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    Author Topic: Dubeast-PKz 718 VPS|| Prestige || All Skills || Bosses (GWD, Nex, Corp) || MORE!  (Read 702 times)

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    ****NOTE: This is InsidiaX source, I give 100% credit to the creator of it. I am just running it to make changes to it, learn how to work with 718s, and because I have grown tired of 317s, so keep that in mind before you flame. (I also give credit at bottom)

    -----------------------------Enter Dubeast - PKZ-----------------------------



    Dubeast-Pkz was a 317 PK server, and has now been transferred to a 718 Eco, boss-fighting, and PvP server. If you enjoyed 718 RS but did not want to put in the countless hours of time and the effort, this is the server for you. There are many many things to do, so no matter the amount of people online, there is always fun. As a java developer, I will be taking this source to the next level, from its original state (InsidiaX) and making it my own. The server has a stable XP rate, as well, so it takes effort, but allows you to play at a fun pace while still having to work a little bit.

    Why this could be the RSPS for you: Friendly and dedicated staff, you will get a great playing experience with constant updates, 24/7 uptime (VPS), and great gameplay with minimal bugs and all your favorite things to do in RS.

    This server includes all that you can imagine in a 718 - curses, dungeoneering, summoning, boss-fighting, Corporeal beast, and much more. Log on to start your quest to max level and get your completionist cape, as every skill in the game is FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

    Skill Features:
    • All skills work and are trainable
    • Dungeoneering has unique system for XP and rewards
    • Summoning fully functional, and place to train
    • All skills have their respective shops, along with a teleport to a training area for the skill
    • Economy thrives off of skills as well, so a good way to make money
    • Slayer with teleports to all slayer areas

    Home Features:
    • Stores for most skills
    • Teleports to bosses, construction, and clan wars
    • NPCs to talk to regarding Dungeoneering and other skills
    • Area dedicated to smithing and other skills related

    PvM Features:
    • All Godwars including Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, and Armadyl
    • Nex
    • Corporeal Beast
    • KBD
    • QBD
    • Tormented Demons
    • Slayer w/ slayer dungeons
    • Dungeoneering caves with dungeoneering loot
    • Much more!
    PvP Features:
    • PK spot teleports available in quest tab, at your convenience
    • Clan Wars
    • Duel Arena
    • Wilderness including teleports to different levels such as:
    • Revenants
    • Multi-combat
    • West Wilderness
    • Fully Functional Skilling - ALL SKILLS
    • Fully Functional Minigames
    • Training Areas to level up your combat level
    • Skilling Areas to level up your skills
    • Minigames such as Barrows, fight kiln, fight caves, Dominion Tower, and more!
    • Home that has everything you need to level up
    • Quest tab for navigation around the server
    • Switching
    • Dungeoneering System
    • Different currency system for buying rares
    • Great ways to play even if not many online!
    • Stable XP Rate
    • Economy that thrives on skilling and also bosses!
    • Home area with everything you need to succeed
    • Much more!
    Will be doing a few giveaways in this first week!

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