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    Author Topic: VALENCIA - A 637 DODIAN REMAKE + MORE  (Read 785 times)

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    « on: March 10, 2015, 01:36:38 PM »
    Here is the server i am working on, I am looking for a strong administration team - Apply here : http://valenciahome.weebly.com/ 

    (Please note forums are still being worked so im also looking for 2 Forum mods)

    SKYPE - Valencia_Support

    Server is almost ready for a Beta release you can register here and follow update logs : http://valenciahome.weebly.com/



    Druids and Avatar of Strength
    Here you can attack level 33 Druids. They will give you various mithril rewards and 1000 coins. You can also try your luck attacking the Avatar of strength. He will give you a chance for Rune armour and a amulet of strength. Since he is a low level boss i have made him quite weak, with enough HP to handle group attacks and a re-spawn time of 2 mins.

    Here is the original Dad location. He drops full dragon at random along with a gold key and dragon scimmy. his re-spawn time is 3mins. Dad is the only boss (at the moment) who can reward a partyhat at a 0.01% chance drop. This rare drop is in place to slowly introduce partyhats into the game and will be removed or made 0.0001% at a later date.

    Never seen before in a Dodian releated server, i have added puro puros entrance. Inside puro puro there is a shop to buy impling jars and a net. The shop has been temporarily disabled as i want to edit the impling loots to work with the economy in place.

    You can visit Puro Puro from the crop circle located here:

    I have been carefully adding shops around the town in such a way for players to obtain items which the shop sells and sell them to upgrade their armour or other items.

    Here i have included some armour in this shop. In regards to Rune (G) items the full set costs around 10mil coins and has no stats so even level 3 skills can wear this armour. Rune (G)'s objective is for cosmetic use so member can "Show off" there banks.

    Basic weapons have been added to this shop to get you started on your combat. The shop is located upstairs in yans store.

    Food Store
    This food store is one very important. Since food heals you, Its perfect for boss hunting or pvp'ing. With that skillers need somewhere to buy and purchase there resources so here you can sell fish for profit from fishing. or buy fish for cooking if fishing is not for you. Prices in this shop have been perfected for the economy.

    Coming soon to Yan.
    :New never seen before in a Dodian related server dungeons.

    Since you have collected that "Gold key" from Dad its now time to show you what it will be used for. The Gold key will give you the accessibility to walk down these stairs. But the main question is, Where does it go? ;)

    A new key is going to be added to the Avatar of strength. The key will give access to a low level dungeon aimed for new players and pures.


    You can begin stealing from the seed stall at level 15. It will give you up to 1500 coins per click. Once you reach level 55 you can begin stealing from the wine stall giving up to 5000 coins per click.
    Fixed the delays because before it looped and you would steal over and over again.

    Draynor Jail
    This is a new area. Here you have to kill the guards to collect a "muddy Key".

    The jail guards drop adamant armour at random, along with noted logs, a lobster, coins and bone. Once you have the Muddy key you will be able to open the trapdoor and enter a new dungeon.

    (Editing as i go along i will comment "Bump" on this thread once most of the content has been added)


    [size=18]What graphics can i get from your client?[/size]

    Does this answer your question?

    [size=18]I dont have a very good computer can my computer handle this game?[/size]
    Yes!, The client supports low detail to high detail aswell as full screen to give you a comfortable playing time experience.

    [size=18]What happens when i die?[/size]
    Well.. In the original Dodian server when you die you keep your items. This is not the case in Valencia. When you die you keep the 3 most valuable items on death (4 with prayer) You then have a grave. Every players grave lasts 5 mins unless you pay to upgrade you're grave which is recommended.
    ::Coming soon:: Premium graves. Premium graves will be available to purchase for premium members only. These graves will have a 1 hour duration which will give you enough time to collect your items.
    ::WARNING:: If you die by aggressive npc be sure you are strong enough to withheld attacks whilst trying to recover your items. *Items will not be refunded under any circumstances.


    When you collect the gold key from dad, you have proven your strengths to enter this dungeon....


    Fire Giants




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    « Reply #1 on: March 10, 2015, 01:42:42 PM »
    Why are you using Valenica's name?  :| might check this out soon.
    nop just no
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    « Reply #2 on: March 10, 2015, 02:01:05 PM »

    Re read its Valencia. Which is renamed from my original project, Andromeda :')
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