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    Author Topic: Project-Defiance | Flawless Pking | Awesome Ecomony | Hiscores | Grand Exchange  (Read 694 times)

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    I will edit this thread in a little while and get everything implemented better! More media will be added very soon as well as more content to the thread.

    FORUMS LINK: Invision Power Board

    Project-Defiance is based off of the 2010/2011 era of RuneScape (667 revision) with very little amounts of custom additions.
     Our goal is to be a successful economy server with very good Pking!
     We understand the demand and popularity of PvP based features and we will do our best to implement as much of them,
     and many other types of content as possible. We have fully working bounty hunter with EP system and target system working 100%!

    Code: [Select]
    1.Added Bank Pins
    2.Added Admin+ Pins
    3.Added Slayer Masters With Good Slayer Task
    4.Added Dwarf Cannon
    5.Added Teleport System
    6.Added Iron Man
    7.Added Player Owned House
    8.Completionist cape (Trimmed and UnTrimmed)
    9.Dissabled Killcount for Godwars Dungeon
    10.Added Puro-Puro
    11.Added Clan Wars White, Red and Purple portals
    12.Fixed stairs to go to dwarv mine
    13.Fixed Player Owned House Nullpointer
    14.Added Chinchompa and are now wearable
    15.Fixed Door to access west ardougn
    16.Fixed Item Examine Nullpointer
    17.Fixed Npc Examine Nullpointer
    18.Added 90% Glacors and gave them fire spells weakness (Ancient Blood spells will work aswell)
    19.Changed Combat System
    20.Added Crafting Money Making Method
    21.Fixed Shop System
    22.Added Boss Task
    23.Empty Drops Fixed
    24.Added Tool Leprechaun making noted for farming runs
    25.Clay Teleport Tab Making Fixed
    26.Bone Crusher Added (Extra Prayer Exp)
    27.Added Food (Fury Shark)
    28.Changed Item Switching
    29.Fixed Switch Item To Spec weapon Fixed
    30.Godwars Kill Count Will Stay Now
    31.Changed Home Teleport
    32.Added Wilderness Wyrm
    33.Fixed Corp Enter Bug
    34.Fixed Bank Note Tab
    35.Added Grand Exchange
    36.Added Healer
    37.Added Character Design
    38.Added Grave Stone
    39.Added Super Heat
    40.Added High and Low Alching
    41.Added Tele Grab Item (NO DUPES)
    42.Fixed Rare Random Drop Table
    43.Added RFD Mini Quest
    44.Added Desert Treasure Mini Quest
    45.Added Lunar Diplomacy Mini Quest
    46.Added Ancient Dungeon Correct
    47.Added Brimhaven Correct
    48.Vine Whip Spec Added
    49.Fixed Dungeoneering Pots
    50.Added Loyalty Store
    51.Fixed Item Equipment Req's
    52.Fixed null npc spawns
    53.Fixed null npc drops
    54.Added Ape Toll Dungeon
    55.Added Limited Account Making With Starter Pack
    56.Added items to Limited Grand Exchange
    57.Fixed Crystal Key Chest
    58.Fixed Some Drop Rates
    59.Added MotiVote
    60.Added Charming Imp
    61.Added Reward Book (Vote Store)
    62.Added Weight Handler
    63.Added Vote Store
    64.Added Donator Store
    65.Added Wilderness Points
    66.Explain Wilderness Points:
    67.You will earn points with every skill you do in the wilderness except Combat Skills,
    68.and you get from the Wilderness bosses always Points And its aswell added in the pking method every kill you do
    69.Added Simple Dungeoneering System
    70.Fixed Iron Man
    71.Added Wilderness Thieving Chest (Pirate House)
    72.Added Skillcape Store (Advisor)
    73.Added Black Party Hat
    74.Added Black Santa
    75.Added Kiln Cape
    76.Finsihed Combat System
    77.Added Chest Pvp
    78.Fixed Item Sets Duping
    79.Added Dice Game unscamable
    80.Added Wilderness Bounty Hunter
    81.Added Bunch of New Arenas
    82.Added Item Teleporting
    83.Added Dragon PlateBody Creation
    84.Added Godwars Swords Creation
    85.Added Spirit Shield Creation
    86.Added Dragonfire shield Creation
    87.Added Chestlock picking
    88.Added Obelisk Teleport
    89.Added Christmas Event
    90.Changed PlayerCombat
    91.Redid Combat Level Formula
    92.Redid drop system
    93.Fixed so you can quit actions even when frozen
    94.Prayers like Berserk, Rapid heal & rapid restore etc.
    95.Fixed leech prayers drain & dragon scim special
    96.hit system for npcs / Protect prayers, absorb, recoils, veng etc.
    97.Poison orb drink antidote
    98.Kalphite queen veracs effect
    99.Aggressive fixed for npcs
    100.Caskets that npcs drop
    101.Fixed up summoning special attacks
    102.Fixed up counter for Players & staff Online
    103.Fixed up wilderness combat level checks & some coords.
    104.Added pirate hut correctly like rs
    105.Added axe hut correctly like rs
    106.Redid clipping for objects:
    107.can now open a door & still be clipped, used to axe hut for example if someone enters the door noone else should be able to just run though the door.
    108.Fixed spell on npcs.
    109.Fixed up more projectiles both player v player & player v npc.
    110.Redid dialogue for untradeables
    111.Fixed up a issue with pathfinding for npcs
    112.Fixed up xp drops
    113.Fixed up defence emotes
    114.Fixed interface in Free for all (FFA) portals
    115.Redid multilines
    116.Fixed up gilded altar xp rates
    117.Added orange dot for Clan members Thanks to -Dennis
    118.Fixed up even more projectiles
    119.Added so all hits gets nulled when teleporting
    120.Added printscreen button in client
    121.Reworked all dragons combat
    122.Added mithril dragon combat
    123.Added antifire & super antifires
    124.Added check offers command
    125.Fixed up brew drinking, cant drink brew > food, but you can food > brew
    126.Fixed up antidote + and antidote++ & they also work when clicking the poison orb
    127.Added rifts & portals for Chaos Tunnel
    128.Fixed up last bits with Familiar special & orb
    129.Added price checking to bank, inventory & floorItems
    130.Added wealth checker
    131.Fixed up notes, you can now switch spots on notes
    132.Fixed up Chinchompas, animation, gfx, timing, dropping ammo.
    133.Fixed up Avas Devices, they should work properly.
    134.Added an effect where you can lose arrows randomly like runescape.
    135.Added CoordsEvent for Trade & chellange, You cannot trade & duel from far away anymore.
    136.Fixed up game timer so it works properly.
    137.Fixed Weight Manager
    138.Fixed Sprite Packet

    Please keep in mind I will update this thread later with better pictures and better content in it.
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    Drop party at 15 players, if we dont hit 15 today the drop party still stands, so hop on and join the fun.
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