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[718] FoHammer - Exceed your expectations!

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??? Website ???
FoHammer 718 | Exceed your expectations![/url][/SIZE]
Our Client Login Screen

Blink he drops Combat mage armour set and a few other rares

We also have Vorago which drops malevolent.

We have Party Demon Which Drops Legendary Weapons.

Skele Trio they Drop, Hexhunter, Doomcore Staff, and Primal 2h.

Mercenary Mage he drop Sea Singers' Armour + Dominion Weapons.

Hati, He drops Hati cloak, paws, Hati Head, And a mystery Rare ;)

Necro He drops mage armour, plus dagon'hai. (Cash Boss)

This is on of our donator bosses, drops Serenic armour.

Working Dungeoneering with rooms and bosses.

The Room you spawn in for Dungeoneering.

Our Dungeoneering Shop. [Prices not as displayed.]

Working Fight Kiln, Caves, Zombie Onslaught, Barrows, And Dominion Tower.

Castle wars work 100%

Custom minigame Rise Of the Six. Where you fight all 6 Barrows Brothers For a reward.

Crucible also works 100% with bounties.

FoHammer 718 | Exceed your expectations![/url]
??? Website ???[/SIZE]

Flawless gameplay, perfect eco / drop rates and xp. Come check us out :)

Why 'that' name? It's a little weird don't you think?

FoHammer is literally the number one private server I have ever played on! This out ranks, SoulSplit, Ikov, and many other servers I have played on. The staff members are actually nice and take time to talk to the players, even the owners! The economy is perfect and the drop rates aren't to bad, killing 5-10 revs will drop you a nice piece of Vesta for your bank! There are many of bosses, Such as Vorago, Merc Mage, Godwars Bosses, Barrows Rise of the Six and much more! There is dungeoneering, zombies, and other minigames and my favorite part of it all IS THERE IS FULLY WORKING SKILLS!!!!! COME JOIN TODAY!! YOU'RE MISSING OUT!!!


--- Quote from: Soulcist on April 11, 2015, 12:49:37 AM ---Why 'that' name? It's a little weird don't you think?

--- End quote ---
What rsps doesnt have a "weird" name kinda stupid to say that lol..


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