingame for gp nine player
Special poker quest about phenix gang gambling racket.....
Willling to draw cards n pker table
Cash in cash out
Github java poker code
Is it possible to hav card or i mean a picture pop up on screen as in if u type ::info u get the black window with boarder is it possible to hv like a picture jpeg or atever format colour? To pop up if u type in ::test1 or like a family photo???

Please advise?

Idea is from san andreas black jack table


Ok imagine u can go to atm n get a voucher or like a reciept with number instead of cash like a bit coin but just currency on a reciept a temporary credit car .. then with this reciept for example it has ten dollars on it you can use to make online payments

volume buttons for bets up and down or to select yes and know like in bank.......

Please advise and i will update thread as we go along on any developments and updates




lol what? I have never been more confused on a post and i have been here for a while.


I'll keep this thread here for the luls. It's just a bot that uses keywords from your site to try and stay somewhat relevant.

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