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Anarchy-Ps [Best RSPS EVER!]

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Anarchy-Ps  :D



- New home at Yanille.
- Highscores system.
- Vote system.
- 24/7 VPS.
- Great invison forum.
- New login box + login button.
- Tormented demon + loots.
- Experience lamp added with no issue of engines.
- Low/High alchemy -> Anti-bot.
- Bonecrusher system (auto bury dropped bones).
- Dwarven rock cake lower hp -1 per click.
- Auto Joining Help clan chat on log in.
- Only staff can use mod before their username.
- Prestige points exchange.
- Mystery box give randoms prize, buy in prestige store.
- New rank icons.
- Administrator menu in option tab.
- Prestige system + shop.
- Player informations interface.
- All monster attack + death emotes.
- Frost dragon + loots.
- Transparent context menus.
- Nomad boss + loots (chaotic weapons).
- Hunter skill + Hunter zone.
- Perfect achievement system.
- New information tab.
- Custom achievement tab from information tab.
- Staff list on infomartion tab.
- Players can now change the password from the into tab.
- New achievements added.
- Hunter experience increased.
- Loot cash from every impling.
- Donator Island.
- Grand Exchange
- Flawless party room
- Lottery
- Dicing
- Multiple world support
- Cross-world player list support
- Cross-world clan chat (only in the World clan chat, currently)
- Flawless duel arena, with staking
- Flawless shopping system
- Flawless banking system, with searching.
- Flawless farming system
- PK leaderboards with kill/death ratios, etc
- Rank Icon changing system
- Flawless loyalty title system
- Flawless donator system
- Refined item definition system
- New skill interface, with perfect EXP to next level, etc.
- Event schedule system
- New character file system (credits to Lin for the format)
- Ingame item spawner GUI (was used for the Spawn version of Epicurus originally)
- Perfect curse system
- Weapon combination selection in duel arena
- Advanced MySQL system[/COLOR]




Best RSPS ever? No.

It looks ok I suppose, Goodluck with this.


This looks pretty generic to be honest.


--- Quote from: Soulcist on May 04, 2015, 12:39:40 AM ---This looks pretty generic to be honest.

--- End quote ---
Pretty much agree with this however, I like that name changing feature. Good luck!

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