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DDspecz || re-release || Roat Pkz source || Vps hosted || Customs ||


DDspecz is a client from the rs2 development section, so all credits to the dude who released the source.

After Downloading this source I found many bugs which I needed to work on and that is what I've done, now I can proudly say DDSpecz is a working server which is enjoyable and worth playing.

This server is a 317 Spawn server
Play Now! >>>[/url]<<<[/size]
*if it says something alone the lines of "a java exception has occurred", than all you need to do is get the latest java update from

Here are some of the features:
-Customer killstreak system
The rewards for killstreaks are:
3ks = 5pkp
4ks = 7pkp
5ks = 10 pkp
6 ks = 15 pkp
7 ks = 20 pkp
8 ks = 25 pkp
9 ks = 30 pkp
10 ks = 100 pkp

Pker's Cape:

PKP shop:

Donator store:
*This is just an idea what you can get from them*

Second Donator store which is free to buy from if you have the donator status:

Pking spots:
-Edgeville Pures
-Multizone (::varrock)
-hybrid area (::easts)
-Edgeville mains

I know not everyone likes to Pk all the time due to costs and lack of equipment so we also have this:
-Pvm teleport (donators only)

Custom Items:

This server has a lot features and things to do so why not try it out today!

how did you jar it? it wont be able for me to jar it!?


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