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[Infinity-Edge] New RSPS February 2015

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Addded Clan

You can now create your own or be invited to other clan
Clan does have its r
ank recruiter to admin
clan achievements
clan bank
clan flag
clan cloak

you can customize
clan info
clan motto
clan flag
ban and kick clan members

its not yet 100% done but its almost finished i can say 80-90%

and alot more perks on the clan

;;rules command

server reached 30 players join us now!

Been playing this for awhile now and I have to say it's a nice server, the community is nice and helpful as well.

Fixed Barrows
Added Barrows on Minigame Teleport
removed Trivia Shop and Statresetter multiple npcs at home
Fixed Trivia shop you can no longer buy Xp lamp if you dont have 150 triviapoints
Fxied Stat Resetter your items in inventory and armor will be put on bank if you will reset your stats.
Almost 80% on the new Donator Boss Sunsfreet
Will Drop Dragon Set (OR)
and Dragon weapons and armor

Updates and Fixes
Finally found whats the problem on cape customization and its fixed
Fixed onspot duel,wilderness bug Ty to worztide
removed ores,logs and dragon stuff at shops
added dragon stuff at mithril and iron dragons (mithril drop chance is higher than iron)
Temporarily remove Team Dungeoneering and FOG minigames
Finally Fixed Barrows
For content
New adventurers log
check what your are doing and whats your status in highscores automatic updated when log out
Achievemetn system (Cosmetic only)
some boss
ull get a cosmetic armor
Talk to brenden for more info he almost got it all tough.
thats all i think
i forgot the other stuff ive done.
Guys its week end please help me do some advertisement, video ,threads :)
Please and thank you !!


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