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Ophion - Dedicated to Perfection (666)

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Ophion 667 ~ Community[/url]
Updates - In-Game - Ophion[/url]
ZIP CLIENT!TIUUCKQC!oLr52DjXnf4_bWcFXl6Ve_Ph6ayfU-929vpVC05Jk0A

[Updates, Media and More!] ( Could Not List all As there is a 20000 Char Limit. )
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* Added all miasmic spells
* Added ophion games 2.0
* Added crystal chest achievement
* Added nex armour degrading & repairing with bob
* Added akrisae brothers draining your prayer in combat
* Added kalphite queen lair and rope to enter
* Added frost dragon bones into vote shop & added morrigans javelins & axes into pvp shop
* Added taverly dungeon strange floor obstacle
* Made ape-atoll skeletons multi area
* Even more core modifications
* Improved crystal chest drastically { new rewards & semi-valuable "junk rewarsds from all keys }
* Improved drop rate percentage accuracy (elite drop rate is increased, easy is decreased)

* Added automatic user-registration for people logging in the first time with no account
* Added 1-click teleporting with talismans to runecrafting altars (Locate option)
* Added onyx necklace enchanting
* Added trees in edgeville
* Added living rock cavern
* Added dragonkin lamps
* Added complete nex
* Added counter at yanille home for g.e
* Fixed wielding ring of stone
* Fixed wrong tinderbox drops
* Changed home to yanille
* Removed null npc at edgeville

* Added full barrows armour degrading and repairing with bob
* Added def requirements for void & barrow gloves
* Added ardougne cloak options
* Improved method to kick ur player if u DC
* Improved chances for pvp armour drops
* Decreased barrows armours chances
* Fixed onyx necklace crafting
* Fixed strykewyrm slayer tasks
* Fixed ancient effigies
* Fixed safe spotting in barrows
* Added gold points shop
* Added donator rank updating based on the amount of points you've purchased
Check out donator rank benefits
* Added achievement point shop
* Added all summoning ingredients into grand exchange
* Added mandrith at home bank
He can give you a wilderness skull
He also handles the PKP shop
* Added 'Death' NPC on player death in wilderness
* Added skillcape purchasing to the '?' at the top right of your screen
* Added max & completionist cape purchasing
Max cape needs all maxed stats for skills available (dung coming soon)
Completionist cape requires all achievements complete & max cape. More reqs will be added
* Added achievement management information interface
Check it out via 'Adventurers Log Options' in your settings tab.
* Added gargoyle death 'smash' option
* Added dragon sq shield making
* Added 'last x' amount in banking
* Completed prayer unlocking scrolls
* Fixed random events during activites such as Fight Caves
* Fixed spellbook saving as lunar on logout
* Fixed items from grand exchange overflowing on the ground if you don't have enough inventory space
* Fixed wilderness levels in forinthry dungeon
* Fixed up price checker

* Added ava's accumulator to g.e
* Added bones on altar at home with 3x the experience
* Added average price showing next to grand exchange offers without a best offer
* Added LEGEND mode to exp rates choice
* Added FOUR new wilderness bosses that drop all pvp armours
* Fixed wilderness teleporting > 20 wld
* Fixed armour set prices
* Fixed falador mining dungeon teleport
* Fixed the disconnections on withdraw-10 and transform-10

* Changed resetting experience dialogues & removed locking/unlocking skills
* Changed spirit tree at home and changed soul wars portal name
Soul wars portal is used to teleport to questing dome, and will be used for others:
Clan Wars
Duel Arena
* Changed face direction of all bankers at home
* Changed information tab icon to rune nova book
* Changed login results to ReturnCode usage and wrote custom return codes for things such as non-existant forum accounts.

* Adding questing dome location which will be a destination for all quest progression
* Added information tab with listener for reopening
* Added world map opening confirmation dialogue
* Added bank pins as well as notification upon bank opening for non-existant bank pin
* Added items kept on death perfectly in wilderness and non-wilderness locations
You have 120 seconds to retrieve all untradeables after dying in the wilderness with them
* Added items kept on death interface
* Added home altar for healing your character
* Added sending of dialogues (npc & player) without the continue button, and it will display after a parameterized tick delay
* Added class-per-packet system using @Annotation implementation & dynamic loading
* Added complete gravestones with [inscription reading, blessing, demolishing] all supported
* Added game notifications for players for things such as double experience notifications

* Converted all packets to my new packet handling system
* Quest interface will be used for quests. Wrote the handling system and will format all characters appropriately; no overflow on lines.
* Added a help interface and dialogue using the ? next to the logout button on the gameframe
* Wrote rock crabs listeners for local players so they transform into the real ones & made rock crabs in east relleka easily accessible
* Completed a quest management system with support for all types of quests, quest tab information, and a custom quest journal.
* Added caskets on NPC death. Chances increase for receiving a casket if the monster is your slayer task
Casket loot is 50-125K
* Small bug fixes and message notifications.

