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    Author Topic: [317] RuneUnity! November 1, 2015. 3x EXP! Events! Celebrate 1 Month online!  (Read 512 times)

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    Latest updates

    Rune Unity is a new server! We have peaked at 39 players so far! We have 3 Full time developers, and 2 on Call Paid Developers.
    We have Tons of features, More then I'm allowed to post pictures of here (Will list them eventually).
    WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NIGHT TIME STAFF (Pacific standard time) 11pm-6am around there.
    1 admin 2 moderators and a few server helpers for night time coverage.
    if you're interested, start learning our server and start helping new players, Contact Durky or Azrael(Community Manager (Head Admin) in game).

    Quote from: durky;5039243
    [SPOIL]Upcoming updates that are completed in game and ready for release.

    We are just waiting on Dj to finish off drops so we can test.

    And max and Christian are doing client related upgrades.


    Player Owned Shops -

    Player Owned shops ready to be released as BETA to everyone. (same as gambling it will work, but wont be final version).

    Sell any item for what ever price you choose. (Still needs some minor debugging, can have multiple stacks at same price for same item).


    Players can only have their shops "online" when the Shop owner is online, If shop owner DC's / isn't online and someone is browsing their shop, they can not buy an item.

    Can purchase items with money pouch in shops(if we can finish debugging it).


    Logs created for Player Owned Shops who buys, for how much, etc.

    What items you put in their and for how much.

    This is a staff feature, that we should have done with gambling right away.


    Gambling 100% debugged, No more losing items from anything(except maybe server crash mid game(hard to test)), X logging, Declining, w/e No longer auto opens up interface, now sends request properly. Declining declines both players properly, same with hitting the X. And Gambling Log created.


    Rock Cakes now in general store, and work. (lower HP for DHing).

    Doesn't allow you to kill your self.


    Achievements - A few more achievements are added(This is a slow process, but we will get a ton of them added in The goal is 200.)

    milestones 5, 10, 25, 50 achievements completed (need to add a reward to these before release).


    Exp counter / lock exp Fixed.


    Runecrafting fully debugged, all runes are now craftable.


    CLUE SCROLLS are debugged and working again, Have made them global drop yet, Waiting on DJ. :)


    Thieving Pickpocketing is back in game, Coin amount has been fixed per thieve to work with new ECO.


    Prayer drain rate has been slow a tiny bit, We still want Prayer potions and Prayer renewals to be useful.


    Resetting any sort of task now cost 500k. Even Made a global command for all players ::resetslayertask

    and it will prompt you to reset any task, and will reset if you have the 500k in your inventory or (money pouch, if we can debug it).


    Our Community Manager (Azrael)

    Can now Spawn items, This way their is no more waiting for (Durky) to get online.


    Tanner added in game, so we can tan hides


    Player Time Played Log added to Quest tab -> player information


    Vote Reward Books now give 1.5x Exp per use on Book, Bonus Exp time left shown in Player information


    Left for me(Durky) to finish working on before update

    PvP target system, It was in Beta mode, now its time to tweak it and make it better. 0%

    Debug MoneyPouch buying - 25%

    Debug Agility courses - 0%

    add / debug ::resetslayertask

    add Achievement Rewards for hitting the milestones.

    Investigate our "milestone" capes(including Comp Cape) - see if we can make them work.

    Update our "Staff list" in Quest tab, make all loadable from config. file.


    DJ left to finish working on before update

    Finish off Drops.

    Work on RareDrop Factor for Ironmen

    Work on "Drop Searcher"

    Finish new PvM donator zone (Abyssal vine whip comes in to game, and better "Red Charm" area, With a New Boss (unknown Drop))

    add more teleport options to certain Skills,

    Woodcutting - Magic teleport, Yew teleport (for non donators)

    Minning - Teleport to Rune ore

    Summoning Teleports you to Summoning guy (More of a priority when we Move / rework "Home")




    Possible things to come on next update (Depends on where christian is on client work)

    120 skill capes.

    Zammy Boss, and actual Godwars being made. (Minus the Nex Zone).

    Money pouch sending the proper info to prevent the crash

    Daggonoth kings Maps fixed.

    Right Click add / remove friend from PM

    ChatBox scrolling

    Bunch of Tweaking done to "textures" e.g. Swamp / Pink particles.

    Hopefully Blood altar gets added + its maps.

    Hover over Object and show corresponding Curser. E.G hover over Tree and show tree. (I think hes making it toggleable).

    Settings interface Debugged, properly Updates interface when you click something. and able to close it out

    OSRS Bosses and Items added in (aren't sure how to release this yet, but we will make a feature that doesn't break our current game / ECO. Seeing how some of those items are Overpowered.)

    Ganodermic gear / Poly Pore staff Models Fixed (adding to PvM shop)


    Save Credentials - Now saves your log in credentials when you restart client, will have to Re-save once you Re-Download cache.



    Things will be adding eventually


    Screen Recording + Auto convert / upload to Youtube - Max is working on this, Its going to be beautiful and get us more players.


    Death boxes - On death your Gear will be placed in a box, You will receive the box in your inventory your total inventory and equipment value / 90% = cost to get your items back. **We will try to make it so you can have 2 death boxes at once, encase you can't afford to buy your first boxes items back (doubt this will be a problem).


    DROPS - Able to look up what monster drops what, Or search for an item and it will display which monster drops it (All this is loaded directly from our drops that are coded). - DJ is working on this.



    I'm sure Ive missed some stuff. but here is what we have at the moment.


    ~ Durky[/SPOIL]

    To add Features List.

    Random Client Pictures


    Safe Gambling

    Community Well Stacks with Double Exp Weekends



    pennance queen

    Slayer Monsters

    Dungeoneering -Only 1 floor More media coming

    Summoning Not 100% done. More media coming

    Fight Kilns

    Barrows (not 100% having a Map problem)

    We are Mainly a PvM server But we are making PVP aspects as well

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