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beastpk !!

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ice gaint:

You can run server with all JDK

Website/Download: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Spoiler for Credits:
1. Zalox (leeched his source)
2. Ziva bought his cache
3. Me like 10% fixing shit and adding more content.
4. player own90 for customs.

How does tournament work?
If you host a tournament you can choose your own prize, skill and how long it takes.
When hosting a tournament you can choose a skill like magic.
Whoever gets the most xp in the time the host has chosen, wins the tournament.
Prize is what the host has put in.

I introduce beastpk 667 check screenshots bae.

Spoiler for What have i done?:
Fixed loginpacketsdecoder.
Fixed run errors/nulls.
Added working slayer.
Fixed shops.
Added more customs.
Added unique customs only in beastpk. credits to player own90 for that.
Fixed skilling zone.
Added rights/symbols.
Fixed client.
Added more ranks.
Fixed nulled customs.
Cleaned useless codes.
Packed bonusses of many armours.
Packed drops of many bosses.
Added new drop table.
Fixed commands.
Added triviasystem.
Added statuette shop/shards.
Added more slayer monsters.
Added low level slayer monsters!
Added Bosses.
Added spawns for npc's/bosses etc.


- Gnome, Brimhaven, and Wilderness, Pyramid, Werewolf courses usable
- After awhile spend your skill fragments to get Agility xp lamps!
- Force movement mask
- Correct animations used
- Run energy affected by weight and level


- Correct anims
- Ashes
- All logs lightable
- Colored fires
- Clipped
- Can't light fires in Bank
- Can click logs on the ground and light them


- Stumps and regrowing trees
- Correct hatchet finding
- Correct hatchet animations
- All trees cut-able
- Correct fall chance algorithms
- Birds nest falling out
- Broken axe random event
- Spirit Tree
- Canoes


- Emptying and refilling rocks
- All ores can be mined
- Correct pickaxe finding and animations
- Prospecting
- Random chance of obtaining gems
- Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms
- Mining gems at shilo village
- Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg)
- Rock Golem


- All logs can be fletched
- Correct interfaces
- Fletch 5, 10, x, all


- Gem cutting
- Tanning
- Spinning & Picking flax
- Pottery
- Jewelry Molding


- Stall Thieving
- NPC Thieving
- Correct anims & gfx
- Correct Respawn Times


- All fishes cookable
- All meat cookable
- Pizzas, cakes, pies, stews.
- Cooking gauntlets
- Correct anims & delays
- Working interface with multiple amount options
- Lumbridge cooking range bonus
- Eating food
- Wine


- Altar Enterting
- Tiaras
- All Altars
- Abyss


- All potions makeable
- Itentifying herbs
- Weapon poisioning


- All bars smithable
- Smelting
- Correct anims, working interfaces & objects

- All fish can be caught
- Big net fishing
- Correct item requirements
- Fishing spots located all around the world
- Correct animations

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