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    Author Topic: ? Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ?  (Read 1238 times)

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    Homepage[/URL] | Play Now[/URL] | Forums[/URL] | Vote for 1 hour of Double EXP[/URL] | Highscores[/URL]

    Current Status:BETA
    Impact is currently in a beta stage, accounts will NOT be reset!

    About Impact
    Impact RS is a RuneScape Private Server that is revolutionizing the field for RuneScape emulation.
    We strive to provide our players with frequent quality updates that we base on your suggestions,
    and ensure an enjoyable experience for all types of players. Whether you like PvP, PvM or Skilling,
     we've got what you're looking for! We could go on for hours about why Impact is better than any other server,
     but the media would sum it up quite nicely in much less time:

    Choose to play in Oldschool or Newschool, with the option to play in stunning HD:

    Select between many different Clan Wars options with 6 Arenas to choose from!

    Choose from many Achievements to complete(Hard diary coming soon)

    Earn Loyalty Points by being active and spend them on Titles and other rewards!

    Organize your bank with bank tabs

    What are you waiting for?
    Click here to join the action![/URL][/B]

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    Re: ? Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ?
    « Reply #1 on: February 09, 2016, 04:30:02 PM »
    47 players online! Come check it out, we guarantee you won't be disappointed :)

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    Re: ? Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ?
    « Reply #2 on: February 11, 2016, 10:26:04 AM »
    links arent working for me?
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    Re: ? Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ?
    « Reply #3 on: February 21, 2016, 04:05:29 PM »

    Quick update and more coming later this week:
    Hey guys,

    The past week and a half have been a very busy time for me with midterm exams, but today marks the last day of exams for me and I am now on break for 10 days. I will be updating very frequently, so keep your eyes open for some cool updates within the next few days!

    Note: Some of these updates(Zulrah in particular) were in a hidden update a few days ago.

    Server/client updates:
    • Fixed huge bank bug(was causing server to null/crash with full banks)
      • Affected players who cannot open certain tabs may need to type ::fixbank

    • Zulrah updates:
      • Bank chest @ Zulrah city now works
      • Mixed up green/blue form combat styles, green style is now range only and blue is mage/range
      • Zulrah now starts in the green form
      • Increased effectiveness of protection prayers at Zulrah
      • Lowered Mage/range(now blue) form attack bonuses
      • Scales now drop 100% of the time, between 50-600 scales.
      • Added Onyx drop
      • Teleporting out will now longer put you in a black area temporarily
      • Rune dart drops added(50-200, 7%)
      • Increase drop rate for both Tanzanite and Magic fangs

    • Fixed animations/graphics/projectiles broken from OSRS update:
      • Teleport gfx after pulling mage bank lever
      • All Godwars npcs
      • All Godsword/Saradomin sword anims/gfx
      • All Tzhaar npcs(including in fight caves)
      • Infernal mages in Slayer tower

    • Timer fixes:
      • Timer will now be positioned correctly when the multi-combat icon is visible
      • Fixed vengeance timer on the client, no longer activates your timer when other players cast it
      • Fixed item lost on death timer, it is now correct with the client's timer

    • If you teleport and an enemy is still attacking you, you will not be damaged(all incoming hits cancelled)
    • Map fixes:
      • Removed stepladder in edgeville shop room
      • Fixed animation for furnace object in Edgeville

    • Fixed clue scroll dropping(eg. Zulrah will no longer drop an easy clue scroll, only elite)
    • Fixed filling vials with water
    • Killcounts for the following npcs will now be counted and displayed after a kill(interface coming soon):
      • Zulrah
      • General Graardor
      • Kree Arra
      • K'ril Tsutsaroth
      • Kraken
      • Corporeal Beast
      • Kalphite Queen
      • Chaos Elemental
      • King Black Dragon
      • Dagannoth Prime
      • Dagannoth Rex
      • Dagannoth Supreme
      • General Graardor(Bandos boss), Kree'arra(Armadyl boss), Kril tsutsaroth(Zamorak boss) respawn times halved

    • Chaos Elemental added
      • Uses melee/mage/range with correct timers/damage/projectiles/animations/gfx
      • Disarms players
      • If you have a full inventory, your weapon will be dropped on the ground.
      • Teleports players away from it
      • Correct drops added, including the Rogue's revenge, Mystic Mud Staff, Lava battlestaff
      • Dragon pickaxe, Dragon 2h sword, Pet Chaos Elemental, and other miscellaneous drops

    • Technical server updates:
      • Optimized login block - logging in should be quicker, 2FA authentication also runs on a different thread to reduce stress on the main thread
      • Implemented better error logging system to debug any possible issues in the future

      Fixed animation priorities for teleporting(will override block animation)

    Fixed MAC address banning in-game

    Update server now catches invalid cache file requests without nulling(Stuck on "Connecting to Update Server" fixed)


