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    • SerenityPS:[link]
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    • Equiiliibriium: Looking for someone who can help me get a server up and running, willing to pay after the project has begun :)
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    • SerenityPS:[link]
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    Author Topic: Fortis - VPS Hosted ? 24-7 ? Dedicated ?  (Read 222 times)

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    Fortis - VPS Hosted ? 24-7 ? Dedicated ?
    « on: July 27, 2014, 12:46:42 AM »

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Fortis! I'm King Fortis, proud ruler of this land. I will be taking you on a tour of this wonderful RuneScape Private Server owned by Mark. First, let's get you some useful links...


    Alrighty then, time for some features.

        -Fully working Fight Caves (All 63 waves)
        -Fully working Fight Kiln
        -Full Nex and Nomad with cut-scenes
        -Unique custom made home
        -Fully automated DoubleXP Weekends
        -Great Economy
        -Full Squeal of Fortune!
        -All pets working
        -Full summoning (except scrolls)
        -Most skills fully working
        -Crucible also fully working
        -All GodWars bosses
        -Full QBD and KBD
        -No lag or memory leaks. No dupes.
        -Even Grand Exchange! (Almost done!)
        -All Aura's Working
        -Custom jail
        -::visitjail command to see the jailed players so you can yell at them/ throw tomatoes at them for breaking rules
        -Custom shops
        -Loyalty shop
        -RuneStone Exchange!
        -RuneStones! (custom in-game currency that can be bought on our website)
        -Unique staff zone and donor zone
        -Fully working Fight Caves with all 63 waves!
       -Dominion tower!
       -Fight Kiln fully working! Must complete Fight Caves first!
       -Fully working QBD, Nex, Nomad, etc.
        -And much more...

    Now on to some pictures of the server!

    Oh! I almost forgot! Anyone who logs into the server within the first 24 hours of the launch (coming later this week, will announce), will receive an exclusive tradable item!

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