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[317 PI] Armored Gaming Community!

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Welcome to Armored Gamming Community!
PLAY NOW[/url]Gmail: armoredgamingco@gmail.comSkype: armoredgamingcoTeamspeak ip:
Armored Gaming is built for the players and their wants, Unlike other private servers Armored Gaming has a Staff Team that is working hard to make sure players have a fun, exciting gaming experience, We listen to you!
Features:We have a decent xp rate, x600, unlike other servers that max you out upon logging in!Fast and helpful and continously growing community!A dedicated owner who's updating everyday and quick to fix and always open for ideas!Team bosses and custom bosses!Great looking custom items with fair stats!Friendly, active, helpful and mature staff team!We have 15 prestige level, points and shop with the best weapons in-game (combat skills 99 only)!Every prestige level has its unique us military rank icon and title!25 skills - 100% working!Custom Rare Summoning NPC'sA teamspeak server for faster and easier communication - no other rsps offers!An auto donation system, allowing you to get your items instantly!Highly responsive owner and always reachable via Teamspeak, Email or Forums!Join Now test it yourself, you have nothing to lose![/size]

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you in-game!

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