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    Author Topic: Hero-Scape  (Read 197 times)

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    « on: August 31, 2017, 08:03:24 AM »

    [COLOR="#FFD700"]3MB Client file[/COLOR], many forms such as EXE, JAR, and all is downloadable in [COLOR="#00FF00"]ZIP[/COLOR] form.[/SIZE]
    [COLOR="#40E0D0"]Click here to go to download page.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="#dab729"]⇎VISIT WEBSITE⇎[/COLOR][/B][/U][/SIZE]



    [ADMIN=Server Features/Details]- Hyperion [Graham] Base

    - Quick item switching

    - Home

    - Banking, Bank Tabs & Bank Pin, Price Checker

    - Grand exchange, Equipment Sets

    - Gold/Donator Reward, Vote Point Exchange, Stealing Creation Rewards,

    - Teles, Training Areas, Boss Teleports

    - Dueling Arena, Pest Control, Castle wars, Soul Wars, Soul Creation

    - Quests, Clan chat, Friends Chat, Normal prayers, Quick prayers, Ancient mage, Lunar mage, Emote tab, Summoning

    - Citadel

    - Equipment Tab

    - All Skills, Magic, Woodcutting, Theiving, Summoning, Skillcapes

    - GodWars Dungeon

    - Dialogue

    - Cluescrolls
    - Random Events

    - resting

    - Home is grand exchange

    - Donation entitlement....now hold on..

    Instead of people donating for all of these hot new items ect...
    im going to allow people who donate to do some things...from one donation
    I'll give many many features for...well...message Mod Mikers and
    ill set you up with an Imperials rank, that you dont have to pay anything...
    just if i notice your not contributing..you loose your ranking. Alright?

    There are many more features, come and see!

    (click to show/hide)


    [ADMIN=Website Features]

    - Content Management System
    - Old school RS news system
    - Clan system
    - google Remake (Script preserved from '09)
    - Forums
    - Donation ticket system
    - Downloads page
    - Signature & Avatar
    - Forgotten Password
    - Email registration system (You dont need to confirm email tho)
    - Private messaging system
    - Friends list
    - Donator points system
    - Player search
    - Highscores

    and more!![/ADMIN]

    1K views in 3 months only advertised on 4 toplists

    Picture taken on Sat, november 29th. 2009
    Click here to view the 2009 project thread

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    Re: Hero-Scape
    « Reply #1 on: September 09, 2017, 07:19:26 AM »
    Not really my type of server but good luck.


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