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    Author Topic: Frugooscape Remake [Brand New][ 317 based][Free Donator today][All skills work!]  (Read 437 times)

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    [Combat] http://thugscape.enjin.com/
    + insta-kill throwing axe added (but not in shop) [Thanks to Disvirus for the motivation and idea to add it] --> You have to make a way for players to access it. Original idea was to put it in member shop but I never got around to it. The item exists, but it's not in shops, and the price is 1 gp. You can change that
    + New hell run section (Hard training ground)
    + advanced weapon shop
    + Magic teleports (Varrock, lumbridge, falador teleport buttons) now give experience

    + Dialogues for quest no longer interfere with other dialogues
    + Removed some teleport commands for realistic play
    + made npcs teleport you instead
    + New tutorial island (trapped on an island, more fun atmosphere)
    + added a dialogue for quest cape
    + Waldo npc, add in for hide and seek event. (Lmfao, I was high.) [The dialogue is already added, you just have to add the ints and rewards

    + Fixed the npcs not dropping items
    + Added Strider npc which is a teleport npc for combat
    + Added Slifer npc (same concept as strider) for skilling teleports
    + 1 click interaction works
    + Added onyx drop from tzhaar npcs

    + Beacon minigame is more automatic for players
    + Beacon rewards now give boosted firemaking exp

    + Bonfires are now automatic (click fire address cube and it performs bonfires)
    + Construction bench added
    + Made leveling up give server points based on the levels you are at (EG; under level 40, gives 5 server points, above 40 gives 25 server points, above 100 gives 200 server points)

    + Changed 126/99 bug in skills tab to 126/126
    + Play time is steady now
    + Skrillaphat npc gives cape now
    + Shop buying glitches fixed
    + Home changed to Grand Exchange (upon request)
    + Torva Effects added (Operate Torva Armour when wearing all pieces) [Healing occurs automatically after activated] --> I wasn't sure how torva effect worked, sorry lmfao
    + Godmode now gives 188 (10+ bonus to max combat, appears as 700 in player list) Combat level and crazy hitpoints
    + Dropping items now works
    + Some new shops
    Need mods that are active!

    Here some pics for you guys^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Added New Strip Club for Members!
    « Last Edit: July 31, 2014, 08:18:13 PM by akking88 »
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    I'm about to jump off the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The website looks like my asshairs. The server is probably shit. The quality on your videos are worse then minecraft. The strip club looks like cancer. Stop developing please.

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    well thank you im sure your asshole hairs look great then :) btw we made new forms those were just a starter now look :p
    « Last Edit: July 31, 2014, 08:03:47 PM by akking88 »
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    Looks very unproffisonal.
    Plus reading your reaction etc, i don't think you're a good owner anyways.

    This so called 'stripclub' you made, is full of wrong places objects etc.
    In other words, it looks like crap...

    Non the less good luck on this project.


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