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old major:

Have you ever dreamed of a server where you ran into endless content; beautiful player base where you get lost into conversations and hours feel like minutes? Requires actual skill to kill monsters and bosses instead of flicking prayer to win? You have come to the right place; Kraitonia is a brand new OSRS Private Server, we offer you the strongest community a mind could ever imagine, un-remarkable performance in Skilling aspect as well as Player vs. Monster last but not least Player vs. Player, our bridding tactics are through the atmosphere, perfect switching timer and attack distance you will never get cheated out of a kill again!

Haven't you always hated joining a server and having a million and one ideas and no one listens to you; another server adds it and it's a huge idea and you said in-side your head "I told ya so..."? In Kraitonia we listen to every single patron(s) input to help make the game community stronger, more and more community inputs get put into the game than any other updates!

Kraitonia features are listed below; trust anyone you will NOT want to miss out on these features!
Spoiler for FEATURES: Show
Monsters require skill to kill; not just pray magic and you win, they actually hit vastly through prayers
All skills are trainable!
Dragon warhammer - Animations and special
Abyssal dagger - Animations and special
Abyssal bludgeon - Animations
Toxic blowpipe - with proper attack animations
Trident of seas - with proper attack animations
Trident of the swamp - with proper attack animations
Armadyl cross'bow - with proper attack animations and special attack
Cooked karambwans combo food
Armour set exchange
Recoloring whip & dark bow system
Boss kill log
Anti-fire potions
Crystal keys
Working obelisks
Dual slayer
Fish for Karambwans and dark crab
All skills work including: Potion making; all jewlery making with enchanting, arrow and bolt making with enchanting.
Serpentine helm and abyssal tentacle whip both do toxic damage!
Mysterious Emblems
Lunars and Ancient prayers
Automatic teleport system to slayer tasks
Switching perfected for hybriding
Decanting potions
Venom poisoning
Primordial, pegasian and eternal boot making
Clan wars free-for-all
Armour note exchange
OSBuddy overlay for enemy HP
OSRS gameframe for xp gains

Zulrah with proper maps
Chaos fanatic
King black dragon
Kalphite queen
Commander zilyana
General Graardor
K'ril tsutsaroth
Chaos elemental
Dagannoth kings
Giant mole
Penance queen
Thermonuclear smoke devil
Fight caves
Easy, medium, hard and elite clue scrolls
Lava dragons
Bank tabs
Bounty hunter pking style
Easy, medium and hard tasks with rewards
- So much more -

Fancy dress shop!

Slayer store

Donator Store

Dragon warhammer (Spec isn't 100% but it will do)

Abyssal dagger 100% identical to OSRS

Proper blowpipe animations!

Proper Trident of the seas!

Proper Trident of the swamp!

Proper Armadyl crossbow!


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