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Well the verdict is clear. With a large majority thinking that Edgeville would be a good new home, we will have moved by tomorrow night. In the following days will be more fixes and adjustments along with new Wilderness content that will get people enticed to PvP and will lure all kinds of players into the Wilderness to carry out new activities.

On another note, there is a new client out. This should have fixed some preference saving issues, improved performance on Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as fixing some crashes relating to certain things.

I loved being ingame with you guys today, now that the conversion is over and I feel a lot less stressed I will be appearing ingame more often and building those player relationships that I need. I may not be online at all tomorrow due to the fact that I am seeing a friend who has been away for the entire year so I don't want to miss out on that, however expect updates to flow in as usual.

Also, @King Fox has an amazing new update to our website that will make Bug Reports and Suggestions a lot more organized and will help us get stuff done faster. Follow his progress here:

Lastly, I would like to congratulate @Stefio and @YelloFellow (Korean Chain) on their new roles as Support members. The Live Support is now back online with @valkyrie and @Charity so enjoy some extra assistance. Lastly I would like to welcome @Valo back to the team as our Marketing Manager. Valo was the one who really built Elveron to what it was in it's glory in the past and now that things are smoothing out development wise, we are ready to kick in our advertisement and bring Elveron back to where it should be.

- Double and Triple XP are at 60+ and 80+.
- Stores show the actual item prices(new client required).
- Price checker shows the shop prices.
- Improved preference saving.
- Fixed auto setup message appearing and crashing clients.
- Weight updates as items are banked/worn/etc.
- Reduced the run drain effect for weight.
- Fixed a few client sided crashing issues with appearance.
- Players no longer spawn at tutorial island after a fun match.
- Fixed opponent not spawning or not dying in fun matches.
- Tournaments have now been re enabled.
- Fixed a client crashing error with hit marks.
- Bank tabs can now be created properly.
- The Ganodermic Beasts should now be in their proper spots.

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I'm getting an error when i go to:
Any reason for this?


We have now officially moved homes to Edgeville. I am actually very tired right now so I won't write up a ton. But we have some awesome new updates coming in the next few days that will enhance the PvP experience for you guys.

Also, @Sasuke will no longer be with us as support anymore sadly as he will not have internet access for possibly 1-2 months. We will be looking for a support member to fill in the spot in the next few days. We are also looking for a new Event Manager, however I will make a post about that tomorrow morning.

- The automatic donation system is now live, should be all sorted now.
- Fixed the XP display counter.
- Fixed the graphical disconnection bug (certain quick prayer combinations, emotes, etc.).
- Readjusted the prayer drainage for Iron Man accounts, should be improved again.
- Turmoil bonus now increases with NPC's as well as Players.
- Home has been migrated to Edgeville.
- Wilderness wide Bounty Hunter is in development.
- Started on a new EP System that will be out soon.
- Stats can be reset at home with Mandrith now.
- Shops have been consolidated into one categorized NPC.
- General stores are available in the shops.
- Fishing spots have been added to the Edgeville/Barbarian River.
- The Blacksmith's hut by the bank can now be used to smelt and smith.
- In the houses of Edgeville, all of the objects are useable (including skilling ones such as ranges, ovens, water taps, etc.)
- Clan/White/Dangerous Portals are now accessible at home and players can use the challenge option.
- All of the skilling resources including stardust and the robust glass machine from the old home are now conveniently located in Edgeville.
- Shortcuts to the Grand Exchange have been added for ease of access from home to the Marketplace.
- The Stronghold of Security has been touched up, a great training place for new players to get gear.
- Only four slayer masters are available at home now, the most used ones. The rest are placed in their appropriate spots.
- All the necessities to PK are available at home.
- Convenient locations to travel are added near home: Lodestones, Spirit Tree, Minecarts, Canoes, Fairy Ring.

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- Turmoil bonus now increases with NPC's as well as Players.
This was a much needed change.


It's been a great weekend, and although we have been a lot lower than usual, I am not giving up. The team is more than motivated and I can see a come back beginning that will be noticeable in the following week. I hope everyone is enjoying the new home and our new PvP revamp will be coming soon.

I have also read all the Event Manager applications and I will be reading anymore that come within the next 24 hours. If you are interested or curious, please read this thread:

- Increased the number of general stores.
- There should now be a total of 11 general stores.
- Fixed a squeel of fortune infinite scroll glitch.
- More efficient method of loading prices client sided (faster loading).
- Grand Exchange searching now works and the Grand Exchange has now returned.
- Voices can be turned off with a "voiceoff" command in the console.
- Zoomin and zoomout commands will zoom in and out, must be used in the console.
- EP can be gained over time while standing in the wilderness.
- Adjusted range damages and attack delays.
- Fixed staffyell(Guys, this is secret don't ask).
- Brought back the potion shops that dissappeared recently.
- Bounty hunter targets are assigned once the target bar is completely filled up.
- Bounty hunter targets are lost when they are away too long.
- Started working on bounty hunter rewards.

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