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    • SerenityPS:[link]
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    • liverare: the source and client for PK Planet [317]
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    • liverare: downloaded from media fire link (figured it out eventually), but it was stopped cus trojan
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    • liverare:[link] is a virus
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    • liverare: also what do I do with "=VC3TV8XY" and similar ends of URLs? Where even am I supposed to use that?
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    Author Topic: [724] CANADA 30 bosses | kalphite armor | death lotus | dedicated server  (Read 341 times)

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    QS - Rs-Remake[/url]



    - A custom version of Tyluurs Dungeoneering System
    - 742 Items (Drygores, Kalphite Armor, Obsidian armor, Death lotus armor)
    - Sheath and offhand items
    - All Skills working
    - Boosted High alch prices
    - Double Exp Week ends
    - Difficulty system
    - View stats
    - Prestige
    - Achievements
    - Custom Titles
    - Custom armor/items
    - Loyalty Rewards
    - Squeal of Fortune
    - Skilling rewards
    -Contract system (kill a targeted boss for a reward)
    - 30 bosses

    - Vorgago
    - 12 new bosses
    - Now loading 795 Cache
    - 20 new sets of armor (malvolient, seneric, etc)
    - 30 new weapons (sword of etchics, siezmics, etc)
    - player base GE
    - new minigames + 10
    - Huge over haul!
    - Come try us


    Update 1:
    1.Yell system added
    2.General store added
    3.made login look pretty
    4.when a player logs in it looks nice not plain
    5.owners and Lead Developer can now trade
    6.Client background
    7.new rs3 items
    8.new cache aded
    9.new Lead Developer title added
    10.donator ranks updated
    11.donator yells and colors added and changed

    Update 2:
    Cache Updates:
    New Client background
    New rs3 items
    Pet Vorago
    Server Updates:
    New yelling system
    New ways to obtain newly added items
    New Assassin Skill
    Full clan system
    100% RuneScape Construction
    Player based grand exchange (once player base is larger)
    General Store added
    100% RS Bank Pins
    Trivia with working shops/points system
    Dark invasion minigame
    6 New never seen donator ranks (regular, supreme, extreme, divine, angelic, and master)
    Each Donator ranks give a certin XP boost along with droprate boost
    Every slayer master with appropriate level to use that master
    every single runescape slayer task with a few bosses added  ;)
    100% rs farming

    Update 3:
    Master David's Updates
    -Lag improvments
    -Removed All null npc's
    -Removed useless npc's
    Rayan's Updates
    - Removed server logs : (Controllers logs, Duels logs, Items dropped by player logs, Shop logs, Death logs, Npcs drops logs)
     and kept Trade logs, Punishments logs, Chat logs and Warning logs on.
    - Removed second useless Magic class.
    - Implemented unique teleport system.(Made it unable to use before getting starter pack)
    - Removed teleport crystal from starter's pack due to it not being properly coded.
    - Added a bit more Accurate fishing spots.
    - Added almost full Duel Arena(Dupe free).
    - Made it so there needs to be at least 1 player in each team of castle wars to start it.
    - Made players need to have completed rune mysteries quest first before being able to start dragon slayer quest.
    - Improved God wars dungeon Bosses and minions and kbd(Anims, sounds and more accurate combat definitions).
    - Added Kbd's artefact shortcut.
    - Fixed a money dupe with skill masters.
    - Fixed a glitch where you could turn a amulet of glory (t4) into a 3rd-age kiteshield
    - Corrected text and options positions in dialogues.

    Update 4:

    - Server core improvement for less lag issues.
    - Better Client with no nulls and other improvements.
    - Custom designed donator zone.
    - Removed referral question when starting.
    - Cleaned up a bit messages sent when 1st time loggin in.
    - Command to kick urself if stuck ;;kickme (with dialogue for yes or no).
    - Removed teleport crystal command.
    - Fixed double yells.
    - Disabled sheat/unsheat system for now due to bugs.
    - Fixed beaver pouch creating giving too much xp.
    - Admins can now check npcs, objects, items ids and some more information about
    them with right click > examine.
    - Right click > Renew summon points option in obelisks.
    - Removed Legendary Donor req for equipping auras.
    - Removed easy and medium clues from rare drop announcement. (kept hard and elite clues)
    - Skill guilds have proper requirements.
    - Added Inferno Adze burning logs effect.
    - Enabled Grand Exchange player based.

    Update 5:

    - Fixed invalid username or password on login. You can now use uppercase and spaces in usernames.
    - More lag improvements.
    - Fixed people yell issues.
    - Added Donor requeriment to tele to donator zone.
    - Fixed equipment interface bonuses.
    - Added 5 new teleporting animations that will be buyable from a shop soon.
    - Random agility shortcuts arround world.
    - Fixed Lamps xp given according to game mode. (Had a problem with it in this update,
    but they're going to work properly next update)
    - Fixed some spelling mistakes.
    - Fixed clan chat not saving when logout.
    - Added 3 new bosses not yet reachable(Barrelchest, Bal'lak and Leeuni).

    Update 6:

    - Added Recipe for disaster minigame in lumbridge castle dinning room.
    - Corrected level up interface and Xp lamps according to skill level and game mode.
    - Corrected Runespan teleport.
    - Fixed arrow shafts and bolts fletching
    - Added Nomad's Requiem teleport.
    - Lowered gertrude's cats prices.
    - Added Dominion tower reward dialogue.
    - Added balmung effect to daggs and added it to bork drop table.
    - Now you cannot use lodestones before talking to priest.
    - Fixed D'Hide armours reqs.
    - Fixed some emotes.
    - Added some ground item spawns.
    - Added 1 hp command.
    - Fixed some drops.
    - Fixed some other minor bugs.
    - Fixed yell issues.

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    That server name though.  :cool:
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    ^ what about the name


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