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Arios 498 - Reliving the Good Times

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It's finally here! Animal magnetism has finally been finished giving you access to Ava's Devices. With the development of this quest Port Phasmatys was also added. This included the ectofunctus worshiping, bone grinder, and ecto-token gaining. Hope you enjoy this update, don't forget to post any bugs you come across surrounding it.

- Fixed multiple bugs.
- Added the "Jungle Potion" quest in order to start developing shilo village.


Hello, I have just recently added a series of new random events to protect from user macroring. I hope you enjoy this batch of anti macros & you should expect some more soon.

New Random Events:

- Quiz Master
- Drunken Dwarf
- River troll
- Shade
- Zombie

Media can be found at[/URL]


We suggest you scan your computer for malicious content, or possibly even format it,
as Aero and Frunk claim to have every Arios player RAT'd.
Personally, I doubt they did because some of your antiviruses would've picked it up (and I don't remember anyone complaining about it).
Nonetheless better safe than sorry.

The conversation:

Sorry for the inconvenience,

link doesnt work

Thought i'd post this great video one of our players created that encapsulates the endless things you can do at Arios.


Register at - Arios || Emulated 2008 RSPS!


Added Fairy rings.
Added incubators.
Added Yanille Agility dungeon.
Added sinister key chest.
Added abyssal demon combat.
Added perk gifting.
Added ring of stone
Added easter ring.
Added a large amount of npc spawns, yanille, dwarf cannon goblin dungeon, waterfall quest area, gnome battleground, tree gnome village, taverly npcs, ogres by castle wards, desert lizards, fairy ring teleports, swamp toads & king forms & gnome swamp.
Added a large amount of item spawns, jengerberrys, chameleon eggs, and over 150 located in other cites.
Added dwarf cannon quest (not doable with this update since the cannon isn't added)
Added a few more agility shortcuts.
Added a new perk called charming. Charming allows you to have double charm drops for 2 hours. You can purchase this from the shop  or buy with in-game credits. If you buy it from the shop you don't need to wait 6 hours for the re-use.
Added a new perk called thirst quencher, this defeats the need to have any water sources when in the desert.
Rewrote the gravestone system.
And as always, plenty of  bug fixes located in bug history.



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