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Arios #498 - The #1 emulated 2008 RSPS

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February 21st:

A quick update was done today to fix some of the bugs our players were experiencing.
- Players whom had the GWD befriended perk will now be able to enter the chamber again.
- Players attempting the Player Safety test can finish it now.
- Players whom were doing the quest "Ernest the Chicken" will be able to finish now.
- The cleaver attack and defence animations have been added.
- Players with lost perks have been refunded.
- A new donator feature was added, you can sell items to the donator general store for the same price each time. You can also refill vials and other water holders by using them with the waterfall. The waterfall will instantly fill all water components in your inventory.
- Double EXP weekends are now available.

Merlins Crystal:

The quest Merlin's Crystal has been added. A big thanks goes to Splinter for testing out his programming abilities with this quest.
Talk to King Arthur in order to start this quest.

Feburary 22nd 2015:

Today I bring you an updated Arios launcher, Merlin's Quest, Coordinate Clues, & multiple bug fixes.

Clue Scrolls:

The clue scroll system has gone months without any updates, therefore I decided it was time to pump out another type of clue scroll to the community. You will now be able to complete coordinate clue scrolls.

I now keep track of the clue scrolls you have completed in each level of clue scrolls, when you complete a clue scroll it will display how many "easy, medium and hard" clues that you have completed.

Since today was a clue scroll day I felt in the mood to include a Perk to help sooth those whom love treasure trailing. This perk is called Detective! This perk has phenomenal benefits, each NPC that currently drops clue scrolls will have an added 10% to drop a clue scroll, meaning every 1/10 kills you will be awarded with a clue scroll. (Remember only one clue can be active at once). Along with this you will have a 50% better chance at earning a SUPER reward (3rd age, etc). To top this perk off we give you a 50% overall better chance of rewards. A big thanks goes to @[member='Empathy'] for gathering all the data needed for all 58 coordinate clue scrolls we added.

You can find the Detective perk at : Arios - The #1 Emulated 2008 RSPS[/url]

Notice: Just like OSRS you do not need a sextant, chart or watch to dig up coordinate clues.


A launcher update was in effect today, mostly backend related updates were applied however an update to the graphical user interface was added. For those whom didn't update you can do so by going to  .

Bug fixes:

A list of bug fixes are found here: 

Kind regards,


Amazing updates, keep it up.

I really like the perks you guys are adding, but try not to make too many benefits for donators/members over free players, they might start to think it's pay to win, when really it's just benefits.


Today I bring to you the final achievement diary you have all been waiting for. The Varrock diaries are equipped with great rewards after you complete each level of tasks, a list of these rewards can be found here:

Varrock rewards unlock a series of Varrock armour which can be obtained after each task level is completed. There is varrock armour 1, 2 and 3. Each hold different abilities.

Speak to Rat Burgis, Reldo and Vannaka for information on this diary.


Extreme donators can use any teleport jewellery to get to the donator zone free of charge, regular donators may only use glories.

As always, bug fixes!

Kind regards,



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