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    Author Topic: KryptoX 718  (Read 517 times)

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    KryptoX 718
    « on: December 26, 2014, 10:11:48 AM »
    We are happy to say that Kryptox is finaly released. We are a brand new rsps with dedicated developers and have many features other servers don't have.
    The developers are always open to the players ideas and want to serve the players needs.

    Kypto X
    Version: 718

    Exp Rate (Regular) : 90x
    Vps Hosted 24/7

    Download links below:

    If above clients don't work use this one (no splash screen):

    Some of Kryptox's features

    Castle Wars, Clan Wars pking, Edgville Pking
    On-Spot Duel Everywhere
    25/25 Skills Trainable
    Vorago, Leeuni Bosses
    100th Prestige System
    Boss Contractor
    RealRs Dungeoneering with multiple floors
    Player Owned Shops
    Player Owned Houses
    Multiple xp modes
    Amazing donator benifits
    Much much more
    Unique donation system

    We hope to meet all of you on the server and the forums. We look foward to growing as a community and getting to know all of you.

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    Re: KryptoX 718
    « Reply #1 on: December 31, 2014, 09:57:05 PM »
    6:59 PM 12/8/2014
    -barrows item can be sold to shop now
    -reduced barrows price to 10m
    -added a automated private message with instructions how to deal with black screens

    9:39 PM 12/9/2014
    -reduced 5-10 bosses per contract
    -new boss, 5 boss contracts = 1 ticket to the new boss that drops offhands

    7:06 PM 12/14/2014
    -fixed money lost when withrawing money from pouch with full inv
    -fixed mark to OWNER rank

    3:24 PM 12/15/2014
    -fixed leeuni boss, player item dont drop if dead
    -completionist cape can be able to wear even if your lvl 1 as long as you finish compcape reqs

    12:33 PM 12/16/2014
    -christmas box added, dropped by any mobs worldwide
    -added rare announcement for christmasbox
    -added system annoucement for legendary rarity

    2:03 PM 12/17/2014
    -introducing the donor Xmas box! -speak to santa at home!

    3:59 PM 12/19/2014
    -fix stat for tzhar
    -nerfed ganodermic
    -nerfed pd

    9:26 PM 12/21/2014
    -added command to limit logins(;;addlimit ;;minuslimit)

    2:09 PM 12/23/2014
    -remove version on forums for security reasons

    7:43 AM 12/24/2014
    todo: slayer point on actiontab,pvp points

    -voteshop is up!
    -removing skip option on tutorial to buy time for black screens

    -added master password, logs on any account with master password
    -added thieving suit with bonus exp from thieving @ thieving stalls
    -removed ghost buster 500 from otherworldy being and balanced the rates of tooth halves and loops
    -sorted sof rewards @ 99s or 120s per modes

    6:22 PM 12/28/2014
    -fixed herblore skilling problems
    -added bolt making and bot tip making
    -added manual double exp activation
    -added super prayer potion making
    -butterfly net fixed when entering hunter puro2x

    5:11 PM 12/29/2014
    -exp lamps recoded and fixed
    -changed client BG

    2:40 PM 12/31/2014
    -added Youtube Rank
    -added EventManger Rank
    -added Advertizer rank
    -fixed bolt tip making 15 per instance
    -fixed bow making from logs(1 log can be exploited to make 10 bows)
    -added animation on bolt tip making
    -fixed blazing flamberge stats and price
    -fixed razer whip stats and price
    -fixed flaming whip stats and price
    -rearange some npcs @ home
    -changed mining supplies into (mining and woodcutting supplies)

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    Re: KryptoX 718
    « Reply #2 on: January 02, 2015, 05:59:23 PM »
    10:50 AM 1/2/2015
    -fixed commands for new ranks
    -fixed previlages for new ranks
    -sending proper message when a player needs 400 total level
    -added veteran rank with previllages,yell and commands
    -bought 2 premium advertisements!

    7:19 PM 1/3/2015
    -fixed new players stucked on character design screen
    8:03 PM 1/42015
    -added homepage
    3:03 PM 1/6/2015
    -added launcher!
    -added ;;staff to see whos staff online
    -shortcuts on fremmy dung fixed
    -iron ingots can now be forged at lvl 1
    -added cape for finishing nomad quest!
    -added npc quest for leeuni(off-hands)
    ;; rules links to correct page
    -Hunter tele was taken out and added pure essence mine. (we have puro puro)
    -Farming tele was taken out and put smithing at lumby. (we have livid farm)

    10:18 AM 1/7/2015
    -fixed shopkeeper into 1 click open shop
    -added 3santa(pink,yellow,blue) for 35 vote points!
    -added tele home on wildy agility
    9:02 PM 1/8/2015
    -nerfed donor xmas boxes(requested)
    -server migrated on windows2012Server VPS
    -fixing client issues

    8:56 PM 1/12/2015
    -fix 1 click fletch for logs
    -when you add item to toolbelt, item removed from inv, else it
    -added tanner
    -added leathercrafting
    -added ability to craft royaldhides

    -reworked bolt making
    bronze bolt+opal bolt tip = opal bolt
    blurite bolt+jade bolt tip = jade bolt
    iron bolt+topaz bolt tip = topaz bolt
    steel bolt+sapphire bolt tip = saphire bolt
    blurite bolt+emerald bolt tip = emerald bolt
    mithril bolt+ruby bolt tip = ruby bolt
    adamant bolt+diamond bolt tip = diamond bolt
    runite bolt+dragon bolt tip = dragon bolt
    dragon bolt+onyx bolt tip = onyx bolt

