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Lot's done today, feels good to see half of the portal reduced. Still more to come :') I won't be home till late tomorrow so it won't be as productive as today, but we will still get stuff done as always.

- Completed the Oziach dialogue for combining items, sorry for the delay.
- Added the following RuneCrafting altars (which we never had?): Nature, Law, Death, Blood, Cosmic, and Chaos.
- Honestly don't know how we never added those, but anyways tiara support now works for altars.
- Added the Ape Atoll teleport spell: new opportunities such as the agility course, greegree's, thieving stalls, combat training, etc.
- Nearly completed Ape Atoll island, almost all activities are there (including poisonous snakes HAR HAR HAR).
- Drygores are now tradeable.
- Added every single RuneScape title with the correct ID.
- Reworked the way that loot shares and coin shares are divided, more fair now.
- Damage and participation gets factored into your shares.
- Added event manager token adding command.
- Fixed chicken "battle has begun" message so it shows for both players.
- NPCs are moved during chicken fights.
- Players will not recieve the message "You are already in a fight" if they aren't in a fight.
- Cannons cannot be set up at chickens.
- Drops are sent to bank 2 if bank 1 is full.
- Chicken fights cannot be started if one is already in progress.
- Not fighting rejects the chicken fight option.
- Fixed kiln cape reward selecting at end.
- Fixed both players winning chicken fight.
- Fixed coinshare only giving to one player.
- Fixed message that tells who has lootshare.

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Couldn't post, I was on a college tour. Time to catch up you guys ;)

I finally made the magic update that I've been talking about. Magic should now be more accurate against npcs and players, npcs even more so. Chicken fights have been pretty popular, so I decided to add some new features to it. As for banks, they cannot be larger than 516 because items cannot be withdrawn after the 516th item. I did, however, manage to find the ids that show the bank's size, so you can see how much space you have left. The hexhunter bow is an extremely powerful magic weapon that shoots rocks, have fun.
- Players who use the clan bank won't interfere with players using their banks.
- Increased bank sizes from 506 to 516.
- Fixed issue with fleching where one item wasn't required.
- Fixed money pouch deposit all max cash stack issue.
- Added money pouch deposit all for clan banks.
- Fixed chickens crate spawning issue where the chickens escape.
- Players cannot attack chickens at ::chickens.
- Off-hand range weapons increase range damage.
- Chicken annoucers that talk about the chicken fights.
- Added benches to chicken fights.
- Benches at chicken fights can be sat on.
- Hexhunter bow is now a magical and powerful bow.
- Korasi damage is based on the magic defence of the other player.
- Long range actually allows players to shoot from long range.
- The closer the player is to their enemy, the faster the damage will hit.
- Increased the distance required for magic attacks.
- Increased magic accuracy, even when equipment isn't worn.
- Decreased magic defence for npcs.

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Once again, I've fixed some more chicken related issues. From what I can tell, they're working very well. I have yet to be told otherwise.
I've been unhappy with the distance required for magic and range, so magic spells can now be cast from farther away. Oh, and the long range attack style actually allows people to range their opponents from a farther distance. Weird, right?
I'm on a quest to make more items tradeable, so feel free to make suggestions on the portal or in-game.
Speaking of quests, you'll probably notice that I started working on a new quest manager. The creation of quests parts through coding is tedious, so this one will speed up the process.
- Fixed range distance for range and magic.
- Fixed chickens with high hitpoints.
- Fixed chickens not fighting each other.
- Fixed players spawning into crates.
- Fixed chicken fight rewards.
- Fixed non ancient spell freezing.
- Increased magic defence of players;
- Worked on a new quest making system.
- Bank depositing works for all banks.
- Money pouch depositing no longer kicks you.
- Supreme auras are untradeable.
- Regular auras are tradeable.
- Imbued rings, dominion weapons, and ava's accumulator are all tradeable.
- Chargebow no longer requires arrows.

