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mage 435:
I can't stop playing this server! I Wish people would really check it out! It's got a lot of hard work put in and deserves the views! After all, there are daily updates!

Today is the first day of our support team revamp and I am very excited. We have gotten many things set up and prepared for the beginning of a strong team that can take Elveron far.

First up, our staff organization has been majorly improved. Like any other staff team, we are not perfect and we realize that there are faults. However we are here to correct them and we have developed more strict guidelines and standards in order to keep ourselves on top of our game. @Light will be returning to the staff team as the Staff Manager. What will he be doing? He will be logging staff activity (literally to the minute), monitoring corruption, observing interactions with the community, making sure that staff are doing their jobs, checking in with their real life statuses, etc. On top of that, we have cleaned out the staff chat and have only affiliated it with our existing team so that there are no cross communications and less of a tumult. Next, we have come up with a more organized fashion of dealing with things. We are now using Google Drive to organize everything from logging punishments to discussing possible staff promotions. Through Google Docs, we are able to have a news board for the staff and categorize the different branches and restrict access to the different ranks. We can access and even edit these from our mobile devices, any computers, etc. and are able to share files and important documents easily. The punishment system will be a lot more organized now that we can log all of our punishments with the punisher, offender, time dealt, punishment length, and reason. Not only that but staff can comment on the punishments and discuss appeals privately. We also are able to discuss important topics as a team such as our new rewriting of the official rules which will be out this weekend. This also makes applications a lot easier as the staff can discuss individual players, provide insight analysis on our possible promotions, etc. From this point on, everything we do should be a lot more organized and less cluttered, ultimately leading to less stress for both the staff and players.

Secondly, we now have a brand new Event Manager @Philelelele who will be training with myself and @Light for his first event on Friday. Why aren't his events starting now? Because we are still testing his ability and teaching him the basics needed for this role. We have decided to chose Philelele because of his active participation in the community and his leadership skills. We have personally watched him organize events and activities along wiith guiding players without us asking him to. I believe that he has the skill set to bring together the community and make the server a lot more fun. Both Light and I have been watching Philelelele create his schedule for his first week of events as well as reward suggestions and they have proved to be well balanced and unique, with some events I've never heard of but sound extremely fun. Not only that, but he has gone above and beyond and prepared nearly two weeks of events along with schedule changes incase Stealing Creations comes out early. Because we are still training him, the events have not been approved yet. However the events should be approved by Thursday and will be posted along with dates and times on the forums in Philelele's brand new section of the forums dedicated to his events. Get ready for the daily community events in which was used to have so much participation begin to return :) This will hugely benefit the server and bring the players together.

Third, we now have a brand new Marketing Manager @Millenium who will be helping us with advertising, communicating with the players, coordinating the development team, and everything else that falls into the category. This rank is still in development as it is a relatively new thing, but we know what good marketing has done for Elveron so far. It is important that we have every part of the team necessary and I am glad for Millenium to be on our side helping us soar past our goals. Hopefully we can dig ourselves out of this hole very soon.

Lastly, our Live Support system is online! I would like to congratulate the following members who will be our official operators: @Satanic , @Charity , @deansta , @kingjosh484 , @yuze , and @lolfail . This team of experienced players have impressed me for quite a while with their knowledge of the game and willingness to help the community out. They all have ridiculous hours of dedication and what makes this team unique is that they are all spread out. We have operators on both coasts of the United States, operators in New Zealand and Australia, and an operator in England (and possibly another tomorrow in Holland). Players can access the live chat from any part of our website or by typing the command ::livechat ingame. They have yet failed to impress me as I have already seen lot's of positive feedback in the chat transcriptions. Myself and @Light have also been testing them undercover throughout the day and have been receivinig responses in 1-3 seconds, one time in less than a second all at different times and it was just mind blowing. Hopefully they keep up this rapid and helpful support as it has already proven in a few hours to help players.

Also, since admins are more in demand now, we will have an administrator promotion this weekend. That also means two moderator promotions. Which also means two support promotions. So make sure those applications are submitted (foreshadowing).

On another note, the highscores should be functioning well once again.

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Light has been demoted due to extreme immaturity and corruption thanks to the influence of Justin. Anyways, enough is enough and I will no longer put up with bad staff members. Light was once good, but things have changed and he along messed up the forums which should be organized up by the morning.

On a more positive note, I am getting excited to approve and release the event list for Phil tomorrow along with a new and improved official rules list.

Also due to increasing demand, I will be adding in the Iron Man Mode into the game tomorrow and white portal should be up again tomorrow as well :)

Lastly, I have no school tomorrow because the weather will be in the negatives. So, I will see you guys on teamspeak tomorrow and ingame :3

- Fixed some possible abuseable bugs with the crystal chest.
- Gave summoning charms a value, possible new money making method.
- Removed the Edgeville home as it is better to just have one.
- Touched up the starter cutscene so that it runs more smoothly for new players.
- Reduced the distance of the Abyssal Demon teleport special move.

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Today was a rough day, did not get as much accomplished as I wanted to. Where do I start?

Well first of all, you may have all noticed that our forums is fresh to a new start. This is because Light and Justin were able to use hidden accounts and destroy the forums. We were able to recover data, however it was time that we started fresh on the forums. So we started this off by purchasing a legitimate IPBoard lisence so that we are running off of official software and have access to all of the hooks and downloads we need to make our forums awesome. @5ive and @Shadow are working hard on restoring the forums and making it a lot more organized and easy to use. The next few days you will see major improvements. There are some things that you can claim back:

If you have a thread that you lost and would like to post it again without rewriting it, refer to this:

If you want your forums points that you earned transfered to your new forums account here, refer to this:

If you are requesting your donator or forums rank back, refer to this:

On the bright side, we hit a record of 85 registrations in less than 10 hours :P Hopefully we will see great things to come with our brand new and improved forums. Themes and such are still being tweaked so please be patient.

Next, we now have gone over the rewards and events and @philelelele 's schedule is now posted in his Events section (  ). Here you can find all you need so that you will not be missing out on these awesome events. Get ready for a great time with the community! We will also be implementing a beautiful calender with a more user friendly way of viewing and scheduling the events. Can't wait to see you!

Lastly, we have an awesome new game mode that people have long been awaiting, THE IRON MAN MODE! Test your abilities and chose the hardest game mode possible when creating a new account. This is a very competitive game mode and will appear on the highscores very soon.

WARNING: If caught getting items on an iron man mode account from a regular player account, the iron man account will be permanently disabled. Cheating on an extremely competitive mode is unacceptable and we have enough information logged to know whether an item is legitimate or not.

You guys may appreciate these updates today, I pin pointed things that were of great importance and turned one of the worst days possible into something more positive.

- Fixed an exploit with staff pin being avoided.
- White Portal FFA is now up and running, in preparation for awesome events!
- Increased a lot of security all over the server.
- Enhanced the trade logs, now extremely detailed for security reasons.
- We now have a legit IPBoard Lisence (woo hoooo!)
- New forums set up, new theme, MAJOR CONSTRUCTION.
- New Wilderness registration system to keep track of who is in the Wilderness so bugs can't be abused.
- Iron Man mode can now be selected in Character Creation.
- Players in Iron Man mode have no Strength Cap and Increased Drop Rates on rare items.
- Added in all the Iron Man restrictions, giving the game mode it's meaning.
- Iron Man will be in the highscores very soon, don't worry.

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So, I planned on releasing a lot today such as fixes and what not, however my computer decided to act up and I can't finish coding the updates. That means there are unfinished things on the server right now and I can't restart. I will post the updates tomorrow and I will try to fix up my computer and finish the updates in the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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