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I think this is caused by the xml files it is trying to loading for the server.

What base are you using because in one you are showing me rsckbd or something then in another ss you show another server.

Ok so hold everything :)

I brought out my old computer that I'd been using 12 months ago.  Uninstalled whatever Java was on there and replaced it with Java 6 v 35 jdk.  Set all the variable paths that I'd been told of, installed notepad++ and ant too.  Edited the Run_Server and run client files of noobscape rather than easyrsc as per previous instructions.  Then tried to load the Run_Server of noobscape. 

It's worked! A server control panel thing loaded up and once I'd started the server there and ran the client bat file, Noobscape loaded up and I could log in.  It also seems to remember my characters and their progress after closing/re-opening the server and turning off/restarting the PC :) :)  So beautiful.

Alas I've got other questions now, e.g. could it say Welcome to Runescape instead of Welcome to Noobscape, could all these random server messages be disabled, why is there no iron and steel armour in the Varrock armour store, could the login screen display the original log in screen rather than a woman and a bat................. but I'll not write them all out yet cos there's quite a few and it's just nice that it's coming together now.  Seriously didn't think we were gonna get past this hurdle :)

Thanks again for the help thus far.

My friend now you are at the part where learning is key. Every question you ask has an answer but they arent easy. Adding replicas of things and adding things to stores all require either coding or adding things to xml files.

Ah, that sounds a little hard :)  But I shall try.  Ok so here are the key questions I think:

a)How do I modify the items in a shop?  e.g. the shop in Edgeville has strange things like strength pots and gauntlets, where are the tinderboxes and chisels?

b)How do I remove npcs?  e.g. theres a wizard in each major settlement like Varrock who can offer to teleport you places.  What on earth? :)

c)How do I change the graphics for the log-in screen?

d)How do I edit the welcome message?  e.g. there's a mention of Noobscape, would prefer Welcome to Runescape.

e)How do you remove/edit server messages?  e.g. there's a mention of getting banned for racisim and cheating etc., don't need those :)

f)How do you modify xp rates?  In this version that I have had success with, the rate seems very fast.  I got something like 4 strength after fighting just one man, I'd prefer the rate it was set to in 2003.

g)How do you modify the spawn point?  When I created new characters a day or so ago, I always started in one of Fally's banks.  I'd like to start in Lumby (I'm assuming Tutorial Island might be inaccessible given the source's Pk background). 

h)Is it easy-ish to modify monster levels?  e.g. if I was after progressively stronger skeletons in the wilderness, would that be possible?

i)are there any tools I could do with downloading from Moparscape/other sites to aid with these problems?

I've attached pictures of the different folders within the 'source' I've been using, just in case you pros need to know what sort of structure I'm messing with.

da real hype:,363007.0.html/

Take a gander around the first few pages, everything you need should be in there.


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