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Hello and welcome to our advertisement thread,
Divine-Reality is an Old School RuneScape Emulation where you the players can suggest ideas and content with the chance of it being featured in the game. Our content is focused on your suggestions in order to make the game more enjoyable for you, the player. Please note this is not a remake of Old School RuneScape.

You can join us at Divine-Reality - Home


Loading OSRS Data
We are now loading Old School RuneScape data, meaning we have proper animations, models, npcs, items and objects.
Iron Man
You can play in 3 different game modes. Regular (350x), Legend (50x), or Iron Man (50x).
Iron Men are self-sufficient accounts with restrictions that prevent them from trading and staking.
Bounty Hunter
We have a 100% working bounty hunter with upgrade kits also working for certain items like the Odium Ward and Malediction Ward.
We have Zulrah! This also comes with the Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Helm, and Magic Fang.
Corporeal Beast
We have the Corporeal Beast which drops the spirit shields (excluding Divine).
Release the Kraken! We also have Cave Krakens!
Wilderness Bosses
We have Callisto, Vet'ion, Venenatis and Scorpio!
Boss Pets
All bosses have their little children which are available for use and also available to redeem back if you lose it.
Death Store
An optional feature that collects your items when you die and submits them into a store making them available to repurchase back.
Clue Scroll
4 tiers of clue scrolls (Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite) with the chance of getting 3rd Age in elite clues!
Slayer and Boss Tracker
Keep track using your slayer and boss tracker.
Music and Sounds
We feature regional music and sounds which means that when you move around the map you may encounter new soundtracks.
Rare drops are rare so when you receive one an announcement is posted globally to the server in order to reward your dedication with a flood of congratulations.
We have in-game achievements which you can gain points for. There is 3 tiers of achievements which all give a variety of different points which can be spent at our Achievement Store.
We have a neat high-scores system for all the 3 different game modes (Regular, Legend and Iron), they don't update unless you gain more than 100,000 experience in a session.
We have recently migrated to a new dedi using Solid State Drives (SSD). Making performance noticeably better. The engine of the server itself is changed and modified almost everyday by our developer(s) in order to maintain server's performance.

PID randomization

Enjoy a completely fair battles
Professional website
We have a professional website and forums that is unique to Divine-Reality.
We have a wiki team in which you can get all the information that is required to better your knowledge of Divine-Reality.
Friendly Staff
Our staff are chosen carefully and feedback is taken seriously in order to maintain the Staff Team's reputation.
Clan Chat
We have a beautiful clan chat system with the default "DR" clan. In which players can ask for help in.

Pet Store:

(click to show/hide)Hi guys, bringing you a new update thread and latest news.

Hello guys! Made quite a few updates throughout the day today so I just thought I'd share them here.

- New NPC definitions have been added which should help make combat much better in terms of how wacky the hit calculations have been lately.

- You can no longer hit insane amounts  of damage with magic like 50's and 60's, every magic combat spell now has a damage cap.

- Burning fish will now no longer give you the incorrect burnt fish; for instance, burning Tuna and receiving burnt shrimps in your inventory.

- PID randomization has been added, so now PKing and the Duel Arena should pose much more of fair challenge.

- An ::price <item> command has been added which will allow you to search for the shop, low alch, and high alch prices of any item.

There are lots more updates to come! All of these will take effect on the next server restart.

New npc-definitions added
    "id": 239,
    "name": "King Black Dragon",
    "examine": "The biggest, meanest dragon around.",
    "combat": 276,
    "size": 5,
    "attackable": true,
    "aggressive": true,
    "retreats": false,
    "poisonous": true,
    "respawn": 60,
    "maxHit": 45,
    "hitpoints": 240,
    "attackSpeed": 7,
    "attackAnim": 25,
    "defenceAnim": 26,
    "deathAnim": 28,
    "attackBonus": 250,
    "defenceMelee": 290,
    "defenceRange": 300,
    "defenceMage": 230

We can now customize combat to be much more accurate and enjoyable.

You can now un-note and note items by using them on the bank


You sell the pets in a store?

Why not leave them as drops?


They're as drops, when you get them as a drop you receive an 'ownership' key, which means if you ever lose the pet for whatever reason you're able to purchase it back.

Released Player Owned Shops

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