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    Author Topic: Dead-Scape DMM server  (Read 666 times)

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    Dead-Scape DMM server
    « on: November 26, 2016, 04:56:06 AM »


    DeadScape DMM BETA is currently online! Join the others playing right now! Get familiar with DeadScape before our official release! You can download from our website, or by clicking here! Prepare yourself for the ultimate DMM experience!

    Hello, and welcome to the DeadScape advertisement thread. Our goal is too bring you the best of OSRS deadman mode content, tweeked to give you an RSPS deadman experience like no other. DeadScape has been in development for a while now. We are going to be holding many polls on our brand new website (Click Here) so we can get a very good idea of the community's opinions and ideas. Your vote could impact changes/updates to DeadScape, so come along and get your vote in!

    Just a handful of things you can expect from DeadScape DMM:

    A very unique experience
    Latest OSRS content
    Amazing clipping/pathing system
    Small & fast tutorial (Choice) with the option to choose your starting point
    Amazing combat system for both PvP and PvM
    Community driven development
    The majority of OSRS global mob spawns have been added (dumped from OSRS)
    Fully working slayer skill
    Protection for new players & Double exp (Begins some days after the release)
    Perfected skull timer of 20 minutes
    Zeah (including mobs and dungeons)
    Perfect ladders/doors with 100s/1000's added
    Almost every skill is fully working (Construction is currently being developed)
    Key shortcuts to skip dialogues like OSRS (1,2,3,4, space)
    Stronghold of security with chest rewards
    Double Exp scrolls for voting
    A lot of transportation methods (Magic carpet, most rings and necklaces, spirit trees, gnome gliders, xerics talisman, canoes, fairy rings...)
    Fully working kourend's dungeon with correct spawns
    Puro puro


    Website: http://dead-scape.com/
    Community Forums: http://dead-scape.com/community
    Play now: http://dead-scape.com/DeadScape.jar

    Now let's get into some media

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