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Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing - OSRS

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Hello and Welcome guys to the Guthix thread. Guthix is a server with lots of work put into it and with the goal of making it the most interesting and most fun(which a lot of servers miss out on) OSRS based server, we currently load #109 data which includes maps, items, npcs, and much more, but we will keep upgrading each time a major update happens. Here at Guthix we care and are always listening to the players, since the players are what keeps Guthix going! We have a lot to offer for an OSRS based server and we are always coming out with the best quality content with lots of testing put into place before releasing an update to make sure it's being bug free. Other servers do content very poorly such as putting in a boss that does absolutely nothing but hit you but we pride ourselves by making sure each boss fight is fun and challenging, with each skill having lots to do and with great rewards, and making sure the pking is very fun with great combat and yet pretty profitable. Our currency for everything in the game is blood money and you can get blood money from everything inside of the game. We found a balance in all of the things in Guthix, by listening to the players feedback we forged a great balance in the economy in turn we here at Guthix promise you will love the game and will always be coming back to it for more.

(click to show/hide)Lets start off with our home, when you login you will feel welcomed by the other players, and you can easily change your looks via the makeover mage

A lot of players always ask, how do you get money and how do you get stats? Well go to your mage book and teleport to the skilling area and start thieving or do any skill you want because each skill has a random chance at blood money.

After you get enough blood money you can buy yourself a type of set you want, each set of the sets equip items on you that are purchasable from the store and give you the respected combat levels, so in turn you can pvm/boss without training the dreaded combat for the 100th time! Not only that you can also instantly purchase food/pots/and runes without going to the shop and pressing the buy 10 option 100x!

A lot of people when they login like to check out shops, you can sell back all your stuff you get from bossing and pking back to the shops and in turn make pretty good profit for being a good pker/bosser. Our currency is blood money so don't forget that

Here is our bounty hunter store with a fully working target system, emblem drops and upgrading, and with pretty good rewards for the pker's, and one the best rewards being a saradomin tear or a lava whip

We also have a skillcape shop with an interesting concept, each 99 cape costs 1k blood money, if you buy all of the capes and combine them via the fairy then you could make a max cape, in turn valuing the cape at almost 25k blood money. Afterwards you can combine a fire cape, an ava's attractor and other capes to make better max capes.

Also since you have seen the bounty hunter store, you might as well look at the slayer store with the ice whip! And the only place in the game to get a ring of wealth which increases your drop rate by 2.5%

If you are 85 slayer you can now do boss slayer tasks which are more fun and let you explore all the bosses in the game

So now that we started talking about bosses meet our Cerberus! We are the first server with a full Cerberus boss fight making it an interesting and challenging fight, with great rewards. You need 85 slayer to enter the cave

Our other bosses include Kraken

Fully working lizard shamens! Very fun boss fight as well

Corporal beast with dark cores

Full Crazed archaeologist with all he words he says and the full fight

Full Venenatis with stunning and his attacks

Full chaos fanatic with all the words, and boss fight
And of course the op snake with the op power creep ZULRAH

Also you can keep track of every boss you have killed with our BOSS AND NPC LOGS!

Now lets move onto skilling, not only do we have that skilling area on zeah, we also have the full resource area with piles noting your items for 1 bm each! Very profitable with good exp, but very risky.

We have Blast mining which includes good exp and blood money. The exp is for 3 skills, which are crafting firemaking and of course mining!

Sulfur mining for Blast Mining

Quick speed run of Runecrafting

We also have full hunter with an interesting imp reward system, with birds/chins coming out soon. Also the imps will be moved to zeah once we expand Hunter again

Also donors have a interesting donor zone to skill in with things being twice as close then on the zeah skilling island

From skilling you can obtain all the pets, one of them being a beaver from wcing and you can talk to them also!

On zeah where all our skilling content is you can bank using the pets

But if its anywhere else, then it won't allow it

You can also insure all your pets for a one time fee of 2.5k blood money

Now lets move onto the minigames, we have a full fight caves with 10 waves, and you can also gamble your cape for a jad pet, if you are not feeling fight caves you can buy a fire cape for blood money instead.

Our duel arena is free of bugs and dupes and we tested many outcomes

Multiple client features you can toggle

We also include a fully working special orb, quick prayers, zoom in and out on resizable/full screen, a exp counter, and a transparent resizable/full screen chatbox. With much more client features

We also include so much more, just hop on and you will see all the content we have to offer!

Download the client now at Guthix RSPS - Download page[/url]
Join our community at Guthix Forums[/url]

In the end I just want to say thank you to everyone, this is the first RSPS I finished and am releasing, with another amazing one in the work's called Last Man Standng. I always wanted to own one and it was a lot of work to get here, but today on this day, this is the day I can say I own an RSPS an RSPS I am proud of. I really hope you guys enjoy Guthix, a lot of work has been put into it and I want to thank the development team from Guthix and Last Man Standing. Also the Guthix Team is very open to suggestions and feedback. We hope to see you on :).

Also I worked very hard on this thread trying to show and explain a lot of Guthix features.

Our wonderful developers consist of
Micheal/Notepad - 01053[/URL]
Joshua - Exilius[/URL]
Mikey - Mikey96[/URL]
Justin - Eyeownyew[/URL]


I don't think I had seen it but might have overlooked it, but what is the reason for changing the original concept of money and renaming it blood money as well as changing the color? I'm curious.

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