    • Bandos godsword now uses 65% of special attack instead of 100(to match OSRS)
    • Zamorak godsword now uses 50% of special attack instead of 60(to match OSRS)
    • Fixed Slayer staff atk/block anims
    • Fire cape will now drop on the ground if your inventory is full when completing Fight caves minigame
    • For Server support members, support icon will no longer be hidden if you hide donator rank
    • Fixed trading screen randomly declining bug(untested)
    • Clan chat fixes:
      • Fixed double clan chat messages issue
      • Admin/staff/donator/ironman crowns in clanchat
      • Added maximum length of clan chat name, 16 characters
      • Blocked <img><col> tags in clan chat

    • Added spinning wheel on lower floor in camelot
    • Blue Wizards added to Wizard tower with correct drops and attack style
    • Ironman updates:
      • Crossbow string creation: Sinew(noted) now drops from yaks and men. You can spin this on any spinning wheel around Impact
      • Can now get blue wizard hat from killing Blue wizards at Wizard tower
      • Knife added to shop

    • Client technical updates:
    • Lowered Zamorak GWD boss(Kril Tsutsaroth) respawn time
    • Saradomin sword/Blessed saradomin sword:
      • You can now combine Saradomin sword with Saradomin's tear to create a Blessed Saradomin sword
      • Fixed Saradomin sword special attack gfx/animations

    Here's our new trailer that will be used to advertise with:


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    Re: ? Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ?
    « Reply #4 on: February 24, 2016, 03:15:03 PM »
    Latest updates:

    Hey guys!

    As promised in the last update thread, here are the latest updates:

    NOTE: If you notice your client freezing when entering new areas(Loading.. please wait(50%) in the corner) for way too long, close your client and delete the folder "C:/impact464/" and restart your client.

    • Fixed Fire cape spawning in the cave/always spawning on the ground
    • Fixed Blessed Saradomin sword special attack %
    • Chaos Elemental no longer disarms players who have no inventory space
    • Items that are now tradable:
      • Magic fang, Tanzanite fang, Toxic blowpipe, Odium ward, Malediction ward

    • Fixed special attack for Dragon halberd/Crystal halberd
      • Will hit an enemy for double damage if their size is larger than a 1x1 square
      • Uses correct GFX

    • Staff of the dead / Toxic staff of the dead now use correct attack animation(similar to halberds)
    • Ex-staff can now yell(rights not found bug)
    • Zamorakian hasta added
      • Fastest spear in the game
      • One-handed
      • Purchasable for 1,250 Slayer points in the slayer shop

    • Leaf-bladed sword added to Slayer shop(for GP, not slayer points)
    • Crystal seed*
      • No longer dropped by Zulrah
      • Dropped by Elves(2.0% chance)
      • Can be turned into a crystal bow, shield or halberd from Arianwyn @ Elf camp for 1M, 1M and 3M gp respectively

    • Added Crystal halberd
      • Requirements: 70 Attack, 35 Strength, 50 Agility
      • Same special attack as Dragon halberd

    • Fixed Zulrah scales not dropping 100%
    • Fixed Puro puro teleport being able to be used at any Wilderness level
    • Fixed Abyssal tentacle/ZGS special attacks dcing other players
    • Fixed freeze timer for ice barrage(15 seconds in pvp, not 30)
    • Granite maul drop rate increased from 1% to 6%
    • Fixed animations:
      • Catch impling / Throw morrigan javelin & axe(specs as well) / throw dart anim / dragon pickaxe mining anim

      Fixed flames object at Zulrah not animating properly

    • Fixed projectiles/graphics:
      • Morrigan javelin & axe
      • Amulet of glory teleport was a willow tree

    • Higher level npcs no longer drop easy clue scrolls
    • Fixed effect of Karamja gloves - now grants bonus agility experience
    • Added feature to show the function of items in the achievement shop*
    • Fixed Close/X button on the settings interface
    • Black demons damage fixed(maxhit was 1)
    • Expanded Mystery box items to include:
      • Gnome child hat
      • New OSRS items(Halberd/Hasta)

    • Ironman shop expanded to include bronze axes and pickaxes
    • Venenatis area is now multi-combat
    • Boss killcount expanded to include:
      • Venenatis
      • Vet'ion
      • Callisto
      • Scorpia
      • Cerberus

    • Cerberus boss added:*
      • Major thanks to @[member="Lowkey"] for spending his time collecting all the necessary ids and configurations!
      • Can be accessed in bosses menu
      • 70 Slayer required to enter boss room
      • Drops:
        • Pegasian crystal, Eternal crystal, Primordial crystal, Smouldering stone, Hellpuppy
          • Crystals can be combined with Ranger boots, Infinity boots and Dragon boots respectively
          • Smouldering stone can be used to turn dragon hatchet or pickaxe into inferno adze

      • Attacks with Magic/Ranged/Melee as well two special attacks:
        • Multiple flames come from the ground around the room
        • 3 randomly sequenced attacks fire from the skeleton's mouth(ghost = melee, spike = range, fire projectile = mage)*

    • Hellpuppy pet added
    • "Fight" option in duel arena will always show up first now


    - Paratus


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