* Completed sandwich lady random event - we now have 2 100% random events
{ Dr Jeklly & Sandwich Lady }
They will teleport you to a random position on the world map if you fail to interact correctly.
* Populated the fishing guild with fishing spots that will bring you from 1-99 fishing.
* Completed slayer with task types { EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, ELITE }
All task types have unique number of tasks available per type.
The user selects what type of task they want.
Slayer rewards shop is completely set up.
All right click options on Lapalok (slayer master) work
* Fixed some interface bugs & removed some matrix interfaces that were never needed
* Added general store at home via shopkeeper
* Started development on clue scrolls, there will be 20+ clue scrolls supported with different types { EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, ELITE }
Completed basic clue scroll class design, all left is implementation
Based on real runescape interfaces
Info: Loaded 0 clue scrolls [easy=0, medium=0, hard=0, elite=0]
* Added formula to calculate chance of charms to be dropped. This is based on monster combat level
* Added summoning infusion obelisk to home
* Added summoning pouch & scroll infusion

* Completed 10 clue scrolls, 30 more to do.
These all support emotes being performed while having specific gear on, or digging at a scrolls coordinate based on the map.
* Completely added character customisation accessed with the ophion avisor @ the ? symbol
* Added a custom crown for the owner (red)
* Added staff online into the info. tab
* Added more stats into the info. tab about slayer
* Populated list with tons of junk clue scroll and created algorithm for fair junk & rare rewards based on scroll types [ See June 21 for scroll types ]
* Added summoning training information to the list of help queries
* Clue Scrolls done!
* Added one clue scroll per character limitation
* Added all clue scroll rewards from runescape
* Added 41 possible clue scrolls for players to receive: maps or uri emotes.
* Started development on grand exchange
Identified grand exchange progress packet
Wrote system for average grand exchange prices for all items
Wrote system for unlimited offers from the server
Handled incoming packet from the grand exchange when an item is selected to be bought.
Created a filter for grand exchange item search

* Completed buying & selling offers into grand exchange
* Completed saving of exchange offers
* Completed processing of all grand exchange offers
Includes offers with extra cash given to the user who's provided more than enough money
Includes identifying the cheapest offer for the buyer
Perfect synchronization
E.G Buying 10 rune scimitars
2 sell offers, 1 for 7, 1 for 5
They will all the processed perfectly
Modified grand exchange search list to include more items and filter untradables.
Dumped huge list of untradeable items rs
* Grand exchange system is complete!

* Populated list full of 2K items that have unlimited stock in the grand exchange
These are all store items that are influenced by the price of the grand exchange
* Changed tree teleportation animation from regular teleport to a cool animation
* Completed gravestone purchasing with father aereck
* Wrote starter tutorial with disappearing & reappearing continue buttons after 'x' ticks
* Added all server quests into system, actual storylines are not added yet.

* Added party pete at home bank
He will be the one to give you voting & gold point rewards
* Added selection of different experience rates & loot rates will be modified with these
Your loot rate is set at the first set of experience rates you selected so you can't change to a higher loot rate after good stats.
* Added crystal chest at home bank for crystal keys
* Removed old barrows minigame system & added new 'Akrisae Brothers Minigame'
You speak to Akrisae at barrows teleport and he will teleport you to a dynamic region of your own
In this region there are 5 hills on which brothers can spawn.
You get killcount as you kill more brothers, and waves as the waves increase.
More monsters per waves increase
When you die, you receive a fair amount of akrisae points in exchange for your progress in the minigame
You can exchange your akrisae points for a chance to receive a reward from the barrows chest
The more points you have, the higher the chance of receiving a reward
The more points you have, the greater the amount of items you can receive from the chest

- 'Reward Casket' drops (Any NPC in Ophion will drop this item, this item has various rewards)
- Numerous amount of dialogues have been rewritten
- Disabled the donation shop for now, it's getting a complete revamp (polled by the )
* Adjusted the Trivia-bot some more.
* Can now cast spells without having to auto cast.
* Added more drops
* New boss (chaos elemental)

* Inferno Adze now burns the log sometimes and it gives you fm + wc xp then.
[]* Trade bug fixed
* Lobby bug fixed
* Client Loader created
* Recharging of ROW
* Elite tasks been added by the slayer master @home (only give boss tasks)
* When joining a clan, you'll automatically receive a Vex and cloak in bank
* When leaving the clan it'll automatically remove the Vex and Cloak
* Working altars godwars dungeon, teleporting + recharging prayer.
* Corporeal beast added.

* Today we've not done an extreme amount of updates, yet we're happy that we were able to make some adjustments to the game.
* Added another clue scroll script
* Re-done the combat of several NPCs
* Elite task now gives the following tasks: Bandos Boss, King Black Dragon, Glacors, Ice Strykewyrm.
* You can now equip and unequip items while having the interface equipment bonuses open.
* We've been searching to fix the cache loading problems, we'll get it fixed in a matter of days.
* Error with region loading fixed.
* One major error fixed which was causing the server to crash.

* Summoning fixed
* Shortcuts added
* Grandexchange bug patched
* Dialogues improvements
* Bug fixes*
* Skiilling dialogue entirely remade.
* Private message box is fixed in full screen
* Edgeville added to the city teleports
* More npcs are pickpocketable now

Updates (Small)
*Updated BossTeleport & Training Teleport Animations & Graphics
*Updated Raptor Dialogue Instead of having Individual "Zamorak, Saradomin" Options I've switched it for a "Godwars" Option
which Opens a Separate Dialogue containing "Zamorak, Saradomin" Options.
*Started Work on Another Distraction & Diversion! This time We'll be seeing the Evil Tree Return from the dead.

*Fixed all *Shooting star locations + All Shooting star location descriptions.
*Fixed Falador mine enterance
*When using a bonfire, your achievement counter now goes up
*Added Crashed Star Pospecting

(click to show/hide)

More Updates that we couldn't list are At :


+1 cause i used this name on my first server <3


Server is awesome, best 667 I have played yet.


nice server:D


The graphics are too advanced for it to be a successful server. If you're looking to get 10+ players on the server I suggest finding another goal.

Don't like it but goodluck nonetheless.

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