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    Author Topic: ? Luntrix ? | Custom Clue Scrolls | Task System | Custom Loot system's  (Read 867 times)

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    Hello everyone.
    Luntrix is a relatively new server, that has been out for just over 2 weeks. We felt like before releasing our server we should fix up the majority of bugs that were present ingame. We feel that now, we are at the point that we are ready to start advertising our server and further develop our server.

    Luntrix hosts a wide variety of activities for you to take part in. We have active staff members, dedicated owners and an active player base. We recently hit close to 40 players online at one time
    which was a big accomplishment for us but we want to expand our community and we hope that you decide to stop in and check out Luntrix.

    Server Features

    Custom made quests.
    Task system with beneficial rewards.
    Custom made clue scroll system with over 100 clues to solve.
    Challenging experience rates.
    A custom skilling zone.
    Custom made PVP loot system similar to bounty hunter back in 2010.
    Competitive highscores.
    Full shooting star D&D with a useful rewards shop.
    Account profile saving on the log in screen.
    Automated Event system integrated into the website to show you what events are happening daily.
    Controlled economy.
    Loyalty point system with many good rewards.
    Gambling methods.
    Custom revenant system which generates a random spawn location within the wilderness.
    Full God Wars Dungeon
    Working Grand Exchange.
    Iron man mode.
    A starter boss to help new players find their feet and make some money in the process.
    Mystery boxes, skilling boxes and vote crates with good rewards.
    Over 15 bosses to try your luck at.
    Active minigames.
    Dedicated staff team, determined to keep the community happy.
    Active player base.
    Boss pets.
    Automatic donations.
    Working teleportation methods, including teletabs, tele scrolls, teleport crystal and the ectophial.
    Donator zone with tons of useful content for donators.
    Tiered slayer task difficulties.
    VPS hosted with very little lag.
    Working lootshare system.

    We have much more to offer but we will let you find out that for yourselves.

    Server Media
    (click to show/hide)

    Server Update Logs
    (click to show/hide)

    Thanks for reading, make sure to come check out Luntrix. We strive to bring you guys the best, and only the best, RSPS around.

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    Offlinepkr server

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    A very nice and clean server vouch from me sir  ;D;D;D
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    This looks alright, not much from the media that I would say that looks interesting or unique.
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