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    Author Topic: Brutal Force (new rsps 317) (First 2 player get free donator)  (Read 813 times)

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    Offlineledge pss

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    looking for a brand new rsps? Look no further. I bring you, Brutal Force!


    *Donator chest
    Try your luck!! to get rares or random items!! (see website for details)

    *Players can YELL!

    *Good exp rates

    *Will be looking for staff when sever builds

    *Custom teleport commands


    *RFD mini game

    *GWD - no nex


    *Corp beast!

    *Tormented demons!


    *Donator area

    *Dicing rank

    *Custom boss

    *Stead fast boots, Glavens, Ragefires, Tokhaar-Kal, Comp cape, Max cape and Black party hat


    The first player with 99 in all combat skills gets free donor!
    The first 2 players with 99 in all skills gets free donor!
    The first player with full bandos gets free donor!
    The first player with max cash stack gets free donor!
    The first player with full Torva from (Custom Boss) drop, Will get a second set for free
    First player with 100m slayer xp gets a Chaotic weapon of choice or shield
    First player with 200m slayer xp gets a Red party hat
    First player with 100m fishing xp gets a Bandos set
    First player with 200m fishing xp gets a Elysian spirit shield
    First player with 100m mining xp gets a Vesta Set (with longsword)
    First player with 200m mining xp gets a Yellow Partyhat
    First player with 100m rune crafting xp gets a Saradomin Godsword
    First player with 200m rune crafting xp gets a Torva Legs
    First player with 100m summoning xp gets a Armadyl Godsword
    First player with 200m summoning xp gets a Torva Body
    First player with 100m herblore xp gets a Bandos Godsword
    First player with 200m herblore xp gets a Dragon Claws
    First player with 100m farming xp gets a Zamorak Godsword
    First player with 200m farming xp gets a Torva Helm

    Drop party at:10 Players online,15 players online, 20 players online, 25 players online, 50 players online

    Feel free to visit our Website at www.brutalforcegaming.webs.com !!
    You can download the client here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vv0fwzow5yjps0r/BrutalForce.jar?dl=0

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