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DeadmanOS || Flawless Deadman Features || 15+ Already a Day

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It's finally here..... What everyone has been waiting for!! This is the best deadman mode server in the rsps community hands down. Me and Hearst want to bring the community a stable deadman server worth playing. We have tons of features coming very soon as well such as osrs data even npc and item textures.
Features-Amazing bank raid system where you lose 20 items when you're skulled and 10 unskulled. You can hold up five bank keys and bank key items don't only go buy individual prices like other servers, it also goes by the item values * item amount! Also if you die to a npc without being hit by a player, your bank drops to the floor just like osrs! You can also kill other players for their bank keys if they have keys on them!
-Protection system, 3 combat skills and 2 non combat skills can be protected on death.
-Hp Insurance
-XP loss, it's 25% xp loss when skulled and 10% when unskulled.
-Flawless guard system no bugs at all.
-Almost every correct osrs deadman interface (Osrs bank raid and safety interfaces will be easy)
-Tons of doors and ladders working even with some requiring certain items which help with escape routes.
-Xp counter and overlay
-60m Protection for new players
-Tons of npcs, drops, shops and more.
-Great combat with perfect switches.
-21 fully working skills.
-Random events such as drunken dwarf, genie.
-Flawless teleport and logout timers
-Most areas are clipped may be a few spots in edge that clipping is a bit buggy but will be fixed.
-tons of more to name.

Website is not available atm, I have a domain but just need a website setup. Every chance I get, I promise to do my best to add updates based on suggestions from the community. We do not try to code something the way we want it, we code updates based upon suggestions and polls started players or staff members!

Map of our Guarded/Deadman Zones
Red = deadman multi zones
Green = guarded
Everywhere else including multi... You're a dead man.

Skill Protection ID's

--- Code: ---Attack = 0
 Defence = 1
 Strength = 2
 HP = 3
 Range = 4
 Prayer = 5
 Magic = 6
 Cooking = 7
 Woodcutting = 8
 Fletching = 9
 Fishing = 10
 Firemaking = 11
 Crafting = 12
 Smithing = 13
 Mining = 14
 Herblore = 15
 Agility = 16
 Thieving = 17
 Slayer = 18
 Farming = 19
 Runecrafting = 20
--- End code ---

If you find any bugs please report them to me or Hearst, bug finders are rewarded.

Lurk for the base
Eliminate for the client
For those who think it's a virus:

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