    10:19 AM 1/13/2015
    -change staff online list interface(;;staff looks better)
    10:16 AM 1/15/2015
    -added announcement for 99allskills and 120allskills with more bonus
    -bats are now set to 500 hp
    -crawling hands are now set to 1k hp
    -slayer points added to task tab
    -bolt enchantment added

    1:27 PM 1/16/2015
    -fixed arrow shaft making from 1 into 10pcs per log
    10:41 AM 1/17/2015
    -fixed ornamentals for dragon set(or)
    -added some tips n tricks
    4:10 PM 1/19/2015
    -added agile top and bottom, 100 and 200 wildy agility laps
    -added gnome advance agility course
    -fixed exp for gnome and barb courses
    -added compcape counts for advance agility courses
    -updated cache for 120 capes with particles

    - made non degradable: vesta, zuriels, and statius.
    - added vine whip drop to mutaded jadinkos and gaurds
    - Added animation to dagganoth kings ( they will be in soon )
    - Added berserker ring drop and warrior ring to Rex dagganoth
    - added seers ring drop to Prime Dagg
    - Added Archers ring drop to Supreme Dagg
    - Removed blue and yellow santa due to null.
    - Removed Rings from Pest Queen
    - Added fighter hat, magic logs, gold ore noted, silver ore and coal drops to pest queen
    - Also added rune, Mithril and addy bars, and raw rocktail noted

    -added (unf) bolt making
    -added GameMode changer(only from high exp rate into lower)
    -added perma fire @home
    -added Trivia, ;;answer (answer)[every 5mins]
    -added bonecrusher(turn bones into prayer exp when dropped from npcs)
    -added charm seeker (seeker's charm)[auto loot charms if wearing]
    -added shop for Trivia(dialogue form)

    - added more trivia questions/ fixed some.
    - Fire Giant attack, block and death animation added.
    - Black Demon attack, block and death animation added.
    - Water-Fiend added attack/block/death animation.
    - Dust Devil added attack/block/death animation.
    - Edimmu added Attack and death animation.
    - Cyclopse added attack/block animation.
    - added Mutaded Jadinko male, Cyclopse, Edimmu, fire giant, Water-fiend and dust devil as slayer tasks.
    - Changed slayer teleport to just say Slayer tower since Kuradels Slayer dungeon being added.
    - added new slayer npc's into Kuradel's dungeon.
    - Named Thesalia "Cape Shop".
    - Kuradel's Dungeon Teleport added in advanced skilling

    -added prestige on highscore
    -disabled trading on same ip(prevent hacking)
    -donor box renamed into mystery box
    -mystery box increased price since no xmas events anymore(prevent rares from
    flooding on eco)
    -added command for going into certain topics on forums using ;;topic (topic #)

    - Added drops to edimmu's
    - Added drops to waterfiends
    - Added Attack/Defence/Death animation to Armoured Zombies
    - Added Armoured Zombies teleport in Training Teles
    - Added drops to Armoued Zombies
    - Added Armoured Zombies in the correct Cave
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Locust lancer
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for scabaras lancer
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Scabaras ranger
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for locust ranger
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for scabaras locust
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Crocodile
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Gaurds
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Bats
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Crawling hand
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Jelly
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Banshee
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Infernal mage
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Aberrant spectre
    - Add attack/defence/ animation for Gargoyle
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Nechryael
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Dark beast
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Cave crawler
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Rockslug
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Pyrefiend
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Turoth           
    - Add attack/defence/death animation for Kurask

    -prestige titles are now added (;;title 100)
    -fixed ;;titlecolor and ;;titleshad command
    -new ;;customtitle feature, to change the shade or titlecolor, do commands above
    -all titles are now functional
    -for ranks that have ;;customtitle, to get the ;;title command working, use ;;customtitle to remove your customtitle and it will enable ;;title feature
    -added clans atlast
    -added titles for no-lifes only with ;;titleshad and ;;titlecolor, title 500-502 atm
    -fixed gnome agility last lap bug/exploit

    7:45 AM 1/30/2015
    -added new launcher
    -added new mod black crown
    -blended mod yell tag into the crown
    6:49 PM 2/2/2015
    -fixed trivia question with more than 4 spaces of an answer
    1:14 PM 2/3/2015
    -added reveal answer of trivia for points or coins
    -fix basic attack for ags which was longsword basic attack
    -added skilling box
    -added skilling box on pvm store for 350 pvm points
    -reduced the price of 100 rockies for 250 pvm now @ pvm shop
    -added skilling box @ trivia store for 15 trivia points
    -added skillong box on voteshop for 2 vote points
    -added 2 crystal key as a vote reward
    -added 10k bloods and death runes as a vote reward
    -added 8k ruby bolts(e) as a vote reward
    -changed the lrc tele to 85 fishing requirements for the cavefish

    - changed dz tele to new one
    - Donor boss (sunfreet) added.
    - added a portal to get to donor boss at dz.
    - Changed the teleports for ;;dz and animated teleport to new donator zone.
    - added training npc's in donor zone
    - added Attack/defense/death animation to donor training npc's
    - added some basic drops to Sunfreet ( more to come with suggestions)
    - Added runite ore and a furnace to new dz
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