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    • qazplm102938: everyone play manicps its best server out there loads to do its badboyyyy - manicps manicps
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    Author Topic: LumosRsps 718/742 Loading | Drygores | Boss Pets | 120 skills  (Read 284 times)

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    Project Lumos is a server created for the player by the player. The following video only shows brief glimpses of what is offered. Lumos is completely f2p and paid for without donations. Donations will only improve the server. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on our forums :) we are open to all suggestions 

    Project Lumos is available at LumosRsPs.com

    Client- https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8fkrnwxitpkr6s/Lumos718.jar?dl=0
    Webclient-  LumosRSPS[/url]

    The server is completely hosted offshores and is funded through the owners paycheck so the server will never go offline because of lack of donations however donations will always go right back into the server to make it better.

    Staff is chosen based off of game activity, forum activity, community respect, and over all knowledge of the server.

    120 Skills
    120 Capes with particle effects
    Custom pets (Like baby gwd bosses and corp
    Vote Rewards
    Unique Home
    Custom Ranks
    Qbd (All phases)
    Kalphite Queen
    Training (with a fun reward system)
    All gwd bosses
    Clan wars
    Castle wars
    Duel arena (No glitch!)
    Nex (all phases)
    Prayer Swap Npc
    Comp Comp
    NoticeBoard at home
    Unique Dungeon System
    Bil to token swap system
    Experienced and friendly staff
    Great donator benefits (without them dominating over free players)
    Great donator zone with private bosses and no minions
    Swap graphics
    Elite Forums
    Fun squel rewards system

    At project lumos our goal is to satisfy the player by adapting the server to the community desires. This is not for profit but instead for my own amusement so no worries about corruption!
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