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One update post without any chicken updates? I know guys, it's strange for me too.
You guys asked for more game point updates, so here they are. They're a little bit more op than the original game point rewards, so they'll cost more on average, with ::bankskills costing a whopping 50,000 game points. They are, however, definitely worth the price.
More daily spins will be given to donators. The spin amounts are as follows: 5 for divine, 3 for legendary, 2 for extreme, and 1 for regular. These will add on to the spins that are gained by the player's game mode.
Game modes are now a factor in how many daily spins are given, with a maximum of 10 being given to hardcore players. Difficult and challenging weren't left out though, as they will receive 7 and 4 spins per 12 hours, respectively.
I was pretty sure that I had deposit all's finished in the last update, but this time I'm even more confident that they'll will work.
- Reduced desert thirst damage.
- Items can only be refunded from the store where they were purchased.
- Fixed deposit all buttons for both second banks and clan banks.
- More spins are awarded per day based on a player's donatorship level.
- More spins are awarded per day based on a player's game mode.
- Increased spin rewards for skiller task points.
- ::moresuccess game point rewards increases pickpocketing and cooking chances.
- ::morexp game point reward that increases experience rates for noncombat skills.
- ::moreskills game point reward that gives more runes, logs, ores, and fish.
- ::bankskills game point reward that banks runes, logs, ores, and fish.

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First off, the hope spirit shield should now be on the same level, or at least on a similar level to the Scarlet. Not only will the Hope's abilities be increased though. It turns out that I added purple hit marks to show when players are healed.
After a large amount of studying the corporeal beast, I finally figured it out. According to corporealbeast.txt, the problem with them is that Corporeal beasts are naturally, you may have guessed it, beasts. I reduced the amount of beast to about moderate, therefore reducing the amount of safing they do. This means that they won't heal up to full anymore.
Hey guys, what's up with nobody going to Tormented Demons.
Other than that, I basically just fixed some small things here and there, so here's a list of today's accomplishments.
- Fixed magic and range cape kiln rewards.
- Increased Spirit shield of Hope's chance of healing the user.
- Hope will show how much is healed with a healing hitmark.
- Corporeal beast doesn't heal to full hp while fighting.
- Fixed shop refunds. (will reset your last purchases)
- Fixed deposit all dupe.
- Added stalls to ::bankskills.
- Increased price of doomcore from 7 prestige tokens to 10.
- The slayer master "Task" option will not complain about the player having another slayer master.
- Fixed Gargoyles not taking damage.
- Fixed Kurasks not requiring items to kill them.
- Void knight magic armor provides 30% magic accuracy bonus.
- Items from Crystal chest and pest invasion will be placed on ground if there isn't enough space.

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Back from my college tour, had a great time and I am pretty confident what I want to do. I may make a post about my college decision tomorrow, we will see :)

Got some things done that were spammed to me on skype over the weekend while I was gone :'( I will work on more portal stuff tomorrow <3

I also, got a surprise. For my college going away celebration / 18th birthday gift I am going to Cancun for April break. Kind of out of the blue, although I am excited. I will have dates up tomorrow (I will miss you guys </3).

- Added altar useage to instanced boss sessions.
- Fixed Hope Healing effect.
- Fixed the Magic Carpet glitch.
- Added the KBD fire potion immunity.
- Addy bars are now drops for Aviansies.
- ::bankdrops won't send noted items to banks.
- Fixed ::moresuccess for cooking.
- Redid the formula for cooking.
- Reworked NPC charm drops.
- Cooking formula for success is logarithmic as opposed to linear.
- Added in the Heroic EXP Rates.
- Started working on the Heroic Donator Rank upon request.
- Added ::facepalm command.
- Fixed pendant time left message.

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It's been a long two days, however things are getting under control. We have hired web security experts who are working hard on securing our website patching vulnerabilities and removing backdoors. In the process, we are also migrating servers to a more reliable host, in which we began to search today.

For those who can't log in and keep getting kicked, you should be redirected to a page with instructions on how to re enable your accounts. So please read the thread before asking me questions. Thanks!

4/13/2015 - 4/14/2015
- Added more security question measures. This should completely stop hackers.
- Unless the security question is answered correctly, players cannot move, use commands, drop items, trade, or open their bank.
- Fixed trade glitch where coins weren't added to money pouch after trade.
- Redid magic damages for the regular spellbook.
- Redid combat scripts for all dragons.
- Added magic maximum damage to ::maxhit command.
- Allowed game point commands and others to be used in any area.
- Voting, Highscores, etc. are back online on our new servers.
- Added stats for range kiln cape.
- Added stats for magic kiln cape.
- Items from muddy chest will be placed on the ground if the inventory is full.
- Removed wearing requirements for agile armor.
- Removed wearing requirements for diamond pickaxe.
- Increased off-hand chaotic crossbow's stats.

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Hello everyone, I am leaving on vacation in a few minutes now. Players, if you have a few minutes please take the time to read this thread so that you can have a heads up on the current status of the website. My availability is posted in the thread.

Returning from vacation!


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